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Hind-Baloch Forum organised many program throughout India.

Hind-Baloch Forum organised many program throughout India.Member of organisation raised deep concern over human right violation in Balochistan.Founder of Hind-Baloch Forum Swami Jitendranand Saraswati while press conference in Varanasi states that Indian intellectual and human right wing should raise the issue of Balochistan to show before world that how Pakistan has been treating her own people since 1948,he further added "Baloch brothers and sisters who have been engaged in the constant struggle for the protection of Baloch culture since March 27, 1948 till today,I hope that their children will also see the sun of Independence.I salute the struggle for independence of Balochistan.He has been raising the voice of Balochistan for many years by organising public meet under the banner of Hind-Baloch Forum.In his latest statement over Balochistan he states that Balochistan's cultural roots and values are different from Pakistan,they are liberal and secular people with tolerance,

CHINA: POLITICS AND CURRENT AFFAIRS Summary South African Belt and Road corruption China, the Pondo king and Namaqualand: In pursuit of the ‘Disney playground’ deal  / Daily Maverick (South Africa) Without informing his subjects, King Mangaliso Ndlovuyezwe Ndamase of  Western Pondoland  has signed a contract to lease a pristine stretch of the Wild Coast to a Chinese company. Xinjiang concentration camps Without papers, Uighurs fear for their future in Turkey  / Reuters “Without work or residency permits in Turkey and unable to renew their Chinese passports, Qurbanjan Nourmuhammed and his family live in uncertainty in Istanbul, cut off from their son who returned to Xinjiang three years ago.” Secretary Pompeo's meeting with Uyghur Muslims impacted by human rights crisis in Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region of China  / U.S. Department of State “Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo met yesterday with Mihrigul Tursun, a Uyghur Muslim who survived horrific conditions and abuse in a Chinese internmen

CANADA: China admits canola oil block is connected to Huawei "China is not even trying to conceal the retaliatory aspect” of its recent blocking of Canadian canola oil at customs,  tweeted former Canadian ambassador to China David Mulroney, referring to this  piece from CBC : China said Wednesday its suspension this week of the licence of a second major Canadian canola exporter — Viterra Inc. — is justified by safety concerns. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang said China's actions are "scientific and reasonable." But, he added, Canada should "take practical measures to correct the mistakes it made earlier" in dealing with the overall relationship. The suspicious holdups of Canadian canola by China  began early this month , only days after Canada  approved extradition proceedings for Huawei CFO Mèng Wǎnzhōu 孟晚舟  (Access paywall). Other Huawei news: “The presence of Chinese firms  in Italy's strategically important 5G sector is ‘concerning,’” said Italy’s privacy watchdog chie

After Huawei, is Tencent next? In our  first quarterly Red Paper this year ($25 or free for Access members), we laid out 10 scenarios describing events that could shape the news about China in the Year of the Pig. This was one: Trouble at Tencent or Alibaba America’s technology fears about China are currently laser-focused on Huawei and 5G. But two huge companies have so far escaped scrutiny and remain stock market darlings, despite their ambitious global expansion plans: Tencent and Alibaba. American action against political misinformation on WeChat among immigrants, a push into a market coveted by a U.S. technology firm, a security incident, Chinese government use of Alibaba or Tencent data for repressive acts: China’s two biggest tech firms have dozens of vulnerabilities. Perhaps it will be Tencent. Here is one of the first of what I expect will be many media reports looking at Tencent’s role in surveillance and repression in Xinjiang, its connection to the security services, how it censors u