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Turkish military action against the Kurds in Syria is an act of usurpation

The Turkish military action against the Kurds in Syria is an act of usurpation : BSO Azad sangar publication - 15 Oct, 2019 at 2:02 pm Sangar News The Central Spokesperson Baloch Students Organization Azad (BSO-A) termed the Turkish military action against the Kurds at the bordering areas of Syria as in act of usurpation.  The spokesperson added that the attack on the oppressed Kurds by the Turkish army is gross human rights violation. The attack on the Kurds will promote religious extremism in the region, and this increases the possibilities of vanishing regional peace as well. Neither the Middle East and its surrounding areas nor can the world be able to protect them from the promotion of religious extremism.   The Kurdistan, land of the Kurdish nation, is under the occupation of Iran, Syria, Turkey, Armenia and Iraq since many decades. But the Kurdish nation, as the heir of historical land, is struggling for an independent greater Kurdish state since many decades. After the

The Kurds are fighting for national and human dignity. Khalil Baloch

2019-10-13 Baloch National Movement Chairman Khalil Baloch has denounced Turkey's invasion of Kurdistan which came soon after US President Trump announcing the withdrawal of its troops from Kurdish controlled land. He stated, “This is a new chapter of betrayal of the West and would be remembered as black one in the history,” “Turkey’s bombardment has entered its fifth day and the silence of the United States at this time of need exposes US´ desertion of the Kurds who have remained the strongest vanguard against terrorism.” He further stated, “In future, any country would think a thousand times before allying with the USA. Kurds as an ally of the USA have lost eleven thousand of their fighters to defeat ISIS, but now after four years, the USA has left them at the mercy of Turkish bombardments.” Khalil Baloch also commented on the initiatives of Germany, France, and the Netherlands on putting an arms trade’s embargo on Turkey. But he cautioned that even such measures were insuff