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China’s Overseas Lending

Kiel Working Papers , 2132 Download Publication Press Release Compared with China’s dominance in world trade, its expanding role in global finance is poorly documented and understood. Over the past decades, China has exported record amounts of capital to the rest of the world. Many of these financial flows are not reported to the IMF, the BIS or the World Bank. “Hidden debts” to China are especially significant for about three dozen developing countries, and distort the risk assessment in both policy surveillance and the market pricing of sovereign debt. We establish the size, destination, and characteristics of China’s overseas lending. We identify three key distinguishing features. First, almost all of China’s lending and investment abroad is official. As a result, the standard “push” and “pull” drivers of private cross-border flows do not play the same role in this case. Second, the documentation of China’s capital exports is (at best) opaque. China does not report on its of

Quetta: Four more bodies buried without identification

sangar publication - 16 Sep, 2019 at 7:02 pm Sangar News Four unidentified bodies were buried in a local graveyard in Dasht area of Quetta, the capital of Balochistan, on Monday According to details received Sangar, the bodies of four persons found in various areas of Balochistan were brought to the Civil Hospital, Quetta. The bodies were declared unrecognizable and buried in Dasht today, by Edhi volunteers. It’s pertinent to mention, this is not the first time that the bodies found in Balochistan have been declared as unidentified and buried. Earlier this year, bodies of ten persons were found and buried in the same cemetery despite the fact that the Pakistani courts have ordered DNA analysis of all “beyond recognition bodies”. Similarly, in the months of August and September this year, two bodies found in Noshki and Gwadar were declared beyond recognition and buried by local administration.Mutilated dead bodies of Baloch missing persons have been recovered in a similar fashio

Ex-Pakistan lawmaker from PM Imran Khan's party seeks asylum in India

By Murali Krishnan (Interview) | 11.09.2019 Baldev Kumar, a former legislator from Pakistani PM Imran Khan's Tehreek-e-Insaf party, tells DW that Pakistan is an "unsafe country" and that the government mistreats minorities there. Baldev Kumar (main picture), a former legislator from Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan's Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party, has sought asylum in India for himself and his family. Kumar, a former member of the provincial assembly from the minority-reserved Barikot seat of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, is currently in Khanna, in the Indian state of Punjab, where his in-laws reside. CONFLICTS | 10.09.2019 Anger boiling over in Kashmir amid continuing lockdown The 43-year-old politician is in India on a three-month visa for medical treatment of his 12-year-old daughter who is a Thalassemia major patient.  Read more:   Kartarpur corridor: Can India and Pakistan bring down their 'Berlin Wall'? Kumar alleges that Pakistan is a

Gwadar: Student along with her fiance forcefully disappeared, tortured, harassed

September 16, 2019 According to the details, a Baloch student from Gwadar, Hani Gul, has been detained by Pakistani intelligence agencies along with her fiancé Mohammad Naseem and kept in torture cells for three months. Secret agencies personnel has reportedly tortured and harassed her. Hani Gul came to the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) protest camp in front of the Quetta Press Club and briefed the media about the matter. Hani Gul d/o Mohammed Arif told media about her disappearance and details of the incident, saying that five months ago, me and my fiance Mohammad Naseem residents of Gwadar were abducted by Pakistani intelligence agencies in Karachi while we were residing there for studies. Hani Gul said she was released after three months her his fiancé is still missing. “At the time of my release, I tried my best to release my fiancé but nothing worked. I was being tortured and sexually harassed during detention, she said. Talking about the kidnappers, Hani Gul sai

Aramco Attack pushes Balochistan- Lebanon- Yemen Delta to War!

Shia- Sunni Conflict throws entire Middle East on the brink of full scale military conflict. (ICRR Shia- Sunni Conflict) Multiple suicide drone attacks on Saudi Arabia's biggest oil refinery has dealt lethal blow to Saudi's pride. The attack cut Aramco's oil production to half. It was moral, military and financial shock to Saudi and Islamic Military Alliance too, which was promoted by Saudi and led by Pakistani retired Gen Raheel Sharif. Yemen war is something that Saudi wants to forget. Houthis gave a bloody nose to reformist- hawkish Prince Mohammad Bin Salman- MBS. Earlier too, Iran supported Yemeni Shia rebels frequently launched directionless missile strikes on Saudi and UAE, but those attacks ended up only in creating news and had no financial repercussions. Aramco attack is unique in quantum, precision and effectiveness. Possibly

Beating the odds: A Pakistani scientist's journey from Buleda to Cambridge

Beating the odds: A Pakistani scientist's journey from Buleda to Cambridge Dr Yarjan Abdul Samad is pushing the boundaries of space science and wishes to see Pakistan's own mission launched. Saadeqa Khan Updated about 6 hours ago It has been a few days since the news about India's spacecraft  losing contact  with the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) began doing the rounds. While Isro has managed to locate the spacecraft, it hasn't been able to establish contact again. Will India accomplish this mission? It might. But what is the status of our own forays into this area and can Pakistan make its first manned space mission a reality? Dr Yarjan Abdul Samad thinks so. Following a series of talks he held in Quetta recently, I had the chance to interact with Dr Samad, who holds the distinction of being the first Pakistani space scientist to be working at the University of Cambridge. Dr Samad hails from Buleda, a small town in Balochistan's Kech region, but w