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The barricaded BUMHS and the shelterless students – Almaas Baloch.

August 22, 2019 Bolan Medical College commonly known as BMC was promoted to a Medical University two years ago. The abbreviated word “BMC” has changed into BUMHS, Bolan University of Medical and Health Sciences. Lastly when it was announced to be a University, it made a history on which the world will ever make jokes as the single institution has been supervised and administrated by two professors. BMC’s administrative responsibilities were looked after by Principal Dr. Shabeer Ahmed Lehri and BUMSH was operated by Professor Dr. Nakib Ullah Achakzai. Both of the respected doctors had separately dealt with the issues and academic policies of the institution which desperately brothered the students in dealing with administrative issues. Neither the Principal of BMC nor the Vice Chancellor of BUMHS was ready to withdraw, which has remained a tasselled issue between them for two years. Beside that Bolan Medical College since it’s inception has been the only operative medical college of

World Humanitarian Day asks the world to come help the people of Balochistan. BNM

Aug 19, 2019 Current Balochistan Pro-independence Organization Baloch National Movement’s central spokesperson in his statement said that the United Nations is commemorating 19th August as World Humanitarian Day to encourage activists who are devoted to the humanitarian cause. This is a great step but the United Nations should take small human rights activists and organizations on board and create a strong link with them. This is the best available option to access the war-stricken regions and to obtain information and help the natives and affected people in the process. The spokesman of Baloch National Movement stated that today the world is grappling with many unprecedented natural disasters and wars. The Balochistan crisis is one among these, where the Pakistan Army and its intelligence agencies are playing with the blood of the Baloch nation. They have robbed the people of Balochistan of the right to live. Thousands of people are forced to live a pathetic life as refugees in di

Joint Statement issued by 600 eminent Displaced Kashmiri Hindus(Pandits)

Joint Statement issued by 600 eminent Displaced Kashmiri Hindus(Pandits) and their supporters welcoming the Removal of Art 370 and Geo-Political reorganization of Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh. We, the displaced Kashmiri Hindus (Pandits) of Kashmir living across the world hail epoch making decision of the Modi Government to neuter the article 370 and reorganise J&K into two Union Territories. We, along with vast majority of nationalistic Indians, always believed the Article 370 was the veritable foundation on which a bigoted Muslim State of Jammu and Kashmir was allowed to flourish on the territory of secular India. We appreciate; the extra ordinary statesmanship and political will of the present government to dismantle the privileged edifice that sustain jihadist separatism in Kashmir. We, the patriotic Hindus of Kashmir scattered across the Globe join 1.3 billion Indians in celebrating the release of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh from 70 years of bondage and its full integration wi

The hype and the fury

Khurram Husain August 22, 2019 The writer is a member of staff. RARELY has a year felt as long, yet gone by so fast. It seems like yesterday when the PTI government was sworn in, assumed office, and the newly minted prime minister asked everyone to wait at least 90 days before beginning to expect any results. Let’s emphasise this again: by results one does not mean all problems solved, but at least a working start towards getting a handle on the problems at hand. Ninety days came and went, and today, a year into their term, as the honeymoon period ends, the government is presiding over one of the sharpest slowdowns in the economy, skyrocketing inflation, an impending large-scale boom in unemployment with firms struggling to stay afloat as markets dry up and costs continue to climb. Devaluation, inflation, high interest rates and all the medicine the doctor ordered are now in full swing. Of course, there was little choice but to undertake this adjustment. The sad part is that real

Pakistan goes all out to internationalise Kashmir; Indian government, media would do well to focus attention on PoK

Pakistan goes all out to internationalise Kashmir; Indian government, media would do well to focus attention on  PoK By  Tara Kartha,  Aug 22, 2019 09:22:00 IST     Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s impassioned address to the nation with a plea to Srinagar to walk alongside Delhi is not enough. The doomsayers inside and outside the country are waiting for the first sign of failure, and that could be as early as next month, or even next week. Lesson number one for India is that 'strategic communication' matters. Even as Islamabad is thinking up new ways of getting the Kashmir issue up and into world bodies including the International Court of Justice, there are many within the country – and outside – who are genuinely puzzled at this paroxysm of outrage and disjointed actions. There are, after all, few foreign ministers in the history of diplomacy who have tried to inflame nationals abroad into protesting and creating trouble on the streets. Shah Mahmood Qureshi’s call was c