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Lawrence Sellin | Retired Colonel, U.S. Army Reserve   3:00 PM 12/10/2018  The China Daily, a Chinese government media outlet, published an  article , “Pakistan key to Afghan peace process,” by an author from Pakistan, an ally of China, which not only drips with irony but unabashedly explains the Chinese-Pakistani plan for the future of Afghanistan. It originates from the “non-governmental” Beijing think tank, the Center for China and Globalization, founded and run by former high officials of the Chinese government, one of which was chief negotiator for China’s entry into the World Trade Organization. The article begins by blaming the United States for waging “an unnecessary and avoidable war” for 17 years, despite the fact that it was actually Pakistan who provided safe haven and supported a Taliban proxy army that “caused the deaths of countless innocent people.” Contrary to the author’s contention, it was not the War in Afghanistan that “has endangered and destabilized the wh

70th Universal Declaration of Human Rights Day

Pictures of Baloch Supporters .

Current Balochistan: Conflict updates from the ground

10/12/2018 MAND:- According to sources Pakistani military forces raided in House of Shikari Murad Jan in Gawak, violent miliatry personnel tortured women & children & abducted a 70 years old Baloch Civilian namely Shikari Murad Jan S/o Gul Mohmad R/o Gawak. According to civilian many time that without any crime pakistan Army abducted him. 10/12/2018 MAND:~ According to sources last night 3am pakistani military forces conducted an operation Mand Kohdagar, violent military personnel tortured women & children & abducted Two Brothers namely Haleem Baloch & Khaleel s/o Abdul Rahman r/o kohdagar 10/12/2018 KECH:- According to sources Baloch freedom fighters have attacked on a Convey of PaKistani Army in jath an area of Kolwah with rockets & automatic weapons due to which losses occurred to Paki

The silence of United Nations about “Balochistan” is making its autonomous status controversial-

The silence of United Nations about “Balochistan” is making its autonomous status controversial-BSO Azad December 9, 2018 (From News desk *The Balochistan Post*) On the occasion of December 10, an international day for the human rights, the Central Spokesperson of Baloch Students Organization Azad (BSO-A) said in an issued statement that December 10 was decided to be observed as the international day for the human rights after three years of establishment of the United Nations. But this international institution, since its inception till today is failed to play its due responsibility to stop the serious human rights violations in Balochistan, and has always adopted the policy of silence before the interests of Paksitan and its allies. The Spokesperson said that the Baloch national conflict like other conflicts of the world is needed to be solved, because thousands of Baloch have been extrajudicially killed, children have become orphan, Baloch women are being sexually assaulted a

CPEC may invite hybrid warfare against Pakistan

By  ATTA RASOOL MALIK  DECEMBER 5, 2018 Wars are expensive in terms of blood and treasure. Through the ages, this fundamental truth has  driven military strategists  to search for a quick and inexpensive path to victory in battle. The ultimate aim of any contesting nation is to force an unwilling enemy government to accept peace on its terms. In democratic countries, the actions of that hostile government are generally based on the will of the people, so no victory can be complete until that “will” is reshaped or molded. Liddell Hart, a British military theorist, argued that a  man killed is merely one man less, whereas a man unnerved  is a highly infectious carrier of fear, capable of spreading an epidemic of panic. Hart argued that the resulting psychological pressure on the government of a country may neutralize all the resources at its command – so that the sword drops from a paralyzed hand. Therefore, a successful strategist thinks in terms of paralysis, not killing. The mecha

Iran and the US-Indian hybrid war on CPEC

  Andrew Korybko December 08, 2018 The southeastern Iranian port of Chabahar, the terminal point of the North-South Transport Corridor (NSTC) that India’s investing in to connect with Central Asia and Russia, was just hit by a suicide bombing that has yet to be claimed by any terrorist group as of the time of this article’s publication. Given what’s known about the regional security situation and its overall strategic dynamics, however, it’s conceivable that this attack is blowback from the joint US-Indian Hybrid War on CPEC that both allied Great Powers are waging against Pakistan via their terrorist proxies of the so-called “Balochistan Liberation Army” (BLA) and Daesh. For background into this asymmetrical warfare campaign, please reference the author’s previous pieces written over the past two and a half years: READ MORE:  Overseas Pakistanis donate Rs1bn to Dam Fund: SBP The general concept put forth and vindicated in hindsight after the latest events is that US-Indian suppo

CPEC and ECO countries

In a recently held seminar to mark the 20th death anniversary of Dr Jan van der Linden in Karachi, it was noted that humans and their relationships should be the hallmark of development process. Dr M Babar Chohan DECEMBER 10, 2018 Dr Linden was a Dutch social scientist who carried out extensive research on Karachi’s low income settlements and produced several research papers on urban planning. His work presented the transformation and evolution of Karachi, challenged traditional development concepts including those presented by the international donor agencies.He argued that the failure of various governments to understand complex urban planning issues, such as growing population and the delivery of basic facilities, was primarily because of their lesser focus on humans and their relationships. Dr Linden’s findings are based on ‘practical wisdom’ and need to be incorporated not only in Pakistan’s urban planning but also in defining the strategic direction of large scale infrastruc

Balochistan voices concern over its share in CPEC projects

Saleem Shahid /Updated December 10, 2018/ Provincial government says only only two projects have been approved for Balochistan in past five years . — File photo QUETTA: The Baloch­istan government has expressed concern over the dismal share of the province in development projects under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), saying that during the last five years only two projects — ­­ Gwadar port and Hubco coal-based power plant — have been approved for the province. ✔ Even these two projects did not directly benefit the people of Balochistan, a spokesman for the Balochistan government said on Sunday. The spokesman said that Chief Minister Jam Kamal Alyani had been making efforts to obtain due share of the province in the CPEC-related projects. He said that an important meeting of the Joint Coordination Committee (JCC) of the CPEC was expected to be held in China during the current month in which the CM and federal Minister for Planning and Development Khusro Bakhtiar were

Law enforcement Agencies Forcefully stop VMP Sindh Forum Rally on National Highway

on December 10, 2018 Bolan   Times  (  KARACHI  ): Law Enforcements Agencies forcefully stoped Voice for Missing Persons ( VMP ) Sindh Forum Rally on National Highway on Monday Today. Today Morning, Police , Rangers and other agencies forcefully stoped the peaceful Rally of   VMP Sindh Forum on National Highway . On the spot , addressing to different Media persons , Convener of Voice for Missing Person Sindh , Sorath Lohar said “ W e  left Malir  Press Club very peacefully , after that A Rangers ( A  Paramilitary Force ) vehicle along with civil dress personal reached the point , A civil dress person ordered Area Police Chief that , Dont allow protesters to move forward , I asked to the Army who was that Person , Army denied and said we dont know him “ Convener added “ Who was that civil dress personal who ordered Authorities dont let them go forward anymore , she claimed Here all road became blocked”. While she was addressing to the press , Protesters were demanding slogans “