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US imposes sanctions on Pakistan; may deny visas to nationals

PTI Last updated on April 27, 2019 at 05.40 pm The US has imposed sanctions on Pakistan after Islamabad refused to take back its citizen deportees and visa over-stayers from America, warning that it may withhold visas of Pakistanis beginning from its senior officials.  The State Department on Friday said that consular operations in Pakistan remain "unchanged" as of now but as a result of such a sanction mentioned in a Federal Register notification dated April 22, the US may withhold visas of Pakistanis beginning with its senior officials. Pakistan is the latest to join the list of 10 nations that have been imposed with sanctions under a US law according to which countries refusing to take back deportees and visa over-stayers will be denied American visas. Notably eight of these countries have been slapped with such visa sanctions under the Trump administration. Two of them, Ghana and Pakistan have been included in the list this year.  The other countries include Guyan

Belt & Road Initiative not an exclusive club, must benefit all: Xi Jinping

Press Trust of India | Beijing | Last Updated at April 27 2019 11:23 IST Chinese President Xi Jinping talks to United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres (not pictured) during the bilateral meeting of the Second Belt and Road Forum at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China. Photo: Reuters Chinese President  Xi Jinping  on Saturday said that the  Belt and Road Initiative  should benefit all around the world and deliver common development by following the established international norms. Addressing a roundtable meeting of the 37 heads of states and governments who attended the 2nd Belt and Road Forum (BRF), which would close on Saturday, Xi again stressed that the trillion-dollar  Belt and Road Initiative  (BRI) would focus on common development of all the participating countries and their people. "We must implement the principle of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits to see that all voices are heard, all reached their full potential a

‘Allowing Afghan Transit Trade can unleash full potential of Gwadar port’

  RECORDER REPORT    APR 27TH, 2019    ARTICLE Interview with Mir Naveed Baloch, Chairman Gwadar Economic Forum, Leader of Gwadar Chamber of Commerce and Industry  Trained as a mechanical engineer from the Balochistan University of Engineering and Technology, Mir Naveed Baloch is a member of the Pakistan Engineering Council since 2003. Following his engineering education, he ventured into diversified commercial interests such as real estate; and shipping, transport & freight. Currently, he is serving his third term as the President of Gwadar Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) and has been the President of Zameendar Association in Gwadar for last 15 years. His past stints include serving as Vice President of FPCCI and as member of caretaker cabinet in Balochistan during the last interim government. He is also the founder Chairman of Gwadar Economic Forum and CEO of Gwadar Global Gateway, a real-estate company. In this interview, BR Research picks Mr Baloch's brains on

Bombs & backlash

Irfan Husain April 27, 2019 WHENEVER there’s a terrorist attack anywhere, I pray that Muslims weren’t involved. And if they are, I cross my fingers and wish none of them were Pakistanis. In the horror stories emerging from Sri Lanka, I seem to have got my second wish. However, this is scant consolation for the mayhem unleashed by a little-known Islamist group, the National Towheed Jamaath (NTJ), backed by the militant Islamic State (IS) group. On Sunday morning in the UK, I received a string of text and WhatsApp messages enquiring about my safety. Friends knew that as I do every year, I had spent the winter at our beach house in Sri Lanka, but were unsure about my whereabouts. I immediately went on Twitter to discover the bloodbath that had occurred in Colombo, Negombo and Batticaloa. The rest of the morning was spent in trying to find out if our Sri Lankan friends and their families were safe. As the magnitude of the atrocity emerged, I knew that only an ex