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Doctors to boycott OPDs across Balochistan to protest against abduction of neurosurgeon from Quetta

Syed Ali Shah December 17, 2018 Patients waiting for doctors in the OPD of Civil Hospital as doctor observe strike. —INP/File Doctors associated with Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) and other similar organisations have announced to boycott duties in the out-patient departments (OPDs) at government-run hospitals across Balochistan to record protests over the abduction of Dr Ibrahim Khalil from Quetta last week. Unidentified armed men had kidnapped neurosurgeon Dr Khalil from Quetta's Shehbaz Town area on Thursday. The decision to boycott the OPDs was taken at a joint meeting of doctors’ action committee on Monday, which was attended by the representatives of PMA, Young Doctors Association, and others. Through the two-day boycott — December 18 and 19 — the doctors intend to mount pressure on the authorities to ensure unhurt recovery of Dr Khalil, said Dr Hanif Luni, the press secretary of doctors’ action committee. ARTICLE CONTINUES AFTER AD The doctors expressed dissatis

Achieving sustainable development goals in Balochistan

To build a 'Naya Balochistan', the government must take on several steps and strive to determine targets of the localized SDGs Ammaz Khan and Syed Shujaat Ahmed DECEMBER 18, 2018 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a set of 17 goals formulated by United Nations (UN) with the key objective of achieving sustainable development by 2030. These goals are multidimensional and do carry a weight for any society, community and system to develop. Goals which are included in this framework cover core aspects related to social, economic; and environmental. Goals and number of targets defined under these three core areas thus define tangible targets and have become a guiding tool for an economy to develop around the globe with variations in priorities. Priorities can vary depending on the nature of economy i.e. economy can either be developed, least developed or underdeveloped. Keeping this framework of SDGs, the government of  Pakistan developed  its own implementation framework

Balochistan awards LRMIS project to SUS-JV

The Newspaper's Staff Correspondent December 18, 2018 QUETTA: Board of Re­­venue (BOR) Balochistan awarded Land Records Management Information System (LRMIS) to SUS-JV, a consortium led by Systems in partnership with UltraSoft System. The contract for LRMIS — an extension of the successful project launched by Systems in Punjab and KPK — worth Rs248 million is expected to be completed within three years. The management information system seeks to modernise the existing land distribution system, improve public accessibility to land records by simplifying procedures, and ensure scalability, security, transparency, uniform service, and functionality across various service centers of the province. The project will increase land ­revenue for BOR and the Government of Baloch­istan through a compu­terised, streamlined, and user- friendly process. ARTICLE CONTINUES AFTER AD “This phenomenal project reaffirms our belief in technology and technological progression as a ­crucial element

ICST wants work on CPEC to be expedited

Saeed Ahmed December 18, 2018 Islamabad: Islamabad Chamber of Small Traders (ICST) on Monday said economic problems should not be allowed to hit the fate-changing project of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). China and Pakistan should expedite work on the revolutionary project so that it could be completed well in time while other countries should also be allowed to participate in the project, it said. Enemy countries are trying their best to damage the project while their agents in Pakistan who have damaged many mega projects are conspiring against CPEC, said Patron ICST Shahid Rasheed Butt. He said that the government must take note of the situation and forge consensus on the project to get it completed which will allow masses to reap the fruits of the multibillion-dollar initiative. Shahid Rasheed Butt said that we are not short of elements who have played a central role in damaging mega projects in past to keep the country underdeveloped and destabilized. Pakistan and

Pakistan: CPEC And Escalating Threat In Balochistan – Analysis

Map of the China-Pakistan CPEC roadway network. Credit: Government of Pakistan, Wikipedia Commons.  December 18, 2018   SATP    0 Comments By  SATP By Tushar Ranjan Mohanty* On December 10, 2018, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Cell, in its briefing to Balochistan Cabinet, revealed that Balochistan’s share in the USD 62 Billion CPEC project was a miniscule nine percent, about USD 5.6 Billion. It was also disclosed that, out of this committed sum, less than USD one Billion had been spent in over five years, since May 22, 2013, when CPEC was launched. The stunned Cabinet members reportedly described CPEC spending in Balochistan thus far, as “a joke”. In its briefing, the CPEC Cell also disclosed that the current shortfall of 700MW in the Province meant that all the new power injected into the grid as a result of CPEC power projects had not found its way to Balochistan. On October 23, 2018, China engaged the World Bank to undertake a study on the real potential of CPEC i

CHINA: Party Watch Weekly Report

 Party Watch Weekly Report 2|10 12.8.2018-12.14.2018 By David Gitter, Julia Bowie, Nathanael Callan, Brock Erdahl, and Sandy Lu   Highlights The Politburo convened to discuss economic work in 2019 and to hear the work report of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (see Senior Leaders section).The highly authoritative People’s Daily  pen name, Ren Zhongping, was used to issue perspectives on the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening Up. The commentary emphasized that the success of reform is due to Party leadership (see Propaganda Work section). Senior Leaders Xi Jinping Sends Congratulatory Letter to Universal Declaration of Human Rights 70th Anniversary Symposium Xinhua   12.10  Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory letter to a symposium in Beijing commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In the letter, Xi emphasized that “the greatest human right is the people’s right to a happy life” and that “Chinese people are willing to wo

