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Silk Road Headlines: Clingendael Institute

29 November 2018 Source: Louis Vest/flickr On November 20, 2018, the European Parliament, Council and Commission reached an agreement on an EU framework for screening foreign direct investment. The new framework is expected to become active in early 2019 and will include a mechanism that allows the European Commission and EU member states ‘to exchange information and raise specific concerns’. In a press release, the Commission stated that it ‘is completing a detailed analysis of the foreign direct investment flows into the EU and has set up a coordination group with Member States to help identify joint strategic concerns and solutions in the area of foreign direct investment’. It is widely assumed that concerns relating to Chinese investments in particular are a major motive for the EU’s initiative  [With eyes on China, EU agrees investment screening rules] . How will the new framework affect China’s Belt & Road Initiative? On the one hand, the screening framework signals to r


  27 NOV 2018 - 15:48 While Chinese investments in Europe are rising, the topic is increasingly becoming more politically sensitive. In October 2018, Egmont Institute invited several experts to look in detail at the scope, trends and political aspects of Chinese investments in the EU as well as different perceptions of the direct investments across European regions. Is there a unified European strategy towards Chinese investments? And is there a unified Chinese strategy towards the EU? In this series, several of the invited speakers shed their light on EU-China investments. In part III:  Alexandr Lagazzi, analyst at the EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy, discusses the shift of perception within the 16+1 grouping, linking China with 16 central and eastern European countries, 11 of them members of the EU. With Trump paving the way for his protectionist agenda, the European perception of present and future EU-China cooperation seems to have changed. There is the possibility for

Current Balochistan: Conflict update from the ground

30 Nov 2018 KECH:- *There was a Conflict between Baloch freedom fighters & Death Squad in zamuran* According to details :-Death squad attacked on Baloch Freedom fighter   yesterday after there was a crash between Baloch Freedom fighters and Death squad, According to civilians, Death squad infilicted of many things while two Baloch freedom fighters Nasir Akka Mullah rehman R/O paroom & Shakir Akka Lawang R/O Hungol ziyarat Bulida have got martyr, [ 1 Dec 2018 *Six civillians were abducted on the funeral by pakistani security forces*... PANJGOOR:- Pakistani security forces & secret agencies were conducted an operation on the funeral and abducted six civillians, According to details In kalari area of panjgur Balochistan, Ghaffar S/O Muhammad Yaqoob, Muslim S/O Muallah Manan, Ali Akbar S/O Wahid Baksh, Shah Dost S/O Murad, Sarwar S/O Sanjar and Laljan S/O Gulam Muhammad were abducted by

Money, Might and Mindset: China’s Self-centred Global Ambition

12 November 2018 To run a truly global foreign policy, the ultimate challenge for China is winning hearts and minds rather than showering renminbi.  Dr Yu Jie (Cherry) Research Fellow, Asia-Pacific Programme @yu_jiec Beijing hosted the China International Import Expo this month. Photo: Getty Images. Share     Forty years since beginning to open up to the world, China now faces a fresh set of foreign policy challenges. One of these will be developing a global foreign policy and responding to concerns in regions that are historically little known in China but will affect and be affected by the country’s economic growth. In order to improve its global diplomacy, China needs to draw on policies that go beyond the simple purposes of securing China’s own economic interests. The Middle Kingdom projects its power and secures its national interests in three ways: exercising might, spending money and expressing its own mindset. Each of these relates to one another, and each has somew

How China got Trump wrong

TRIVIUM CHINA Xi Jinping just landed in Argentina today for the G20 and a meeting with US President Donald Trump tomorrow. Xi’s main goal will be to de-escalate a trade war  that he never wanted in the first place. It’s not a great spot to be in. Xi might not be in this position if he had read the situation better, according to Bob Davis and Lingling Wei at the Wall Street Journal: "China’s leaders misread Mr. Trump as a businessman first, rather than the politician whose fixation on trade had helped carry him into office." "They mistook his Treasury secretary as the key interlocutor, not the White House hard-liners who truly had his ear." "And they failed to recognize the growing resentments in the U.S., and the world, about their own winner-take-all approach to trade and economics." Get smart:  Xi and co. are not the only ones to have been wrong-footed by an unpredictable Trump administration. Get smarter:  But there is no excuse for failing to g

