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Baloch nationalist forces pay tributes to Aslam Baloch and companions

December 30, 2018 From news desk *(The Balochistan Post)* Baloch political organizations, Baloch armed forces and prominent nationalist figures have paid rich tributes to Aslam Baloch According to details received by The Balochistan Post, all Baloch nationalist, including armed and political forces have paid rich tributes to Aslam Baloch and his companions, who were martyred in a suicide attack in Afghanistan on 25 December. Aslam Baloch was the chief of Baloch Liberation Army(BLA), a pro-freedom armed organisation. He was considered the mastermind behind a suicide attack on a bus carrying Chinese nationals in Dalbandin area of Balochistan in August, (the suicide bomber was his elder son)and also behind the recent attack on the Chinese consulate in Karachi city of Pakistan. In a statement, Khalil Baloch, Chairman of Baloch National Movement (BNM), has paid rich tributes to Ustad Aslam Baloch, Sardaro alias Tajoo, Karim Marri, Sangat Akhtar Baloch, Farid Baloch and Sadiq Baloch a

BLA posthumously awards title of “General” to Commander Aslam Baloch

December 30, 2018 From news desk of *(The Balochistan Post)* Baloch Liberation Army has posthumously awarded organisation’s highest title “General” for its top commander Aslam Baloch, who was killed on 25th December in, what BLA termed, “an attack by enemies”. In a statement released early on Saturday, Baloch Liberation Army’s official spokesperson Jeeyand Baloch said that BLA’s Senior Command Council and Operational Core Committee held its joint meeting to monitor the situation after ‘martyrdom of one of organisation’s founding leaders and member of Senior Command Council, Aslam Baloch, and other members of the organisation’. Jeeyand Baloch said that various important decisions were taken during this meeting to rule out any impact on organisations operational activities. The statement added that martyrdom of Aslam Baloch and other important members of organisation including Commander Kareem Marri alias Raheem, Taaj Mohammad Marri alias Sardaro, Akhtar Baloch alias Rustum, Sangat

Ustad Aslam Baloch lived and embraced martyrdom in national struggle.

Khalil Baloch 2018-12-29 Ustad Aslam Baloch lived and embraced martyrdom in national struggle. Khalil Baloch Khalil Baloch chairman of the Baloch National Movement *(BNM)* presented a great tribute to martyr Ustad Aslam Baloch, Commamder Karim Marri, Sangat Akhtar Baloch, Sangat Sardaro, Sangat Fareed Baloch and Sangat Sadiq Baloch, while saying that the martyrdom of Ustad Aslam Baloch is a huge loss to Baloch national movement but the blood of Baloch martyrs in the war of Baloch national liberation movement and the commitment of Baloch leaders will continue to compensate such losses. Instead, the movement will be more healthy and stronger than weakening, because of the strong commitment, consistency, and love to homeland, self-sacrificing spirit and dedication among the Baloch youths to sacrifice their lives for the independence of the Balochistan. They  will continue to stand in front line to face Pakistan and his imperialist allies. Chairman Khalil Baloch said, Ustad As

China’s Icy Silk Road: Beijing’s Ambitions to Use Arctic Circle for Military and Economic Goals

China's Icebreaker Xuelong, which has voyaged to the Arctic, in Xiamen, Fujian Province on June 27, 2010. (STR/AFP/Getty Images)MORE BY  DANIEL HOLL December 28, 2018 Updated: December 28, 2018 Receding polar ice is giving way to shipping passage through the Arctic Ocean, and China may be eyeing the area for economic and military conquest. China announced its plan for a Polar Silk Road in January, wherein it will encourage shipping through the arctic region and develop infrastructure, similar to its One Belt One Road (OBOR, also known as Belt and Road) initiative. China has used the OBOR initiative as  debt trap diplomacy , investing heavily into poorer areas to create debts that can not be repaid financially, and instead traded for equity. This way China acquires strategic places, like a  port in Sri Lanka . Kenya has also  accepted these offers , causing concern among locals, and Malaysia has  backed away  from similar Chinese investment. China is using a similar approach i

