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Can China Solve Pakistan’s Energy Crisis?

Chinese President Xi Jinping and then-Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif inaugurate CPEC projects in April 2015. Image Credit:  Pakistan Prime Minister's Office CPEC has great promise, but Pakistan must be clear-eyed about the environmental and political costs. By Sheraz Aziz June 12, 2019 Pakistan’s energy crisis is a key factor hampering its economic growth. The public bears the brunt of this chronic shortfall, which is caused by several factors. Nothing has worked so far to find a permanent fix to this crisis, so the Pakistani government and the public have welcomed China’s recent intervention. Beijing is interested in making substantial investments in the country’s energy sector under the  China-Pakistan Economic Corridor  (CPEC). CPEC is a part of China’s ambitious  Belt and Road Initiative , which aims to connect Europe, Africa, and the rest with China to increase trade and growth. When President Xi Jinping announced a $46 billion investment, many began to hope tha