CHINA: Legislature starts using AI

TRIVIUM CHINA   China’s legislature is not just studying AI (see October 30 Tip Sheet) and formulating laws for AI (See November 26 Tip Sheet) –  they're also  using  AI.     First, the body is building a huge database  of legislation, regulations, government rules, and administrative measures from across the country. Officials are then using a set of algorithms to identify rules and regulations that are in conflict with more authoritative laws. ▶A case in point from Tianjin (Procuratorial Daily): ✔ The Tianjin municipal legislature screened all regulations for the phrase “fiscal guarantee.” ✔The search found more than 151 lower-level resolutions related to fiscal guarantees. ✔Of those 151, four were found to be in violation of higher-level rules; all four were rescinded. It gets better:  The legislatures are building ever-larger keyword screening pools, to have a robust review process in place to check the consistency of regulations and rules across the country. Next st

Shades of 2008 - Unprecedented Levels of China's Debt Threaten the Entire Global Economy

Shades of 2008 - Unprecedented Levels of China's Debt Threaten the Entire Global Economy Scaling China's Great Wall of Debt Will Require More than Smoke and Mirrors 12 November 2018 Download  GED Focus Paper: China’s “Great Wall” of Debt The figures of the Chinese debts are subject to ongoing discussion among economists. Will the enormous rise in Chinese corporate and private debt lead to another global financial crisis or will it be managed by the Chinese government? If China’s debt management fails, the macroeconomic effects are expected to overshadow the catastrophic effects of the 2008 financial and economic crises by large. DOWNLOAD: GED Focus Paper: China’s “Great Wall” of Debt   If China’s debt management fails, the macroeconomic effects are expected to overshadow the catastrophic effects of the 2008 financial and economic crises, making this a topic of endless fascination for economists. During the  crisis , global trade  nearly collapsed . This meant a huge de

Webinar: 2017 China Think Tank Index Report

The China Think Tank Research and Evaluation Center (CTTREC) has completed a landmark book on the current state of Chinese think tanks. It is the first comprehensive, data driven, transparent rating of Chinese think tanks. Join Gang Li, Professor at Nanjing University in the Department of Information Management and the Deputy Director of the China Think Tank Center for Research and Evaluation, for a short webinar to discuss the  2017 China Think Tank Index Report . When:  December 6, 12 PM UTC Cost:  Free REGISTER FOR THE WEBINAR

Kech: Sixteen detained in a military operation

  November 29, 2018 From News disk of *(The Balochistan Post)* brought to you by *(Current Balochistan)* Sixteen, including minor boys, were detained and shifted to undisclosed locations by Pakistani forces According to the details received by the Balochistan Post, Pakistani forces carried out a search operation today in different towns and villages of Kech district. During the operation, sixteen persons were arrested and moved to undisclosed locations. The operation was carried out in the towns of Jamak, Neyami Kallag, Sari Kallag, Gowarkup and Solani in Kech district on Thursday morning. TBP received the identifications of all arrested men, who are missing now, as Dad Bakhsh S/O Karim Bakhsh, Waqar S/O Arz Muhammad, Younus S/O Ilahi Dad, and Faqeer Bakhsh residents of Jamak town; Rasool Bakhsh S/O Khuda Dad, Azeem S/O Pathan, Altaf S/O Naik Bakht, Ghulam Qadir S/O Qismat, and Ganj Bakhsh S/O Khater residents of Neyami Kallag. Whereas, Ibrahim S/O Wahag from Sari Kallag; Phulla

Provincial Minister visits victims of Turbat cylinder blast

November 29, 2018 From News disk of *(The Balochistan Post)* brought to you by *(Current Balochistan)* MP Zahoor Buledi on Wednesday visited the children injured in cylinder blast in Turbat city of Balochistan. According to details received by The Balochistan Post, Zahoor Buledi, Minister of information and higher education Balochistan has visited the victims of gas cylinder blast today in burn center civil hospital Karachi. 21 children received injuries in a gas cylinder explosion near a school van in Turbat city of district Kech on Tuesday. After first aid the injured were taken to Karachi for further treatment. According to reports five of them are critically injured and one lost his life in the hospital. Earlier this year in September in a similar incident in Shapuk area of Turbat 12 women received critical injuries, at least 7 of them later succumbed to their injuries. Balochistan, home to one of the largest gas reservoirs in the region, does not have supply of natural g

