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Balochistan: Neglected still

admin  | October 2, 2019 |  0 Comments Press release Balochistan: Neglected still Islamabad , 2 October . The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has released a detailed report after a fact-finding mission to Balochistan. Titled  Balochistan: Neglected Still , the report states that Balochistan continues to be shortchanged politically. Incidents of enforced disappearance continue: in most cases, victims’ families say they are afraid of communicating their cases to the authorities. A disconcerting trend is that of women being ‘disappeared’ in certain areas, such as Dera Bugti and Awaran. Yet these cases tend not to be reported or recorded. HRCP’s investigation also reveals that hundreds of coal mines are being operated by people who possess neither the financial resources nor the technological skills to provide for operational safety or deal with emergencies. The mission found that security agencies impose an unofficial security charge on per ton production from coal mines,

Pakistan’s human rights body confirms reports of abuses in Balochistan

Abhinandan Mishra Published : October 5, The HRCP team had visited Balochistan between 19 and 24 August 2019 to conduct a fact-finding mission to assess the state of human rights in Balochistan. Incidents of enforced disappearance of locals at the hands of the Pakistani forces have not decreased and many times such cases are not reported or recorded.      New Delhi:  A fact-finding mission of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has confirmed international media reports that have been focusing on the deteriorating situation in Balochistan, which Pakistan has denied till now. The report titled, “Balochistan: Neglected Still” has found that the incidents of enforced disappearance of locals at the hands of the Pakistani forces, including that of women, have not decreased and many times such cases are not reported or recorded. The HRCP’s investigation has also revealed that the presence of a massive number of army personnel in the region has rendered the civilian adminis

The anguish of Balochistan’s farmers

MUHAMMAD AKBAR NOTEZAI Wayara, called Wayaro by the locals, is situated between Bela and Uthal town in Balochistan’s Lasbella district. The Regional Corporation Development (RCD) road connects Quetta and Karachi. Across the RCD road, farmers cultivate their lands. The Lasbella district is the area that Balochistan’s Chief Minister Jam Kamal hails from; before him, his father and grandfather also served as the province’s chief ministers. Though the chief minister’s roots belong to this area, like other parts of Balochistan, the government exists only in name. Nawab Saleem Baloch hails from Panjgur district in Balochistan, which borders Iran. Mr Baloch, who is in his late 20s, used to smuggle oil and diesel from Iran which allowed him to save up some money. In 2015, he came to Wayaro with Rs3 million to cultivate 30 acres of his family-owned land. He expected to double his savings through farming but fate had other plans. While living near his fields for supervision, he brought pea

Govt to make Balochistan a tourist attraction

By  mohammad zafar  Oct.06,2019 Chief secretary reiterates govt’s commitment to work for prosperity of people QUETTA:  Balochistan Chief Secretary Captain (retd) Fazeel Asghar has urged employees of the secretariat to perform their duties with dignity and honesty, adding that all efforts should be made for better future of the province and the country. “The provincial government is keen to address issues of our employees by taking all necessary steps,” Asghar said while addressing the oath-taking ceremony of Balochistan Civil Secretariat Staff Association. Asghar said his team has been working hard for the prosperity of the province and insisted that all other employees of the secretariat must do the same.  “Employees are the backbone of the government. It is important that they serve the people with honesty, sincerity and dignity,” he said. CM Balochistan meets PM Imran Khan Assuring that he will visit all departments, the chief secretary said measures would be taken to impro

FBR accused of trying to stop trade in Balochistan

MUHAMMAD AKBAR NOTEZAI QUETTA: The Quetta Chamber of Commerce and Industry (QCCI) has accused the chief collector of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) in the provincial capital of trying to stop legal trade in Balochistan. Addressing a press conference at the Quetta Press Club, QCCI’s senior vice president Badruddin Kakar lashed out at the federal government and the FBR for stopping trucks at the border despite customs’ clearance. "Instead of encouraging legal trade, they are deliberately promoting smuggling," Mr Kakar said. “This is bringing the trade activities to naught in Balochistan.” According to Mr Kakar, the QCCI helps government promote legal trade, but smuggling is on the rise. If it continues to happen, he warns, they will go on a strike. “ Doing trade at Iran and Afghan borders is tough. But we do it,” he said. “Despite it, neither the chief collector meets us nor is he interested in our issues.” On the orders of the FBR Appraisement Collectorate, Islama

What Is the Belt and Road News Network?

A centralized source for BRI information would be welcome, but BRNN may blur the line between data and party-state talking points. By  Eleanor Albert October 02, 2019 Credit: Illustration by Catherine PutzADVERTISING In April, China quietly launched a new media group: The Belt and Road News Network (BRNN). The BRNN’s mission is to boost “understanding, friendship and cooperation, and form a normalized mechanism for collaboration,” across the participating countries and regions of China’s multi-billion dollar connectivity project. Concepts of dialogue, the exchange of ideas, information, and products, and innovation feature prominently in BRNN materials.  The BRNN is likely an outgrowth of ideas posited by Chinese President Xi Jinping at the first Belt and Road Forum in 2017. In the concluding portions of his address that year, Xi said “We will also develop a network for cooperation among the NGOs in countries along the Belt and Road as well as new people-to-people exchange plat

China’s ‘Belt and Road’ Initiative: Its Strategic, Trade, and Fiscal Implications

