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From Beijing To Baku: The New Silk Roads For Publishers – OpEd

Frontispiece of the Chinese Diamond Sūtra, the oldest known dated printed book in the world. Credit: Wikipedia Commons  September 3, 2019   By  Tale Heydarov* The worlds earliest surviving book is arguably the  Diamond Sutra . Dating from 868 AD, it is a scroll that describes the teachings of the Buddha. Discovered by a monk in a hidden cave near the Chinese city of Dunhuang in 1900, the silk and paper scrolls had been preserved perfectly. It is now housed in the British Library, and as part of the International Dunhuang Project, it is being made available online with 100,000 other manuscripts from across the length and breadth of the Silk Road. China, as one of the great cultural civilizations of the world, has a long history of profound literary masterpieces and new forms of writing and publishing. Johannes Gutenberg is often hailed as the inventor of the printing press, but 600 years before him Chinese monks were already deploying similar block printing methods to sheets of pap

China, Arab states to promote Belt and Road tourism

By Agencies Source:Xinhua Published: 2019/9/3 10:21:39 0 Photo via Xinhua China and Arab states are seeking to boost cooperation in tourism along the  Belt and Road  at an upcoming conference in Yinchuan, capital of northwest China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. As part of the fourth  China-Arab States Expo , the 2019 China-Arab States Tour Operators Conference will be held on Sept. 4-7. More than 100 representatives from 13 countries including Egypt, and a dozen Chinese provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities are expected to hold discussions on tourism exchanges. The conference will focus on the future development of tourism along the Belt and Road through promotional events, project signings and tour routes explorations, according to the regional department of culture and tourism. "Ningxia is reaching out to the world under the Belt and Road Initiative," said Zhao Mingxia, deputy head of the department. As a pivot along the ancient  Silk Road , Ning

Shun the rhetoric, walk the talk on Balochistan: Hyrbyair Marri tells Modi govt

By:  Saurabh Sharma Updated: September 3, 2019 10:41:33 AM Pakistan's obsession with unfounded human rights violations in Jammu and Kashmir brought back the focus on atrocities committed by its army on the people of PoK and Balochistan. Hyrbyair Marri says that Pakistan will cease to exist once Balochistan attains independence from it. Free Balochistan Movement leader Hyrbyair Marri. (Pic: Facebook) Balochistan latest news:  Pakistan’s attempts to internationalise the Kashmir issue appears to have triggered a tsunami of emotions here in India. Expectations from the  Narendra Modi  government are high that India backs the Baloch freedom movement and raise the issue of Pakistan Army’s continuing atrocities in the region at the United Nations. Balochistan did figure in Prime Minister Modi’s Independence Day speech in 2016, where he thanked the people of Balochistan, Gilgit and Pakistan Occupied Kashmir for their greetings, nothing has moved beyond. In an exclusive interaction wit

Moola Chotok — a paradise hidden in Balochistan

* In the Brahui and Balochi languages, the word 'chotok' is used for certain types of water falling from the top Raana Kanwal SEPTEMBER 3, 2019 Although Balochistan is mostly comprised of dry hills and desert areas, several places are examples of beauty. One of these destinations is the recent media attention-grabbing entertainment site, Moola Chotok, which viewers see as a hidden paradise. This amusement site is located in the Moola area of Khuzdar district of Balochistan. In the Brahui and Balochi languages, the word ‘chotok’ is used for certain types of water falling from the top. There are several big and small waterfalls in Moola Chotok. Because of the waterfall, this area is known as Moola Chotok, the Moola Waterfall. ROUTES TO GET TO MOOLA CHOTOK —  there are several routes to reach Moola Chotok, but two of them pass through the city of Khuzdar in Balochistan. Moola Chatok is approximately 65 km northeast of Khuzdar city. One way to reach Moola Chotok is Jhul Mag

Balochistan farmers dump tomatoes on the streets after prices crash

Muhammad Atif Ali September 2, 2019 Farmers dumped hundreds of crates of tomatoes on the roads after the price of the fruit fell in the wholesale markets in Balochistan’s Killa Saifullah on Monday. The Zamindar Action Committee led a rally to protest the decrease in the price. Protesters say they are facing losses of millions of rupees. This is economic destruction, they said. The government doesn’t respect farmers or land owners, the protesters lamented, calling for an end to the smuggling of tomatoes from Afghanistan, India and Iran. Increase the price of tomatoes in the wholesale markets so that we can benefit economically, one of the protesters said. Follow SAMAA English on  Facebook ,  Twitter,  and  Instagram .

Uual national behind banned outfit arrested trying to enter Pakistan

By  umer farooq  Sep.02,2019 Umer Dawood Khattak is holds both Pakistan and Afghan nationalities PESHAWAR:  The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) arrested a dual national – involved in anti-state activities and a banned outfit – while he was trying to enter Pakistan via the Torkham border crossing. A statement issued by the investigation agency named the accused as Umar Dawood Khattak from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Karak district and said he was arrested while carrying an Afghan passport and identity card. He was arrested on August 21. After verification, the FIA said, it was revealed that Khattak had made multiple trips to India and was involved in anti-Pakistan activities. After the arrest, Khattak was moved to FIA’s Anti-Human Trafficking and Smuggling wing in Peshawar. Further investigation revealed that Khattak had also been placed on the exit control list (ECL) by law enforcement agencies (LEAs). Khattak is currently in judicial custody. PHOTO: EXPRESS Last month, the FIA