Only son of his parents, Ghafoor Baloch remains missing after 9 years

November 29, 2018 From News disk of *(The Balochistan Post)* brought to you by *(Current Balochistan)* Ghafoor Baloch went missing 9 years ago when he was abducted from Quetta in 2009 According to the details received by the Balochistan Post, Ghafoor Baloch’s parents appealed for his release saying that he is their only son and the only support. Ghafoor Baloch was a member of central committee of Balochistan National Movement and hailed from Moola town of Khuzdar district. He was abducted on 18 November 2009, from Faiz Abad area of Quetta, by Pakistani intelligence personnel, according to the family. His family is under ‘severe depression’ as he was the only son, and his whereabouts are not known since the abduction. Similarly, the family of a Baloch singer, Sajid Baloch, is also suffering due to his long absence. He was abducted 3 years ago on 7 June, allegedly by intelligence personnel. Sajid Baloch hailed from Panjgur district of Balochistan. Families of Ameer Muhammad an

Missing Baloch mother and 3 young sons freed after 4 years

November 29, 2018 From News disk of *(The Balochistan Post)* brought to you by *(Current Balochistan)* Four Baloch missing persons, who went missing from Defence Housing Authority in Karachi, have been released after spending 4 years in incommunicado detention. According to TBP correspondent, a mother and her three sons have been released in Lasbella Balochistan, after they were arrested and subsequently disappeared from posh area of Defence Housing Authority in Karachi. The unfortunate family was arrested in the end of 2014 allegedly by personnel of Pakistani secret services. The mother and her three sons remained missing for nearly 4 years. It was not clear why the family was targeted, however, one of the sons was said to be involved in politics. The family had denied any involvement in any illegal activities. The victims Bibi Suraya Khaliq Baloch and her three sons Deedag M. Hasni, Waqas M. Hasni and Aurangzeb M. Hasni belonged to an influential family but even that had failed

Crackdown on Baloch students, several disappeared

November 30, 2018 From News disk of *(The Balochistan Post)* brought to you by *(Current Balochistan)* Several Baloch students have been forcibly disappeared last night from different areas of Quetta. TBP has received multiple reports about several arrests and subsequent disappearances of Baloch students by Pakistani security personnel from capital city Quetta. The disappeared students include a senior office holder of Baloch Students Organiastion. Jiyand Baloch, the senior joint secretary of BSO, was arrested after personnel of Pakistani secret services raided his family home in Quetta in the early hours of Friday. Jiyand is a student of Bahauddin Zakria University in Multan. Jiyand’s younger brother Hasnain Baloch and their father Qayoom Baloch was also ‘abducted’ during the raid. In another raid, a young student Ameen Baloch was also forcibly disappeared after security forces raided his room in Kili Ibrahim Zai Quetta. Ameen was a medical student in Quetta and hails from Awar

Current Balochistan: Conflict updates from the ground

Source: Baloch Social Media Groups 28 Nov 2018 MAND:- According to sources Baloch Freedom fightera have attacked on Pakistani Forces check'post in Mand Bullow, with heavy weaponry due to which heavy losses occurred to occupying state forces. [" #FreeBalochistan "] Ghafoor Baloch x CC member of BNM. He was abducted by Pakistani forces from Faizabad Quetta on Nov 18,2009 Still no updates regard to him, His parents appeal the HR defenders to take serious action for safe release of Ghafoor Baloch. @UNGeneva @UN #SaveGhafoorBaloch *Only son of his parents, Ghafoor Baloch remains missing after 9 years* November 29, 2018 From News disk of *(The Balochistan Post)* brought to you by *(Current Balochistan)* Ghafoor Baloch went missing 9 years ago when he was abducted from Quetta in 2009 According to the details receiv

Money and Muscle Pave China’s Way to Global Power

China Rules They didn’t like the West’s playbook. So they wrote their own. PART 3 Money and Muscle Pave China’s Way to Global Power 阅读简体中文版   閱讀繁體中文版 Liu Ping, center, president of China’s state-owned Bright Food Group, sampling local yogurt at a dairy farm near Momchilovtsi. A Bright Food yogurt brand is named for the village. Beijing is leveraging its commercial and military might to redraw the terms of trade, diplomacy and security, challenging the liberal democratic order. By  PETER S. GOODMAN  and  JANE PERLEZ Photographs by  BRYAN DENTON NOV. 25, 2018 Under a merciless sun, a dozen Chinese construction workers survey an empty expanse of desert, preparing to transform it into the heart of a new Egyptian capital. The workers are employed by China’s largest construction conglomerate through a $3 billion contract from an Egyptian company, with financing from Chinese banks. They are erecting a thicket of 21 skyscrapers, one as tall as the Empire State Building. The presenc