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Two more people have gone missing after military raids in different parts of Balochistan.

Two more people have gone missing after military raids in different parts of Balochistan. 3'June 2019 (Current Balochistan) Pakistani security forces have forcefully Disappeared 2 persons from Gwadar & Kharan in Balochistan. According to the sources, Last night around 2AM Pakistani security forces & intelligence agencies raided in a house in New Town, Gwadar & forcibly abducted a person namely Bashir S/o Safa R/o Kaldan. According to our Kharan correspondent's Last night Pakistani forces raided in a house another youth from Kharan, Balochistan who is identified as Noor Hussain s/o Naiz Ali Shah Jilani and shifted them to a unknown location. The families of the abductees claim that people in security uniform came and abducted them. It is not only today that such incident has happened in Balochistan. Almost everyday people are being abducted and disappeared to unknown locations by security agencies. Before people thought that maybe whoever is involved in Separa

Self-Confidence and Strategy

SIMON SAYS, MAY 2019 By  Matthew P. Goodman Read Online “Finally, we must have courage and self-confidence to cling to our own methods and conceptions of human society. After all, the greatest danger that can befall us in coping with this problem of Soviet Communism, is that we shall allow ourselves to become like those with whom we are coping.” With that short paragraph, George Kennan ended his famous  “Long Telegram”  in February 1946. His admonition is a reminder of the importance of being true to ourselves as the United States takes on the leading foreign policy challenge of our era: managing the rise of China. It is especially timely as talk of a new “Cold War” circulates in Washington, following the Trump administration’s  ratcheting up of tariffs  on Chinese imports and  blacklisting of Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei. I thought about Kennan’s warning as  I testified this month  before the East Asia Subcommittee of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the bene

U S - CHINA: Battle of the blacklists In an obvious act of retaliation against the United States government’s  impending ban  on technology exports to Chinese telecom giant Huawei,  Xinhua reports : China will establish a list of unreliable entities based on relevant laws and regulations, according to the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) Friday. Foreign enterprises, organizations and individuals that do not comply with market rules, violate contracts, block or cut supplies to Chinese firms with non-commercial purposes, and seriously damage the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese enterprises, will be added to the list of unreliable entities, said Gao Feng, a spokesperson with the MOC. Detailed measures will be announced soon, Gao said. A Ministry of Commerce Q&A about the “unreliable entity list,” or 不可靠实体清单 bùkěkào shítǐ qīngdān, is  here  (in Chinese). More reporting on the new Chinese blacklist: China threatens to blacklist foreign companies  / FT (paywall) The Chinese Communist party’s tabloi