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BNC Strongly condemns Pakistan’s foreign minister’s hypocritical remarks at the UNGA

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE BNC Strongly condemns Pakistan’s foreign minister’s hypocritical remarks at the UN Gen Assembly session. Washington, DC—  Balochistan National Congress (BNC), a Washington, D.C based Baloch body, Strongly condemns the Pakistan’s foreign minister, Mr. Mahmood Qureshi, for his hypocritical remarks at the UN General Assembly Session. Mr. Quraishi was speaking at the UNGA’s 73rd Session in New York, calling the Indian atrocities against the Kashmiri people unjust and unacceptable but at the same time he fell short to mention the Pakistan’s illegal and unjust occupation of Balochistan and the Pakistan’s army’s atrocities against the innocent and defenseless Baloch people in the occupied Balochistan. “On one side Mr. Qureshi is shedding crocodile tears for the Kashmiri people but at the same time he has closed his eyes over the Pokistan’s illegal, immoral and unjust occupation of Balochistan and Pakistan’s army’s atrocities against the innocent and

Europe prefers market driven connectivity over Belt and Road

Eurasian infrastructure projects will have a better chance for success if they are market-based rather than state-led developments, says Ioana Kraft from the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China By  EMANUELE SCIMIA SEPTEMBER 29, 2018 2:32 PM (UTC+8) 0 0 A China Railway Express train running from Weihai, China, to Duisburg, Germany in 2017. Freight trains have made more than 9,000 trips since the line opened in 2017. Photo: AFP/Imagine China The  European Union’s proposal  to enhance connections between Europe and Asia is a welcome development for European businesses in China. Many parts of the Asian continent still have a great need for basic infrastructure and improved connectivity is a major contributor to economic growth. The EU plan is a response to China’s Belt and Road Initiative, which is aimed at boosting trade and infrastructure integration across Eurasia. Eventually, the two frameworks could be connected. The dailyReport Must-reads from across Asia - directly t

These tourist spots in Balochistan are perfect for a weekend getaway

September 29, 2018   Zaheer Zarf Photo: Courtesy Moola Chotok Waterfalls/Facebook Are you sick of wasting your weekend sitting at home in front of the TV or going to the mall? Well we’ve got some good news for you: there are loads of places in Balochistan where you can experience nature at its best. SAMAA Digital has compiled a list of places in Balochistan where you can go for the day or the whole weekend. Photo: Courtesy Destination PK Kund Malir The four-hour drive from Karachi to Balochistan may seem daunting but we promise it’s worth it. The clear blue sea at Kund Malir is unlike anything you’ll see in Karachi. You can spend a lazy day relaxing at the beach or if you’re feeling adventurous, you can go scuba diving or cliff jumping. Photo: Courtesy Muhammad Sharjeel Ashraf/Facebook Princess of Hope Driving a mere 15 minutes ahead and you will find yourself in front of the iconic Princess of Hope. With her arms wrapped around herself, the Princess of Hope stands tall

Awaran: BLF claims attack on forces during operation

September 29, 2018 From news desk of *(The Balochistan Post)* brought to you by *(Current Balochistan)* BLF has claimed to attack forces and death squad (local militia) conducting a military operation in Mashkay Area of Balochistan’s Awaran District. According to details received by The Balochistan Post, Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) a pro-freedom militant group, has taken the responsibility of an attack on Pakistani forces during the military operation in Mermasi Mashkay area of Awaran district, on Saturday. Gohram Baloch, spokesman to BLF stated: “we attacked the forces with heavy weaponry, which resulted in killing 3 army personnel and injuring two more. The clash started when forces were trying to cordon off the area on the fourth day of ongoing military operation in Mashkay area of Balochistan, but our fighters successfully broke the siege“. “Military operations in other areas of Awaran are continued by Pakistani forces and there are reports of shelling on civilians”, h

Current Balochistan: Conflict updates from ground

28/9/2018 HERNAI:- According to recent updates today Pakistani forces started a military operation in sharag, Hernai, Residents told us Pakistani army is  bombarding the  Mountainous areas of Hernai. 28/9/2018 PANJGUR:- According to our updates today Pakistani local death squads raided in house of Baloch activist Dr Essa in Washbod, Hammal Abad, Panjgur, Residents informed social media activists that Workers of death squad bulldozed the entire house of Essa and threatened the family members. 28/9/2018 KECH:- On 19 of October 2016 occupying army abducted Shahdor S/o Aslam R/o Gomazi in a military operation in Tump, According to updates today he was released From Main military camp of Kech and reached his home. 28/9/2018 AWARAN:- According to updates today morning occupying army started a search operation in Buzdar Kulli, Mandi Parag and other nearby places of district Awaran. 28/9/2018 MASHKEY:- According to our updates it been 6 days since occupying army started military

Saudi Arabia must refrain from partnering Pakistan China in Baloch

Saudi Arabia must refrain from partnering Pakistan China in Baloch - Allah Nazar Baloch Sangar News Baloch nationalist leader Dr Allah Nazar Baloch in a statement has strongly condemned Saudi Arabia’s announcement of partnership with Pakistan and China on China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), calling it a major violation of international laws and direct participation in the genocide of the people of Balochistan. “Balochistan is an occupied land, any economic investment in such disputed territory is against the spirit of international laws.” he said. “There is an ongoing war for freedom in Balochistan and the people are defending their homeland. Saudi Arabia must refrain from partnering with Pakistan and China here, otherwise they will be seen no different than enemy” the statement said. Dr Allah Nazar said that Saudi’s participation would not only promote religious extremism in the region but also pose a serious threat in destroying the secular values of the Baloch society. A