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India responds to Belt and Road Initiative with infrastructure push

New Delhi does not want China to dominate its backyard so has started spending Rupakjyoti Borah AUGUST 13, 2019 03:01 JST Narendra Modi visits Sri Lanka in June 2019: if connectivity initiatives have to succeed, "we must also build bridges of trust," said Modi.   © NurPhoto/Getty Images The recent launch of a direct flight between Guwahati in northeast India and Dhaka in Bangladesh marks the beginning of a new phase in the ties between that region of India and its neighborhood. Bangladesh is a key country for India, particularly in the light of the friendly relations between the two governments. But more than a simple aeronautical arrangement, the route shines a light on India's Act East Policy, which aims to improve connectivity -- and relationships -- between India and its eastern neighbors, including the ASEAN countries. That this comes as China increases its influence in the region through the Belt and Road Initiative should not surprise anyone. New Delhi is w

Ten years old Ali Akbar has been whisked away yet again

. Aug 14, 2019 Current Balochistan Pakistani security forces abducted  a ten year old boy, Ali Akbar a few days back but released him later the next day. Details entail he has been illegally detained once again. He was abducted at the Kech district of Balochistan. News has it that they have him now detained at an unknown location at Mand. When Ali Akbar was first abducted, the outrage received from influential political figures and activists aided in pressurizing the Pakistani army to release the child. These ongoing enforced disappearances and the continuing uncertainty concerning the fate of their loved ones and the location of their remains have caused anguish to the families. Family members of hundreds of missing persons are on sit-in protest since a decade in Quetta, capital of Balochistan to demand the safe release of their loved ones and in case of a criminal offence demanding the fundamental right of a fair trial for their loved ones.

BLA claimed responsibility of attacking death squad members in Kharan

Aug 13,2019 Current Balochistan Pro-independence armed Organization Baloch Liberation Army claimed responsibility of attacking death Squad in Kharan district of Balochistan. The spokesperson of Baloch Liberation Army, Jeeyand Baloch has claimed responsibility of a remote controlled bomb attack on local death squad members in Lijje area of Kharan on Monday. Jeeyand Baloch further said that the death squad members under the supervision of Pakistan army are active against Baloch activists and have been harassing civilians in Kharan and suburbs.They break into the houses and rape and harass the women on gun point. “In Lijje, Patken, Shohap, Kotori, Tazina, Hukami,Shoor Parod, and Sumalo, due to the inhumane activities of these elements many people are migrating to other places and all these criminal acts are being totally supported by Pakistan army and agencies”, he added. The spokesman further said that BLA has already warned these people to put an end on their bad deeds but they

Conference and events were held on the occasion of Balochistan Independent Day. BNM

Aug 13, 2019 Current Balochistan Pro-independence Political Organization Baloch National Movement's spokesperson said that conferences and demonstrations were held by BNM on August 11 in Balochistan and various other countries. A conference was held in Frankfurt (Oder) Germany and protests were organized in the city of Münster Germany, Melbourne Australia, and also a reference program was held in Greece. "The participants in the Frankfurt (Oder) conference were addressed by BNM Foreign Secretary Hammal Haidar Baloch, prominent writer and scholar Dr. Naseer Dashti, Organizer of BNM Diaspora Committee, Dr. Naseem Baloch, President of International Friends of Sindh, Saleem Sanahi, General Secretary of Baloch Human Rights Organization (BHRO) Abdullah Abbas Baloch, BNM ex-Finance Secretary Haji Naseer Baloch, Vice President of BRP Germany Adil Baloch and President of BNM Germany Zone Hammal Baloch" he added. Dostain Baloch, the vice president of Baloch National Movement G

Pakistan’s outcry over Kashmir is height of hypocrisy: Hammal Haider

Aug 13, 2019 Current Balochistan Pakistan’s outcry over the developments in Kashmir and its advocacy for the human rights of Kashmiris shows the height of hypocrisy and shamelessness when compared to the 72 years of their illegal occupation of Balochistan, said Hammal Haider, foreign spokesman of the Baloch National Movement, says the article published in Times Of India. The spokesman’s remarks came in the wake of heightened tension between India and Pakistan following New Delhi’s historic decision of the changing the status of Jammu and Kashmir and transforming it into a union territory, with effect from October 31. Rattled by India’s move, Pakistan requested the international community to intervene in the matter and call for restraint against the so-called “illegal aggression” in the region, says TOI Haider said that Pakistan has been “illegally occupying” Balochistan since 72 years and has extra-judicially abducted and killed thousands of Baloch political activists throughout

India’s Move in Kashmir: Unpacking the Domestic and International Motivations and Implications

India’s Move in Kashmir: Unpacking the Domestic and International Motivations and Implications By  C. Christine Fair  Monday, August 12, 2019, 11:10 AM Police confront protestors in Kashmir in December 2018. (Source: Tasnim News Agency/Seyyed Sajed Hassan Razavi, CC BY 4.0) On Monday, Aug. 5, the  Indian government announced that the “special status” accorded to the state Jammu and Kashmir —which includes Ladakh—was no more. The government also split and downgraded the status of the erstwhile state into two  union territories :  “Jammu and Kashmir,” which will have a local legislature  while Ladakh will resemble other union territories . I was in India when this move was announced, and in the run-up, it became increasingly clear that something was afoot in Kashmir. First, the central government had airlifted an extraordinary augmentation of security forces.  By Aug. 1, 2019, the center had dispatched an additional 35,000 security forces to the state ,  which already has hundreds

Baloch organisations in Australia protested against Pakistani atrocities

August 13, 2019 Baloch people belong to Balochistan, a state in Pakistan. Since the independence of Pakistan, the Balochistan province is seeking independence too from the rule of Pakistan. This movement is called Balochistan Independence Movement or Baloch National Movement. Baloch National Movement and Baloch Students Organisation, Australia chapter held awareness campaign in Melbourne on August 11 which is widely celebrated as Baloch Independence Day. The campaign was conducted in front of the Victorian state library in which people were made aware of Balochistan issue and massive human rights violation there. In addition to this, a protest was also held demanding safe recovery of Rashid Baloch a Human right activist who was arrested in Dubai and handed over to Pakistani authorities. The protestors were holding banners and placards against Pakistani atrocities on Baloch people. They also demanded the international community to support Baloch people to get their rights and free