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‘Revoking’ Article 370 A Step Towards Correcting Historical Wrongs

VIKRAM SOOD It was inevitable. And about time too. This was expected. It was there in the BJP manifesto, just as years ago the BJP had promised in their manifesto they would test the nuclear bomb. This time, the manifesto spoke about Articles 370 and 35A. Atal Bihari tried the  insaniyat  route in Kashmir but it did not work, primarily because of Pakistani intransigence. Pakistanis had assumed Vajpayee's offer was a sign of Indian exhaustion and weakness. Narendra Modi also tried reconciliation. They were both wrong. It was time, therefore, to set historical wrongs right. The Pakistani reaction on amendments to the Indian Constitution are out of place but along the expected lines. The irony is that a Muslim country responsible for killing the largest number of Muslims in the region – from Baramulla to East Pakistan, from Kashmir to Afghanistan, and in Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Karachi and Sindh, and even Punjab – is now shedding crocodile tears for Kashmiris. It dare

Kashmir Jihad which Punjabi Pakistanis aren't going to fight!

(ICRR Af-Pak) Two strong but diagonally opposite forces to each other are active in today's Pakistan. Anger, discontent simmering within non- Punjabi population of Pakistan (Pashtuns, Baloch, Sindhis) against Pakistan Army and its call for Jihad against India over Kashmir. Another force is jingoistic Punjabis which are pressing Pakistan army to take strong and immediate military action against India for scrapping article 370 and fully integrating Kashmir. It's biggest test for Pakistan Army since 1971. The balloon of Kashmir hysteria which Trump's Kashmir mediation created during Imran's US trip, punctured by Indian blitzkrieg on Kashmir, scrapping article 370 and 35A. It send shock-waves down the nerves of GHQ generals. Furious Pakistanis started appealing Pakistan Army to take immediate revenge of Indian move in Kashmir,

This is General Bajwa’s dilemma after Modi govt’s Article 370 move in Kashmir

T his is General Bajwa’s dilemma after Modi govt’s Article 370 move in Kashmir Would Pakistan Army chief Bajwa want to be seen as compromising as Musharraf was to the Americans after 9/11? AYESHA SIDDIQA Updated: 6 August, 2019 1:20 pm IST File photo of Pakistan Army chief General Qamar Javed | @OfficialDGISPR/Twitter Text Size: A- A+ 253 Shares Just back from a seemingly successful US trip, the biggest issue for Pakistan’s army chief, General Qamar Javed Bajwa, is to what degree can he resist not responding to a crisis in Kashmir. The Narendra Modi government has  effectively scrapped Article 370 , which assures special status to the state. Bajwa and his team returned home from the US feeling elated: they managed almost-unforeseen tactical gains in the American capital. The military trio that went to the US separately, and not with Prime Minister Imran Khan, on a special flight had hoped to start a conversation with the Americans. What they got was much more: a  21-gun salu