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Trade war, day 153: China affirms ‘very successful’ trade meeting   After Donald Trump and Xi Jinping agreed to a  vague tariff cease-fire  (Access paywall) at the G20 on December 1, markets wobbled dramatically as Trump dubbed himself a “ Tariff Man ,” although China had not yet confirmed most of the specific parts of the agreement that the White House claimed. Today, China finally followed up about the trade agreement, but Beijing’s statement is still extremely brief, at just  six short lines in Chinese . Here’s a complete translation of the notice, titled “Ministry of Commerce spokesman answers reporter’s questions on U.S.-China trade negotiations”: [Unidentified] reporter question: We are aware that the Chinese trade team has returned to Beijing. Do you have any assessment of the meeting this time? Answer: The meeting was very successful. We are confident in implementation [of the agreement]. Question: What is the next step of trade negotiations that the Chinese side is preparing for? Answer: Over the span of 90 days, the econ

CHINA: BUSINESS AND TECH, POLITICS, CULTURE BUSINESS AND TECH : More trouble for Didi Didi Chuxing passenger ‘robbed and killed driver, dumped body under bridge’  / SCMP “A Didi Chuxing driver has been killed by a passenger during a midnight trip in southern China, police said, in the third murder case involving the ride-hailing firm in the past six months.” “The victim, surnamed Zhou, was robbed of over 2,000 yuan (about US$290) before being murdered and his body thrown under a bridge in Guizhou Province last week, the state-run Guiyang Evening News reported on Wednesday.” China's Didi announces reorganization plan to address safety  / Reuters “In a post on its official WeChat account, the company said it would create two positions at the top of its leadership structure — a chief safety officer reporting to Chief Executive Cheng Wei, and a chief information security officer reporting to Chief Technology Officer Bob Zhang.” Read on SupChina:  Didi gets slammed by authorities over ride-sharing safety . Go

BSO chairman, Zareef Rind, whisked away along with his cabinet

December 5, 2018 From News disk of *(The Balochistan Post)* brought to you by *(Current Balochistan)* Baloch Students Organisation (BSO), which recently changed its name back to BSO from BSO Pajjar, had its all cabinet members abducted ‘allegedly’ by Pakistani secret agencies today on Wednesday According to the details received by The Balochistan Post, BSO Chairman, Zareef Rind, Secretary General Changez Baloch and Information secretary Aurangzaib Baloch have all gone missing after allegedly being picked up by personnel of Pakistan’s secret agencies. Their senior joint secretary Jiand Baloch was already missing after he was picked up along with his father and brother during a raid at their house in Quetta on 30 November. Read: Crackdown on Baloch students, several disappeared BSO had called for a protest rally today in Quetta for the safe release of their missing comrade Jiand Baloch, but according to the reports, the whole cabinet of BSO has gone missing after the protest rall

Administrative detention of BSO Chairman Mr. Zarif Rind and his cabinet members

Administrative detention of BSO Chairman Mr. Zarif Rind and his cabinet members Prima facie the security forces have been committing crimes against humanity under Article 7. 1(i) Rome Statute by enforced disappearances of persons as a part of a widespread or systematic attack direct against baloch innocent civilian population population, teachers, lawyers, doctors students, politicians and poets including women and girls who are languishing in torture cells and military internment across Balochistan, without trail. Today even the Chiarman, Secretary General of BSO and other were abducted from Quetta, prior to taday occurrence the joint secretary of BSO, his father and younger brother were arbitrarily arrested in a raid on their home. We must be mindful that China has always formulated and designed war strategies and tactics for Pakistan. In 1971 when Pakistan was defeated by India, China reprimanded the generals of Pakistan because they did not properly implement the designed strate

Balochistan: another person disappeared from Kech

December 5, 2018 From News disk of (The Balochistan Post) brought to you by (Current Balochistan) Another person has been forcefully disappeared from Kech district of Balochistan. According to details received by The Balochistan Post, a man has been arrested from Mand area of district Kech and moved to an undisclosed location. The arrested person has been identified as, Fida Ahmed s/o Akber. Enforced disappearances that started in the early 2000s have never slowed down in Balochistan, in fact, dramatic surge has been observed in the number of people going missing with each coming year. Amnesty international and campaign groups in Pakistan have criticized Pakistan’s secret agencies of abduction-styled-arrests and detaining people extra-judicially.

The Global Times snarls about Xinjiang All central state media today highlight the arrival of general secretary Xí Jìnpíng 习近平 in Portugal “for a two-day state visit aimed at carrying forward friendship and expanding cooperation between the two countries” ( English ,  Chinese ). Xi jetted into Lisbon  from Panama, where he and his wife “paid a visit to the Panama Canal and witnessed the passage of a fully loaded Chinese container ship through the waterway's new locks,”  according to Xinhua News Agency . Another prominent story  in state media today is about Xi Jinping “promoting the spirit of the Constitution and upholding the Constitution's authority in an instruction on the country's fifth Constitution Day,” which falls today ( English ,  Chinese ). No mention is made of Article 35 of the State Constitution, which proclaims that "citizens of the People's Republic of China enjoy freedom of speech, of the press, of assembly, of association, of procession, and of demonstration.” Finally,

