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China Watch: Weekly Report

Weekly Report 2|44 8.31.2019-9.6.2019 David Gitter, Julia Bowie, Brock Erdahl, Sandy Lu, Daniel Shats [Wang Yang meets with united front delegations from Vietnam, Laos, and North Korea] Highlights Xi Jinping spoke at a young and middle-aged cadre training program at the Central Party School where he discussed risks and challenges facing the CCP (see Senior Leaders section).    The Central Committee issued new regulations on propaganda work (see Propaganda Work section).    Wang Yang met with united front delegations from North Korea, Vietnam, and Laos to discuss cooperation on united front work (see United Front Work section).  Senior Leaders Persist With and Strengthen the Party’s Total Leadership Over Rural Work Economic Daily   9.2  The CCP Central Committee recently issued new regulations for the Chinese Communist Party’s rural work. According to an official from the Office of the Central Rural Work Leading Group, the regulations proposed that the Party’s rural work

Anti-Pakistan posters emerge outside UN during UNHRC session in Geneva

Monica Aggarwal Pakistan faced major embarrassment in Geneva during the UNHRC Session at the UNPosters and banners against Pakistan's atrocities on Balochistan emerged outside United Nations In a major embarrassment for Pakistan, posters and banners highlighting human rights violations in Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa were seen installed in front of the United Nations where the 42nd session of the UNHRC (UN Human Rights Council) is underway. The anti-Pakistan posters exposed the Imran Khan government over its atrocities on the innocent Pashtuns. One of the posters read, "Pak ISI controls both the Army and Taliban" withe #SupportPashtun. BREAKING BREAKING NEWS Furthermore, a tent has also been installed outside the United Nations in which a special documentary on Baloch genocide is going to be screened, news agency ANI reported. Several meetings are scheduled to take place in the tent in which the human rights activists, Members of European Parliament and other