Nepali scholar praises Belt and Road Initiative as model of economic development

KATHMANDU, Dec. 29 (Xinhua) -- The Belt and Road Initiative has appeared as one of the biggest economic development models around the globe in the past few years, a Nepali scholar and former top government official said on Friday. In his book entitled "South Asia China Geo-economics," Yubaraj Sangroula, the former attorney general of Nepal, has highly praised the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative, explaining that the it has followed the principle of open participation with a principle of cooperation on equal footing. Mentioning the Belt and Road Initiative as a model of economic development, the author stated it maintains the principle of inclusive partnership of nations in development endeavors without any threat to the national sovereignty of the participating country. Proposed by China in 2013, the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road Initiative aims to build a trade and infrastructure network connecting Asia with Europe and Africa thro

China-Pakistan alliance a threat, says veteran US Army Colonel

ANI | New York [USA] | Last Updated at December 29 2018 18:05 IST Veteran U.S. Army Colonel, Lawrence Sellin, has expressed concerns over growing economic and military alliance between  Pakistan  and  China. Sellin, who has served in Afghanistan,  Iraq and West Africa, said that Americans need to recognise that  Pakistan  is not a friend of the United States, but a staunch ally of  China. "The threat is from  China  in the form of the Pakistani-Chinese alliance. China's aim is to dominate South Asia, first economically based on the China- Pakistan  Economic Corridor and then militarily using its alliance with  Pakistan  to establish military bases on the  Balochistan  coast. Those bases would provide a critical link between China's military facilities in the  South  China Sea and its naval base in  Djibouti  at the entrance of the  Red Sea  and the Suez Canal"  Sellin  told ANI. "Chinese naval and air bases on the  Balochistan  coast would control the vital

China’s Balochistan problem

By  MALIK SIRAJ AKBAR / DECEMBER 28, 2018 On Tuesday,  news broke  that  Aslam Baloch , the mastermind of the recent  attack on the Chinese Consulate  in Karachi, Pakistan, had been  killed  in a suicide attack in Afghanistan. While no group has accepted responsibility for the attack, the greatest celebrations were seen among Pakistani military officials, the country’s right-wing media, and centrist politicians. One senator who formerly served as the interior minister in the country’s largest province, Balochistan, which borders Afghanistan, stunned many by calling the suicide attack in the neighboring country and the loss of human lives “ great news .” This provided analysts with ample reason to suspect Pakistan or its Taliban proxies in Afghanistan of plotting the terrorist attack. The dailyReport Must-reads from across Asia - directly to your inbox There is a broader context and background to why a Pakistani politician would rejoice in a suicide attack in neighboring Afghani

CPEC in 2019

  Yasir Habib Khan December 29, 2018 With robust momentum of 2018’s development packages, China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is all set to go into high gear in 2019 by establishing Pakistan’s first Special Economic Zone (SEZ), multiple youth skills development plans and massive poverty alleviation schemes especially in Balochistan, READ MORE:  Several shops with goods worth millions gutted in Lahore blaze Interior Sindh and South Punjab and KPK’s marginalized regions including FATA and various agencies. Next year will also mark the completion of most awaited western and eastern routes of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor. These two routes will connect eventually deep-sea port of Gwadar to Chinese border. The eastern route will pass through Makran coastal highway, Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Multan, Lahore, Islamabad, Mansehra, Thakot, Raikot to Khunjarab while the western route will pass through Gwadar, Turbat, Bismah, Surab, Qalat, Quetta, Zhob, Dera Ismail Khan, Bannu,

Gwadar fishermen protest against construction of CPEC’s project enters 12th day

Ismail Sasoli December 29, 2018 Losses in the millions incurred by exporters as fishermen call for a strike on December 27, 28. —Photo provided by author Fis hermen in the coastal city of Gwadar continue to protest against the construction of East-Bay Expressway which has cut off routes to the Arabian sea, thereby affecting their livelihood,  DawnNewsTV  reported. The protest entered its 12th day on Friday with demonstrators camped on the Mulla Moosa bend of the larger Fish Harbour road. A day earlier, they had surrounded the deputy commissioner's office, forcing the additional deputy commissioner to meet with them and listen to their demands. He had assured the fishermen that their demands would be presented to the chief minister. The East-Bay Expressway project is part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. According to details  shared by the government , this "6-lane expressway along with a provision of 30 meters wide railway corridor will connect Gwadar Port with M