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Across China: E-commerce fights its way to old Silk Road depot on Pamirs

URUMQI, Dec. 2 (Xinhua) -- Just as any other youth who aspires to change the world, Li Yue volunteered to venture into an unprecedented enterprise -- starting an express delivery station in Taxkorgan, China's westernmost county on the Pamir Plateau. He soon discovered that it was quite a world of change. Taxkorgan has a long history as a trade depot on the ancient Silk Road. The old caravan passage, however, is now less traveled and left beleaguered by glaciers and snow mountains. The absence of express delivery only adds to the embarrassment of the former trade stop in the e-commerce era. People's living standards in Taxkorgan have long been impeded by its challenging geography. Over the past decades, everyday necessities were subject to high prices and poor diversity, and there was no tap water or electricity for a long time. Li's ambition was to make a difference, but his original excitement took a head-on blow as soon as he arrived. The headaches and upset stomach

Peace Mission? United World College’s Belt & Road centre looks more like making for the money

2 December 2018 20:26   Guest Contributor By Brian Kern, ex-United World College teacher I have  written previously  about the controversy surrounding the Belt & Road Initiative and the fact that Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong has been planning a Belt & Road centre during the same exact period that the Communist Party has extra-judicially detained upwards of one million Uighur Muslims in political re-education camps in Xinjiang, the heartland of the “Belt” in Belt & Road. Here, I focus on the ways in which UWC and Li Po Chun United World College (LPC) avoid confronting the inevitable politics of the Belt & Road centre and the dynamics behind their decision to go ahead with this dubious project. At its board meeting at the end of October, United World Colleges International approved Li Po Chun United World College’s plan for a Belt & Road centre. The centre is named after the Belt & Road Initiative, the Chinese Communist Party’s premier foreig

Baloch hold protest demonstration in solidarity with the relatives of missing Baloch

2 dec 2018 The Baloch Republican Party's (BRP) Germany unit organised a protest demonstration here in solidarity with the relatives of missing people from Balochistan to highlight the incidents of enforced disappearances in the region. A large number of activists joined the demonstration to show their support for the struggles of the families of abducted Baloch activists. Speaking to ANI, Jawad Baloch, the president of the BRP's Germany unit said, "Today we Baloch people from all over Germany gathered here to protest against the enforced disappearances in Pakistan, especially in the province Balochistan, where thousands of Baloch activists and students are missing." "We are also here in solidarity with the relatives of the missing people, who are protesting in Quetta to release of their loved ones. We request the human rights organisations, the European Union, the country where we are living - Germany, to use their diplomatic relations with Pakistan to help

Current Balochistan: Conflict updates from the ground

2/12/2018 MAND:- According to sources today morning  Pakistani Military forces conducted an operation  in Mand Maheer , violent military personnel tortured women & children and abducated five  baloch civilians namely  A.Wahid s/o Adam,  Fida s/o Ababagar, Hoti baloch s/o M.Noor, Dad Muhd s/o Jan Mohmd,  fawaaz s/o Azeem 2/12/2018 GWADAR:- According to sources last night  Pakistani Military forces raided a  houses in Gwader Mondi area , violent military personnel tortured women & children & abducted  a baloch person   nemly Peer Jan s/o Ameen  from Dasht hoor