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Pakistan told to pay $5.9bn to mining firm

Amin Ahmed Updated July 14, 2019 The Reko Diq project site. — Photo courtesy Tethyan Copper Company Pakistan/File ISLAMABAD: The Inter­national Centre for Settle­ment of Investment Disp­utes (ICSID), one of the five organisations of the World Bank Group, has announced a huge award of $5.976 billion against Pakistan in the Reko Diq case. Read:  World Bank tribunal rules against Pakistan in Reko Diq project case The international tribunal which provides facilities for conciliation and arbitration of international investment disputes, rendered its judgement on Friday — a 700-page ruling against Pak­istan in the Reko Diq case. The ICSID awarded a $4.08bn penalty and $1.87bn in interest. The full details of the case are yet to be released by the tribunal. Special assistant to the prime minister on information Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan when contacted said the law ministry and the attorney general were looking into the matter in light of international laws. She expressed the hope that the


RELIGION, NATIONALISM AND INSURGENCY IN BALOCHISTAN Muhammad Amir Rana July 14, 2019 Illustration by Neha Awais A long the major highways across the country, madressahs, mosques and other big and small structures of various religious denominations are a common sight. From Karachi to Torkham, Islamabad to Gilgit and Peshawar to Kotri, the spread of religious institutions is a visible indication of the religious ethos in the country. But the ?architectural symmetry of madressahs, mosques and religious centres? also points to the presence of religious forces that are at work to create a kind of national cohesion. The main beneficiary of religious institutionalisation is a major segment of the lower income groups. In Punjab, this phenomenon has already significantly transformed social structures, and a similar transformation is also underway in Sindh. Now, not unlike the rest of the country, such structures are increasingly sprouting up along the major highways and inter-district ro

US, Russia, China recognise Pakistan’s role in Afghan peace process

Anwar Iqbal Updated July 13, 2019 The major diplomatic recognition comes days before PM Imran’s visit to Washington on 22nd. — AFP/File WASHINGTON: The United States, China and Russia have jointly welcomed Pakistan to a four-party consultation process that seeks to end the 18-year-old war and decades of blood-letting in Afghanistan, says a joint statement issued in Washington. “China, Russia and the United States welcomed Pakistan joining the consultation and believe that Pakistan can play an important role in facilitating peace in Afghanistan,” said the statement issued by the State Department. “Pakistan appreciated the constructive efforts by the China-Russia-US trilateral consultation on the Afghan peace process,” it added. The statement recognises Pakistan’s role in the Afghan peace process and will be seen in Islamabad as a vindication of its long-held view that any development in Afghanistan also impacts Pakistan. Islamabad also believes that as a country with the largest

Another embarrassment for ICC as 'World must speak up for Balochistan' banner flies over Edgbaston

A small plane has circled the semifinal between Australia and England five times while trailing a protest banner in the skies of Birmingham. Published: 11th July 2019 07:37 PM  |   Last Updated: 11th July 2019 09:15 PM  |   An aircraft tows a banner that reads 'Help end disappearances in Pakistan' as it flies over the venue of the Cricket World Cup semi-final match between England and Australia at Edgbaston in Birmingham. (Photo | AP) By PTI BIRMINGHAM: Small aircrafts towing political messages continued to embarrass the host country after a plane with a message in support of Balochistan flew over the Edgbaston cricket stadium during the second semi-final between England and Australia here Thursday. A small plane has circled the semifinal between Australia and England five times while trailing a protest banner in the skies of Birmingham. The banner read, "World must speak up for Balochistan," a province in Pakistan. This was not the first time small aircrafts

Nasa images show small island off Gwadar coast has ‘disappeared’

Faiza Ilyas Updated July 13, 2019 AN image of the island taken in September 2013.—Courtesy Live Science KARACHI: A small mud island that emerged off the coast of Gwadar in 2013 following a massive earthquake hitting parts of Balochistan and Sindh has disappeared, images released by the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Nasa) show. Zalzala Koh, the oval-shaped island which was 20-metres high, 90-metres wide and 40-metres long, was the product of a mud volcano triggered by a massive earthquake measuring 7.7 on the Richter scale. “I have been following this island since 2013 and honestly, I did not expect that it would last that long. There could be multiple reasons for that. For example, the triggering force that threw the pile of sediments in 2013 has somehow kept the underwater mass in a reasonable state,” said Dr Asif Inam, a former director general of the National Institute of Oceanography (NIO). ‘Islands produced by mud volcanoes have a history of coming and g

China, Vietnam Ships in Standoff Over a Reef in Disputed South China Sea

The standoff came despite a pledge in May by Chinese and Vietnamese defence ministers to settle maritime disputes by negotiation. AFP Updated:  July 12, 2019, 11:23 PM IST Representative Image. Loading... Beijing:  Chinese and Vietnamese coastguard vessels have been involved in a week-long confrontation over a reef in the South China Sea, according to a media report which said the development could cause the biggest clash between the two neighbours in five years. Six heavily armed coastguards vessels - two Chinese and four Vietnamese - have been eyeing each other in patrols around the Vanguard Bank in the Spratly group of islands since last week. About a dozen vessels were reported in the vicinity, the Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post reported. On Wednesday last week, Chinese survey ship Haiyang Dizhi 8 entered waters near the Vietnamese-controlled reef to conduct a seismic survey, Ryan Martinson, an assistant professor at the US Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Isl