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The Great Power Competition And Balochistan – Zeno Baloch

May 30, 2019 The Great Power Competition And Balochistan Zeno Baloch The Balochistan Post History of the world is but the history of continuous chaos and competition. Karl Marx interpreted it as a class competition between bourgeois and the proletariat, which is more likely a universal interpretation of history, while Hegelian philosophy maintains the ideological paradigm. However, both affirm the idea of dominance and submission in history. The precision of the argument lies clash between Assyrian of Mesopotamia and the Babylonians. The power competition between Romans of Byzantine and the Persian of the Sassanid Empire was the consecution of the series. The mode of war changed in accordance with the requirements of the era, however, the primary cause was almost the same. The ancient wars were material wars; a race between ethnic groups and tribes to occupy more resources. Then it turned to be more systematic, a war of crown ship. It was then, the larger scale wars took place

Quote of the day: Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

“ Nations are defined by the cultures and all have their own qualities. Culture is what we are; it is a reflection of our actions because culture isn’t something external; it doesn’t exist independently of us. What we stand for, what we oppose and resist, what we believe in and how we conduct ourselves in our daily lives represent not only us but our culture as well. We cannot be judged apart from our culture and neither can our culture be judged apart from us. What we do and how we live represents our culture. We represent our culture with our actions and not with our words and empty platitudes. To be a Baloch you have to live by the values that make you a Baloch; Baloch culture is what a Baloch does.”

Lament of a Baloch girl

By:  Gohar Hoth I have been waging a war with myself before penning down this article. A part of me wanted to share this story with Baloch. A part of me held my hand and did not allow me for writing it. I don’t know whether I have taken a right decision of sharing my thoughts or not, but I do know that it is a personal account. A story of a Baloch girl. Currently, I am a student at the university of Karachi. I would rather say a Baloch female student. Before securing admission, like all other girls who dream of university education far from their homes, getting into a university seemed to be a distant dream. It took me almost a year or more to convince my family for higher studies and leaving my native town, Gwadar. Amidst excitement and high hopes of having a bright future I stepped into the university of Karachi in January. I always have had thought that I would face no difficulties and hardships because my fellow Baloch friends would be there for providing a helping hand to me. T

80 pc Pakistanis are traitors: former CM of Balochistan

ANI | Asia | Last Updated at May 30 2019 16:15 IST Balochistan  province's former  Chief Minister Sardar  Akhtar  Mengal  has said that 80 per cent of Pakistanis are traitors. "If all political leaders are traitors, then who voted for them must also be declared as traitors. These people made our Constitution which we show off every time. This means 80 per cent of this country is full of traitors," he added. His frustration erupted after a series of recent bombings in  Balochistan.  At least three people, including a religious leader, were killed and 28 wounded after an explosion rocked a mosque on Monday. "If we count the numbers of traitors -- Muhammad Ali Jinnah's sister Fatima Jinnah, Pashtun independence activist Bacha Khan, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto,  Nawaz Sharif  -- all of them were branded as traitors," said  Mengal  during a session in the  National Assembly  on Tuesday. Last month, as many as 14 people were shot dead on Thursday after being offload

The women in Balochistan are being kept at a distance to education under a designed plan: BSO AZAD

The women in Balochistan are being kept at a distance to education under a designed plan: BSO AZAD (Current Balochistan) The Central Spokesperson Baloch Students Organization Azad expressed grave concerns over the Mastung girls’ school incidents, and further said that the women in Balochistan are being kept at a distance to education under a designed conspiracy. Before these incidents, incidents of acid attacks and several other incidents of attacks on women have occurred in Balochistan as well.      More than 400 girls have been affected due to the mysterious chemical spray in three different girls’ schools in Mustang during last 10 days. These incidents have suffered parents of students in extreme psychological pressure and fear and caused them to stop sending their children to schools. The Spokesperson further said that the religious extremists have tried to keep the women away from education through their threatening pamphlets in different areas of Balochistan before thes