China’s Detention Camps for Muslims Turn to Forced Labor

Chinese state television showed Muslims attending classes on how to be law-abiding citizens. Evidence is emerging that detainees are also being forced to take jobs in new factories. Image Chinese state television showed Muslims attending classes on how to be law-abiding citizens. Evidence is emerging that detainees are also being forced to take jobs in new factories. By  Chris Buckley  and  Austin Ramzy Dec. 16, 2018 阅读简体中文版 閱讀繁體中文版 KASHGAR, China — Muslim inmates from internment camps in far western China hunched over sewing machines, in row after row. They were among  hundreds of thousands who had been detained  and spent month after month renouncing their religious convictions. Now the government was showing them on television as models of repentance, earning good pay — and political salvation — as factory workers. China’s ruling Communist Party has said in a surge of upbeat propaganda that a sprawling network of camps in the Xinjiang region is providing job training and pu

Report to Congress: Recommendations on Belt and Road

Nov. 15, 2018 Photo credit: Nicolas Asfouri-Pool/Getty Images On November 14, the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, a body created by Congress to monitor and investigate national security and trade issues between the United States and China, published its 2018 Annual Report. Reconnecting Asia’s data and analysis are used to help discern China’s objectives for the Belt and Road Initiative and to highlight potential challenges and opportunities for the United States. Read the section on Belt and Road  here  and the executive summary of the report  here .

The diverging figures behind Belt and Road

Data shows Beijing's focus is more on construction than investment BEN HEUBL, Data JournalistDECEMBER 17, 2018 12:21 JST LONDON -- China celebrated the fifth anniversary of President Xi Jinping's Belt and Road initiative in September amid renewed questions over Beijing's true motives for funding huge infrastructure projects across Asia, Europe and Africa. An analysis of data compiled by the American Enterprise Institute, a Washington-based think tank, found a widening disparity between the amounts committed in investment to Belt and Road projects and those signed off for construction contracts related to the initiative, many of which are handed out to Chinese state-owned companies. Figures from the AEI's China Global Investment Tracker show that between 2014 and 2017 the cumulative value of construction contracts has been 50% higher for Belt and Road projects, at $230 billion, than for unrelated deals, which amounted to $148 billion.  In contrast, investment unre

Balochistan’s orthodox early marriages against hRs

APP December 17, 2018 ISLAMABAD - A Balochistan based human rights activist Rehmatullah Baloch while criticising the tribal tradition, said that orthodox usage of early age marriages at the age of 7 to 8 years set in the province is against the fundamental human rights. READ MORE:  Champions League last 16: United face monumental task, Liverpool to battle Bayern Talking to APP on Sunday, he said that the parents usually decide the marriages of their babies before birth and get them married at an early age while they are quite young to realise what is happening.  He said that as a result the under age marriage, Balochistan is on the top of high maternal mortality rate due to week health and performing tough chores. He said, “If they bear infant they don’t have enough nourishment to recover health properly alongwith heavy trauma and depression waiting for the minor brides.” Rehmatullah Baloch said that young girls under the age of 15 have greater chances of developing complications

Balochistan to hold water talks with Sindh: Kamal

By  Mohammad Zafar Published: December 17, 2018 CM Jam Kamal Khan unveils the plaque of Circuit House Dera Murad Jamali in Naseerabad. PHOTO: EXPRESS QUETTA  :  Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan has said previous government received $35 billion in the form of foreign assistance and investment but people of Balochistan still remained deprived of water, infrastructure and development. “The financial crisis we are witnessing today basically emerged due to flawed policies of our predecessors. They had more power and resources than we have at present,” Kamal said while addressing a gathering of tribal elders in Dera Murad Jamali on Sunday. The minister said being sons of this soil, the provincial cabinet members have been making earnest efforts to provide relief to the people of Balochistan. The CM highlighted that during the first four months of the provincial government he personally visited all districts to review the ground situation. Kamal said: “Today the cabinet members are fully

CPEC to Traverse the Durand Line

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is slouching toward the Khyber Pass and Spin Boldak border town to take a leap across the Durand Line. It is a poignant moment in the turbulent history of the region. M.K. Bhadrakumar 17 Dec 2018 Image Courtesy: Wikipedia The 2nd Afghanistan-China-Pakistan Foreign Ministers’ Dialogue, which took place in Kabul on Saturday, largely covered familiar ground – reaffirming the commitment of the three countries to strengthen their relations, resolutely fight terrorism, support Afghan reconciliation, extend support to Afghan-owned and Afghan-led peace process, exhort Taliban to come to peace talks, foster security cooperation and counter-terrorism and so on. But two things were striking. First, the meet took place on the eve of the talks between the US officials and Taliban representatives slated for December 17, which Pakistan has facilitated. PM Imran Khan acknowledged Pakistan’s role as facilitator. This follows President Trump’s letter to Imr

Balochistan shocked over its poor share in CPEC projects

Only 9% of development work completed in about five years against the US$5.5 billion CPEC investment portfolio By  FM SHAKIL DECEMBER 17, 2018 5:41 PM (UTC+8) 5 0 A study carried out with the technical assistance of the World Bank has shocked the leaders of the volatile Pakistani province of Balochistan, which feels deprived of its due share of investments pledged under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) mega-project. The Balochistan  cabinet , during a briefing last week, was informed that the investments thus far made in the province were dismally low while the ongoing development projects moved along at a snail’s pace. The dailyReport Must-reads from across Asia - directly to your inbox The province’s legislative assembly termed Chinese investment a joke and exhorted Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan Alyani to take up the issue with the central Pakistani government for rectification, a demand that the federal Planning Ministry cannot possibly meet without first ratifying