 Research Outreach 2 days ago The ’Belt and Road Initiative’ (BRI) aims to create the infrastructure necessary to connect China to Europe, with the ultimate aim of creating a new Free Trade Area between China and Europe. To all intents and purposes, this enormous project intends to recreate for the modern, digital age the Silk Road that once connected China with Europe during the time of the Roman Empire. Professor Julien Chaisse at the City University of Hong Kong, School of Law, explores both the project’s ambition and its challenges, and proffers some suggestions as to how—and if—this can be achieved across the many nations requisite to its construction and ultimate success. The ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ (BRI), earlier referred to as the ‘One Belt, One Road’ (OBOR) initiative is a bold and colossal project instigated by the Chinese government, to recreate for a modern age the old ‘Silk Road’ that used to connect China to Europe. But a simple ‘road’ does not relay the ambition o

Gwadar tax concessions approved

ANI ISLAMABAD: The federal cabinet has approved legislative changes to address a longstanding issue of tax concessions for   came, earlier this week, just days before Prime Minister  Imran Khan 's departure for a three-day visit to China on Monday, where he would discuss with the Chinese leadership several affairs, including the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and the Kashmir dispute, The Express Tribune reported. The amendment made to settle the three-year-old issue with China came after a push from the National Development Council (NDC) that is chaired by the prime minister and Chief of Army Staff General  Qamar Javed Bajwa  is its member. The government is expected to promulgate a presidential ordinance to bring these legal changes as the National Assembly is currently not in session. The new tax concessions will be limited to only the Gwadar zone as the government has been unable to finalise a tax incentive package for the prioritised Special Economic Zones (SEZs) t

Centre’s plan to form coastal authority criticised

BEHRAM BALOCH GWADAR: The National Party on Sunday organised a demonstration against the federal government’s decision of establishing a new institution ‘National Coastal Development Authority’ (NCDA) for Gwadar, a delay in fulfilling demands of local fishermen in Gwadar Expressway’s projects and fishing by illegal trawlers in the sea. A large number of NP’s workers and supporters took part in the protest demonstration. Addressing the protesters, NP leaders Khair Bakhsh, Naseer Ahmed Shahwani, Rab Nawaz Shah, Faiz Nagori and others expressed their reservations over the federal government’s plan to establish the NCDA and termed it interference in provincial affairs. NP leaders say govt’s decision to establish NCDA in presence of similar provincial body is unjustified They said taking such a decision was an attack on 18th Amendment in the Constitution. They termed the decision a federal government’s plan to usurp coasts of Balochistan and Sindh. They said the decision to esta

HIGHWAYS OF HOPE : A closer look at Balochistan's roads of change

HIGHWAYS OF HOPE A closer look at Balochistan's roads of change Muhammad Amir Rana Updated   about 10 hours ago Newly constructed highways in Balochistan are not only bringing connectivity to remote areas of the province. They are also boosting a process of unplanned urbanisation which is bringing about socioeconomic and political shifts within the populace and challenging stereotypes about it The Gwadar-Panjgur Highway, also known as M-8 | White Star Cruising down the newly constructed Gwadar-Panjgur Highway, also known as M-8, one can feel like one is in a Hollywood film. We have all the ingredients for a Western — mountains as far as the eye can see, a bleak desert landscape, a harsh sun and a backdrop of violence. Except, instead of riding on horses, commuters are driving cars. And instead of 19th century American Old West, we are in current-day Balochistan. Along the way, signboards of newly-built housing schemes tell the story of a transforming Balochistan, or at least hint

Pakistan should vacate PoK as it's part of sovereign India: British MP Bob Blackman

File photo of British Conservative MP Bob Blackman.  Photograph:( Zee News Network ) FOLLOW US WION Web Team New Delhi Sep 16, 2019, 10.47 AM (IST) British MP Bob Blackman on Saturday said Pakistan should vacate Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) as it's part of sovereign India.  Blackman also slammed Pakistan over its decision to move the United Nations after India decided to rescind Article 370 of its Constitution and end the special status of Jammu and Kashmir.  "The entirety of the state of Jammu and Kashmir is part of sovereign India, and people that ask for UN resolution to be implemented ignore the first resolution, which is that Pakistani military forces should leave Kashmir to re-unite the state," Blackman was quoted as saying at the "Balidan Divas" or Day of Sacrifice event held in London. Blackman has been vocal about his support for India since the decision to revoke Article 370 found echoes among Britain's MPs. The north London MP, who is

Communist Party Membership and Access to Cheap Loans: Varieties of Party Membership-based Loan Programs in China

2019-10-01 | Zongyuan (Zoe) Liu During the Politburo’s 40th Collective Study Session in April 2017, President Xi delivered a  speech  on strengthening the Party’s leadership over financial affairs, particularly over the financial mechanisms used to stimulate economic growth. In response to President Xi’s call to action, local party committees across China have launched a variety of party membership-based loan programs. These programs give qualified party members and private businesses easy access to designated pools of often collateral-free capital at exceptionally low-interest rates, thus making party membership an important indicator of creditworthiness.    The proliferation of various party membership-based loan programs reveals that local party committees are utilizing financial instruments not only to stimulate economic growth, but also to solidify party control over financial affairs. This allows the CCP to enhance its relevance and appeal to Chinese people in a most practic