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Dozens of IRGC Members Martyred in Terrorist Attack in Southeastern Iran

TEHRAN (FNA)- Dozens of Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) members were killed or wounded after their bus came under a terrorist attack in Iran's Southeastern Sistan and Balouchestan province on Wednesday evening. The bus was carrying IRGC personnel on a road from the city of Khash to the provincial capital of Zahedan when a truck loaded with explosives and moving alongside the bus detonated. A statement released by the Quds Base of the IRGC's Ground Force said the bus was carrying a group of IRGC personnel "coming back from a border guarding mission when it came under a suicide car attack by Takfiri terrorists", but did not mention the number of passengers. " 27 IRGC members have been martyred and 13 others wounded in the terrorist attack so far," the statement said, and further blamed "the intelligence services of hegemonic system - a phrase used normally to refer to the United States and its allies - and Zionism for supporting the attack"

Higher Education Opportunities for Balochistan Students

By: Daniela It’s the most important path forward to progress – higher education. A citizenry that is well-educated means that all parts of its society – science, industry, the arts, technology, healthcare, etc. are all functioning at high levels. This, in turn, provides employment, investment, and generally a higher standard of living. So, where do Baloch students stand in their quest for higher education? The answer is mixed. What is not opinion, however, is that Balochistan remains the least highly educated of all provinces in Pakistan, Two Choices for Higher Education Pursuit As with students in any part of the world, there is the choice to select local colleges and universities or to go abroad to study in another country. Local Options for Students There are eight chartered, licensed or accredited universities that offer either four-year degree programs and/or graduate (masters and doctorate) degrees.  These colleges are very traditional  in that students must be physically

Friends of Silk Road NGO will be launched on Feb.14

ISLAMABAD (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News / NNI - 13th February, 2019) Pakistan-China Institute (PCI), Pakistan's non-governmental organization devoted to Pakistan-China relations and the region, will launch Friends of Silk Road in Pakistan on Feb.14 as a peoples platform bringing together different segments of society, PCI's Chairman, Senator Mushahid HussainSayed, has said.The Friends of Silk Road is a major initiative, and given Pakistan's pivotal role on CPEC as well as our long-standing relationship with China, which is now elevated from All Weather Friendship to being Iron Brothers, he said in Islamabad.Pakistan is the first among the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) countries to launch the forum which would include local communities, parliamentarians, press, business and opinion leaders, youth and women, professionals and civil society, students and scholars.The forum will provide both a better understanding and information about benefits of the fruits of progress an

AIIB to invest more in China

Source: TRIVIUM CHINA Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) Governor Jin Linqun , recently gave an interesting interview to Caixin. The worsening global economy creates a more challenging investment environment, according to Jin. Here’s how the AIIB plans to adapt: Work priorities will shift from the bank’s own institutional development to more actively managing investments.Funding for projects will increasingly come from the private sector rather than sovereign loans.The destination of investment will shift back to China. In fact, 10% of the bank’s total investment cap will go to China, up from 3%, previously. That last point is sure to raise eyebrows , given widespread suspicion that the AIIB is more of a Chinese institution than a mulitlateral one. But Jin’s got a solid argument: "The asset quality of China's infrastructure projects is generally better than other developing countries." "The higher return of Chinese projects will enable the AIIB to do mo