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The Baloch Coast and Saudi interests

*Writer: Reyasat Khan Baloch From news desk of *(The Balochistan Post)* Divided among Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan, the Baloch people lack a state of their own. In 1839, The English army invaded and occupied the sovereign state of Balochistan, from the day next to this invasion and occupation and so on the English rulers faced several waves of uprisings and militancy in different parts of Balochistan. Having a large land mass and largely being mismanaged, it was impossible for the Britishers to rule Balochistan with ease. So, the Britishers divided The Baloch territory into 3 different parts. The basic purpose behind this division was to maintain stability, controlling and managing the area properly and to crush the local resistance, which were bothering Britishers time and again. A question comes in mind that what was the actual reason behind Britain’s concern over a region with no markets for business and industries where they could do business or have their colonial interests

Gwadar: Bomb attack damages a mobile tower

January 14, 2019 From news desk *(The Balochistan Post)* Unknown men attacked a mobile tower in Gwadar city of Balochistan on Sunday. According to details received by The Balochistan Post, unidentified men attacked a private mobile company’s tower in Ghati Dahor area of Gwadar city. Due to the bomb attack, the tower’s machinery has been partially damaged. After the attack Police has begun search of attackers. Earlier this another private mobile company’s tower was attacked in the area and responsibility of the attack was taken by Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF), a Baloch militant group. Attacks on government and private installations and Pakistani security forces by pro-freedom Baloch armed groups is not uncommon in Balochistan region. Baloch nationalist forces claim that Balochistan is a forcefully occupied region and they will not accept any project without the consent of the Baloch people. Whereas Pakistani forces came under an IED attacked in Sibi area of Balochistan o

Net Negative: Chinese Investment in the US in 2018

Thilo Hanemann ,  Cassie Gao , and  Adam Lysenko January 13, 2019 More restrictive Chinese policies, stepped-up US investment screening and deterioration of US-China relations had curbed Chinese investors’ appetite for US assets in 2017. In 2018 this slowdown deepened as new investment dropped to a seven-year low. This note reviews the 2018 trends and analyzes the outlook for 2019. The key findings are: Chinese FDI in the US declined to $4.8 billion in 2018: Last year Chinese companies completed acquisitions and greenfield investments in the United States worth only $4.8 billion, down 84% from $29 billion in 2017 and 90% from $46 billion in 2016. This represents the lowest level seen in seven years. Net Chinese FDI in the US was  negative  if one accounts for asset divestitures: Chinese investors sold $13 billion of US assets in 2018, mostly driven by deleveraging pressures from Beijing. Counting these divestitures, China’s net US direct investment was  negative  to the tune of $8

This week’s top Belt and Road news

Belt and Road Advisory   This week’s top Belt and Road news   China and  the US make progress with trade talks:  Another round of trade talks between the US and China officially concluded, with some progress made according to both sides. Liu He will visit the US for another round of talks on 30 and 31 January.   France and China to pursue joint BRI projects : In the latest example of Belt and Road opening up to third countries, Chinese Ambassador to France Zhai Jun announced that France and China would jointly launch infrastructure and ecology projects under BRI.   Kim Jong Un visits China :  North Korean leader Kim Jong Un traveled to China on Monday at the request of President Xi Jinping. It's Kim's fourth visit to China in a year, and this visit coincides with his birthday!   Pakistani insurgents to target BRI projects :  Separatist insurgents in Balochistan, Pakistan, have vowed to continue attacks on #BeltandRoad projects in the region, despite the assassination