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Baluch Raji Ajohi Sangar: Emergence of a New Baluch Separatist Alliance

Publication: Terrorism Monitor Volume: 17 Issue: 18 By:  Farhan Zahid September 20, 2019 03:32 PM Age: 3 weeks Baluch militants in Pakistani Baluchistan ( The surfacing of a new Baluch separatist organization in Pakistan’s terrorism-ridden Baluchistan province marks a major new development. The newly established organization, Baluch Raji Ajohi Sangar (BRAS) (in English, Baluch National Freedom Movement), is an alliance of three Baluch nationalist-separatist terrorist groups—Baluchistan Republican Army (BRA), Baluchistan Liberation Army (BLA), and Baluchistan Liberation Front (BLF) ( CSCR,  April 18). It is the first alliance ever formed by Baluch terrorist organizations. BRAS is reportedly the brainchild of Dr. Allah Nazar Baluch, the leader of BLF. The combination of the various nationalist-separatist groups’ forces was a long-time dream of Nazar Baluch. He held a meeting with the various groups prior to the alliance’s formal announcement on November 10, 2018

China aligns deal messaging with the US; LeBron James and the NBA's China mess; Pig problems

Axios China, Bill Bishop Oct 15 Public post Hi everyone, I decided to make today’s issue of the newsletter free. If you like what you see please  sign up for the Sinocism China Newsletter here . Group and education discounts are available. —Bill The Chinese clarified Tuesday that they are on the same page with the US about achieving a “phase one” deal. I believe the clarification came after US pressure on China to align its messaging with the Trump Administration’s. Bloomberg reported that the Chinese may not buy all the agricultural products President Trump expects them to unless he rolls back at least some of the existing tariffs. I am not sure that will be a dealbreaker for the Chinese side, but why wouldn’t they ask for it in case Trump might agree? The Chinese would be crazy though not to close the small deal and declare victory. The political environment in the US may make it impossible for Trump to agree to a deal past January. There is still no further news about the NBA’

China heads FATF, but India won’t lose any opportunity to isolate Pakistan

The reviews conducted by the FATF over the last one year have exposed Pakistan’s so-called fight against terror financing. ADITYA RAJ KAUL 16 October, 2019 9:00 am IST PM Narendra Modi | Photo: Vijay Verma | PTI Text Size: A- A+ In a pre-dawn  strike  on 10 February 2018, three Jaish-e-Mohammad fidayeen attackers laid siege at the Sunjuwan Military Station in Jammu, which was hardly a few miles away from the Jammu University. The attackers, who were believed to be from the FATA region of Pakistan, kept the gun-battle raging for more than 24 hours in which six Army soldiers and a civilian were killed. While India was caught unawares by this fidayeen strike, the North Block was fast losing patience with Pakistan’s hypocrisy in fighting terror and instead unleashing a proxy war through home-grown terror groups. After a nod from the South Block, days before this attack, multiple agencies sitting in the North Block began the painstakingly long exercise of  putting together  hard-evide