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Baloch militants claim killings of 8 dead squad members and a spy

By   admin BALOCHISTAN Post October 17, 2019 According to details, an alliance of four Baloch militant groups, Baloch Raji Ajoi Sangar (BRAS) has claimed an attack on a death squad group which reportedly works under the supervision of Pakistani intelligence services in Washuk district. Whereas, the opposition party and government officials haven’t commented about the attack yet. Baloch Khan, the spokesman for BRAS said that, on October 15, BRAS fighters attacked the ISI-led Death Squad’s head Barkat Ali’s hideout in the Bairont, Raghay area of ​​Washuk district. He claims that over 8 state death squad personnel were killed and several injured in at least 6 hours of combat. BRAS spokesperson said, “During the clash one of BRAS’s associates Zaman alias Deedag embraced martyrdom, who belonged to the Balochistan Liberation Front. Zaman’s father, Ibrahim Baloch was also martyred by the State Death Squad some time ago, while he was traveling from Panjgur to Maskay”. The spokesperso