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Kandahar from Razeq to Tadin (1): Building the ‘American tribe’

Kandahar from Razeq to Tadin (1): Building the ‘American tribe’ Author:  Thomas Ruttig  and  Ali Mohammad Sabawoon Date: 12 August 2019 Kandahar's Kherqa-ye Mubarak shrine, holding a cloak of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Photo: Thomas Ruttig (2005) After the assassination in October 2018 of Kandahar’s powerful police chief and ruthless anti-Taleban strongman, General Abdul Razeq, it was feared that the security regime he installed in central parts of the province might break down without him and the Taleban might capitalise on it. Although fighting has since increased, the feared collapse has not happened. In this two-part dispatch series, AAN’s Thomas Ruttig and Ali Mohammad Sabawoon ask why. In part one, they map the shifting balance of power between pro-government and Taleban forces in the province in the last years under Razeq. They look back at the reasons for his initial success in pushing the Taleban away from the provincial centre, much of Middle Kandahar and parts o