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Which Rules? Why There is No Single ‘Rules-Based International System’

Which Rules? Why There is No Single ‘Rules Based International System’ RUSI.ORG Malcolm Chalmers Occasional Papers , 10 April 2019 The contemporary international order comprises a Universal Security System, a Western System and a Universal Economic System. These dynamically interact with the bargains and relationships established by the major powers.   Download the paper here (PDF) Since the 2015 Strategic Defence and Security Review, there has been increased talk about the ‘rules-based international system’ (RBIS) in the UK’s foreign policy narrative. The concept has grown in popularity as the focus of national strategy has shifted towards Russia and China, after more than a decade of expeditionary state-building operations. This paper argues that there is no single RBIS. Rather, the post-1945 international settlement led to the creation of three distinct RBISs – a Universal Security System (USS), a Universal Economic System (UES) and a more exclusive Western System – alongside

Between alarm and hope Indian elections through pak lens

Sunday, 14 April 2019 | Ashok Behuria Elections in India are never followed with as much interest in Pakistan as is the case today, with both vernacular and English media in Pakistan joining the campaigns with their own interpretations of the ongoing electoral festival in the neighbourhood It is election time in India. The campaigns are in full swing. The backdrop to the elections was too electrifying for the voters to be missed — a heinous terror attack on Indian security personnel in Lethpora, Pulwama, followed by Indian air strikes on terror camps in Balakot, Pakistan. A muscular India chose to break out of its self-imposed restraint to launch a counter terror strike deep within Pakistani territory, throwing the nuclear caution to wind, with a stupefied international community recognising Indian right to respond. The media in both countries exchanged high-decibel invectives against each other as the de-escalation was choreographed by disparate efforts by friendly countries impos