The day's top China business headlines

Today's briefs RADE WAR 1. Trump threatens to reinstate tariffs if no progress with China The US President sent out another round of mixed messages on the ongoing trade tensions with Beijing this morning, both raising hopes of extending the 90-day truce and promising to implement more tariffs if China does not offer a “REAL deal,”  Re uters  reports Trump wrote in a tweet that if China is willing to propose such a deal, then “we will get it done.” “But if not remember, I am a Tariff Man,” he added.  The comments sent markets back down after rallying on Monday. The Dow Jones dropped 3% and the tech-heavy Nasdaq fell 3.8%. The president also affirmed that negotiations had already begun, and made mention that the truce period could go on past the designated 90 days following his “wonderful and very warm dinner with President Xi.” TECH & POLITICS  2. China unveils measures to tackle intellectual property theft China has prepared a list of punishments aimed at deterr

TRIVIUM CHINA: The Tip Sheet, now china better

Wednesday, December 5, 2018 sign up free HEARD IN BEIJING "I am a Tariff Man." - Donald Trump , President of the United States Some context:  Trump wrote that in a tweet yesterday. The comment helped turn what had been two good days for markets in China into a bad one on Wednesday. And we're sure it wasn't exactly a hit in Zhongnanhai either. More in the Tip Sheet below. The Tip Sheet is always a hit. Help others find out about it by, forwarding today's note to friends and colleagues who can  can click here to subscribe . And while you are at it, keep the great comments, questions, tips, complaints coming.  THE TIP SHEET DRIVING THE DAY 1. State Council moves to shore up employment As the economy slows,  China’s leaders are increasingly concerned about the effect on employment (see yesterday’s Tip Sheet). So it comes as little surprise that, on Wednesday morning, the State Council released new opinions on supporting employment. Some highlights: Comp

China’s growing footprint in Portugal

TRIVIUM CHINA Xi Jinping is in Portugal  for the last stop on his nine-day, four-country tour. Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa  made sure that Xi would feel welcome (Xinhua 1): "The visit of President Xi will reinforce and strengthen this trust, which is not only trust, but trust and friendship." "The outcome of the visit will inevitably be very positive." Some context:  When the Portuguese economy was on the brink of collapse in 2011/12, Chinese companies made BIG investments. Chinese companies now have big stakes in Portugal’s biggest energy company (EDP), power grid (REN), bank (BCP), and insurance company (Fidelidade Cia de Seguros). And China’s Portuguese footprint is set to get bigger  (SCMP): “UnionPay, …China’s dominant bank card clearing service, is expected to sign a pact with [BCP]…to issue bank and credit cards using the Chinese company’s electronic payments clearing system.” Xi also got another Belt and Road win  (Xinhua 2): “The Por

Nobody knows what will happen in the trade negotiations

TRIVIUM CHINA After Saturday’s Xi-Trump meeting, the American side said that there would be a 90-day deadline to reach a new trade deal. But in their immediate messaging after the meeting, the Chinese did not mention the 90-day deadline, leading to speculation that the two sides came out of the meeting with different understandings (see December 3 Tip Sheet). On Wednesday morning, the Ministry of Commerce (MofCom) confirmed the 90-day deadline (see link). But now Trump is muddying the waters again  by floating the idea of an extension (Twitter): “Unless extended, they will end 90 days from the date of our wonderful and very warm dinner with President Xi in Argentina.” Trump is also demanding a REAL DEAL: “We are either going to have a REAL DEAL with China, or no deal at all - at which point we will be charging major Tariffs against Chinese product being shipped into the United States.” But , according to the MofCom statement,  it doesn’t sound like the Chinese are preparing any

How China is changing global financial flows

TRIVIUM CHINA Tip Sheet readers are well aware that this year has seen an accelerated pace of financial opening  – and that asset managers have been jumping into China with both feet, especially in the bond market. The FT has a great piece by James Kynge, putting the developments in context: “This year much has changed.” “Foreign asset managers, sovereign wealth funds and central banks have increased their total holdings of Chinese domestic stocks and bonds — denominated in renminbi — to $462.2bn at the end of September, up by $122.5bn from a year ago, according to official statistics.” “For the first time, such inflows are running at about the same average monthly level as foreign direct investment, which totalled $91.8bn in the first nine months of the year.” The key change: “The inflows highlight the rebalancing of China’s economy from corporate direct investment to institutional investment,” says Miranda Carr, executive director of Haitong Securities in London. Our take:  T

Water problem hits Balochistan jails

By  Mohammad Zafar Published: December 4, 2018 PHOTO: FILE QUETTA  :  More than 11 jails in Balochistan are facing serious water shortage, causing immense difficulties to prisoners. Inspector General (IG) of Prisons Balochistan Shujauddin Kasi has said 11 jails in the province including the one in Quetta were facing shortage of water for a long time, according to a statement on Sunday. He said that in order to meet the demands, the administration was forced to purchase three water tankers from private operators on a daily basis. “The issue has been getting serious by the day. There are 400 prisoners in Gadani Jail and with the water crisis it is very difficult to manage (them).” Meanwhile, the provincial government has been planning to educate youth about water and environmental issues to create awareness about water scarcity and environmental hazards. In an interview with APP, provincial Secretary for Higher Education Abdul Saboor Kakar said that the government would introduc