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US concerned over North Koreans ‘working’ on CPEC projects

By  zafar bhutta  Jul.09,2019 A UNSC Resolution, 2375 (2017) bars member countries from hiring North Korean nationals ISLAMABAD:  The United States has expressed serious concerns over the possible employment of North Korean nationals in the China-Pak Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects in Pakistan. Sources told The Express Tribune that the US embassy in Islamabad had approached the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to convey its serious concerns over the “rumours” that Chinese companies were likely involved in hiring services of North Korea to execute CPEC projects in Pakistan. A UNSC Resolution, 2375 (2017) bars member countries from hiring North Korean nationals. Under the UN resolution, the member states were also bound to repatriate the North Korea nationals who had employment in their territories by December 22, 2019. Following this resolution, Pakistan also promulgated SRO 1221(1)/2017 on November 21, 2017 to impose ban on issuing work authorisation and visas to the North Korean

IMF Won't Stop China From Turning Pakistan Into The Next Sri Lanka

IMF Won't Stop China From Turning Pakistan Into The Next Sri Lanka Panos Mourdoukoutas Contributor Markets GETTY A $6 billion loan approved from the International Monetary Fund this week will ease Pakistan’s debt problems, for now. But it won’t stop China from turning the country into the next Sri Lanka. China has been very close to Pakistan in recent years, for a couple of reasons. One of them is that Pakistan is a “natural” ally in Beijing’s long-time efforts to contain India. The other reason is that Pakistan offers a “natural corridor” between western China and the Indian Ocean, and, therefore, an alternative route to Middle East oil supplies and the riches of Africa. Pakistan Underperforms Emerging Markets  KOYFIN FORBES INSIGHTS Enlisting Analytics To Level The Hiring Landscape That’s why Beijing has been helping Pakistan build the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), which stretches from Western China to the Indian Ocean. While CPEC benefits China, this pr

Serious irregularities committed by UAE in Rashid Hussain’s deportation case – Abdullah Abbas Baloch

Serious irregularities committed by UAE in Rashid Hussain’s deportation case – Abdullah Abbas Baloch By   Admin July 9, 2019 Abdullah Abbas Baloch, the General Secretary of a human rights group BHRO, has said that the UAE government has committed serious irregularities in Rashid Hussain’s deportation case. In a series of tweets, Mr. Baloch revealed that Rashid Hussain was deported by UAE on 22nd June 2019 but the news came to the attention of media only on 3rd July 2019. “There has been no official confirmation of the deportation by state officials yet,” Mr. Baloch said. Rashid Hussain, a Baloch human rights activist, was detained incommunicado by UAE authorities since December last year. General Secretary of BHRO, who has been actively involved in the campaign to stop Rashid Hussain’s deportation, further said that Rashid Hussain was not given his legal rights in UAE to resist extradition. Abdullah Abbas further added that the claims by Pakistani police by linking Rashid Huss

Barhni-Kathmandu railway line: Modi government looks to expedite the proposed India-Nepal rail link project

By:  Devanjana Nag Published: July 9, 2019 3:40:08 PM The survey for new broad gauge line from Barhni in Uttar Pradesh, to Kathmandu, capital of Nepal was sanctioned in the year 2015-16. Work on the proposed railway project can only start after the inter-governmental Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is signed. India to Nepal railway line project: The Modi government is looking to expedite the proposed railway project, linking Barhni in Uttar Pradesh to Kathmandu in Nepal, and is awaiting the neighbouring country’s concurrence for the inter-governmental agreement. Recently, Minister of State for Railways Suresh Angadi told the Lok Sabha that the Ministry of External Affairs is following up with Nepal and is looking to expedite the process for the railway project, which will make travelling easy between both the countries. During the Question Hour, the minister also said that the survey has been completed for the five kilometres of the line in the Indian territory. According to th

Marvel & mystery

Zarrar Khuhro July 08, 2019 Marvel & mystery I N a rare piece of good news, last week we learnt that France will be returning some 445 relics of the Indus Valley civilisation that were smuggled out of Pakistan over the years and were meant to end up in museums, galleries and private collectors in the West. The network came to light in 2006, when French authorities intercepted a parcel containing terracotta pots claimed to be about 100 years old. On examination, they turned out to be thousands of years older — burial objects likely stolen from Balochistan. The investigation led to a gallery which yielded even older stolen artifacts as old as 6,000 years — belonging to the Mehrgarh civilisation which was a precursor, or perhaps a part of, the larger Indus Valley  civilisation . The other piece of good news is that this gives me the opportunity to write about the fascinating Indus Valley civilisation itself. Now, when we usually think of this wonder of the ancient world we think