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Clingendael: Silk Road Headlines

1 August 2019  East and Southeast Asia have long been the main stage for geopolitical competition between China and the United States. But as this competition intensifies and China keeps expanding its influence beyond its home region, other parts of the world are increasingly experiencing the effects of Sino-US rivalry. In a piece for East Asia Forum, Jared Ward writes that ‘how Caribbean nations choose between China and the United States will be less about spheres of influence and more about projects capable of jumpstarting economies’  [Caribbean countries turn to China’s Belt and Road] . According to Ward, the US ‘has become an absent steward’ over the region, with American aid decreasing and some ambassador posts at US embassies in the region remaining empty. As in many other developing regions, countries in the Caribbean are in great need of more and better infrastructure. This has created possibilities for China to expand its role in the region. Several Caribbean countries have

The Middle Kingdom's "Big Four" Come to the Gulf

The Middle Kingdom's "Big Four" Come to the Gulf by Zongyuan (Zoe) Liu China’s largest state-owned commercial banks—Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, and Bank of China—have been increasing their market share in the Middle East. Also known as the “Big Four,” these are the world’s  top four largest banks . With their first foothold established in the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC), each of the Big Four has opened operating branches in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region since 2008. From their branches in the DIFC, these banks run major regional operations and continuously expand their activities. According to the 2015 full-year operating review results of the DIFC, Chinese banks in the DIFC  doubled their balance sheet  over a period of 18 months. As of March this year, the Big Four contributed a  quarter  of DIFC’s collective balance sheet for banking.   There are at least three fact

BLA claimed responsibility of blowing up railway tracks in Mastung

BLA claimed responsibility of blowing up railway tracks in Mastung Aug 11,2019 Current Balochistan Pro-independence armed Organization Baloch Liberation Army’s spokesperson Jeeyand Baloch has released a statement on Sunday to accept responsibility for the sabotage attack in Mastung in which the railway tracks were blown up by BLA fighters. “BLA fighters destroyed parts of an important railway track that serves military and economic movements of Pakistan in the region,” BLA said in the statement. He said that, The blast also damaged a bridge". Jeeyand Baloch added in the statement that attacks including sabotage activities on military and economic installations are part of our policy and such attacks will continue until full withdrawal of Pakistani forces from Balochistan and restoration of an independent Baloch state. Since 2004, the BLA has waged an armed insurgency, operating mainly in Balochistan where it carries out mostly attacks on Pakistani security forces & fore

Baloch leaders welcome India’s 370 move, seek government-in-exile

Abhinandan Mishra The leadership has said that the move has ended Pakistan’s false narrative that Kashmir was a bilaterally disputed region. New Delhi: The Baloch leadership—which is fighting for freedom from Pakistan and is seeking to return to the pre-27 March 1948 stage when its independence was taken away at gunpoint—has welcomed India’s abrogation of Article 370 granting special status to Jammu & Kashmir. The leadership has said that the move has ended Pakistan’s false narrative that Kashmir was a bilaterally disputed region. The Baloch leadership feels that India has now reached a stage, internationally, where it can help the Baloch nationalists in getting independence from Pakistan: the first step towards achieving this, they feel, will be to establish a Baloch government in exile in New Delhi. This way, India, the Baloch leaders feel, will give legitimacy to their demand and pave the way for freedom of Balochistan. Several Baloch leaders and their representatives,

Baloch nation and the space left by general Aslam Baloch in Baloch resistance

Author: Liaqat Baloch Once the revolutionary era started in the globe, there  was a great push back to the religious extremists, terrorist countries and a new path for peace to spread these Detroit acts became disturbance on the path of terrorism that could  start the non-ended wars between countries. Peace loving nations started armed struggles against extremism and terrorism. Many world leaders like obama,Vladimir Putin of Russia and humanists were barracks on their path once, but then they supported and in sponsored these Talibans against each other. Sacrifices of those people are symbolic in history that were given to perish the terrorism. Their zealous sacrifices are always alive in history against the carnage. People read these news as if they are stories  but they have sacrificed their life and preferred death and faced harrowing circumstances. The greatest sacrifice is to struggle inorder to make your path easy to reach your destination and to have a powerful army against y