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Baloch leader Munir Mengal intervention in UNHRC

UNHRC Agenda Item : 9 Speaker: Munir Mengal Nouveaux Droits de L’homme  - NDH Mr President, I would like to draw your attention to the discrimination faced by an entire population of Balochistan. Mr. President, During the last seventy years of the Islamic state existence, and particularly its security forces, have treated the Baloch people as occupants. Their xenophobia about the Baloch people is most evident in their crude behaviour and disproportionate response to the most genuine and fundamental demands of the Baloch people to hounour their dignity, identity, culture and respect their soverignity on their land. The “Islamic” state is intolerant of the spirit of toleration and liberalism displayed by the Baloch people. It has tried systematically to transplant religious fanatical groups from outside Balochistan to change their culture. Pakistan as a state, pledged to International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, it should have recognized the cultural specifi

‘China’s big mistake’ in Xinjiang   “Pakistani businessmen whose wives and children are trapped in China’s restive Xinjiang are traveling to Beijing to lobby their embassy,”  reports Reuters . They hope “that the south Asian nation’s new government will pressure its ally for their release.” One of the businessmen  “said he had confirmed details of 38 cases but believed there were more than 300 similar cases of Pakistani husbands whose wives and children, most of them Uyghurs, had been stuck in Xinjiang for more than a year, in camps or confined to homes.” “This is China’s big mistake,”  said another. “Before people did not know how they treated Muslims. Now, everyone knows.” Other reporting and commentary The Little Red Podcast has an  excellent new show  in which hosts Louisa Lim and Graeme Smith interview several Uyghurs in Australia. All of them have relatives who have disappeared — either jailed, sent to “re-education” camps, or in the case of children, sent away to schools or orphanages with no w

TRIVIUM CHINA: The Tip Sheet know china better

TRIVIUM CHINA Tuesday, September 25, 2018 sign up free HEARD IN BEIJING "We strongly urge the US to immediately correct its mistake and withdraw the so-called sanctions. " - Wu Qian,  Ministry of Defense spokesman  Some context:  The US-China tensions are spreading beyond economic concerns. The US recently sanctioned part of the Chinese military for buying military technology from Russia. The PLA hasn't taken too kindly to the move. More in the Tip Sheet below.  We'd take kindly to your forwarding the Tip Sheet. Pass it on to friends and colleagues who can  click here to subscribe .  And as always, keep the great comments, questions, tips, and complaints coming.  THE TIP SHEET DRIVING THE DAY 1. The trade war deepens The US-China trade war has moved into a new, deeper phase. On Monday, the latest round of tariffs went into effect, with the US slapping fees on USD 200 billion worth of Chinese exports, while China imposed tariffs on USD 60 billion of US go

China halts military dialogue with US over sanctions

TRIVIUM CHINA The tensions between China and the US aren’t just heightened on the economic front  – they are filtering into the military space, as well. On Thursday, the US announced it was imposing sanctions  on the Equipment Development Department (EDD) of the Chinese Central Military Commission – and top officials that run the agency – for buying military equipment from Russia (NYT). Sanctions include (China Daily): "Denying US travel visas to EDD staff" "Banning them from using the US financial system and making foreign exchange transactions within US jurisdictions" "Block[ing] the EDD’s property and interests within US control" China didn’t take kindly to the move. In retaliation, they: Summoned US envoys on Saturday to protest the sanctions – including US Ambassador to China Terry Branstad and Acting Defense Attaché David Menser.Recalled a Chinese navy commander, Vice Admiral Shen Jinlong, who was in the US attending a symposium.Will postpone a m

Djibouti’s Attempts to Vanquish Dubai Ports Operator Spells Trouble for Washington

Geopolitical Monitor OPINION  - September 20, 2018 By  Malik Ibrahim Last week, Djibouti upped the stakes in its long-running dispute with DP World, Dubai’s state-owned ports authority, as the tiny east African country bids to pry one of its key shipping hubs out of Emirati hands. At first glance, this might seem like nothing more than an emerging, ambitious state attempting to free itself from a constrictive contract. Yet in fact, the spat has major geopolitical implications, particularly for the United States. By bloodying the nose of DP World, Djibouti risks upsetting the balance of power in one of the world’s most politically sensitive regions and giving a major boost to China, at a time when the frostiness between Washington and Beijing is fueling talk of a new  cold war . Djibouti has been trying to get rid of DP World since February, when it  terminated  the company’s joint venture contract on its Doraleh Container Terminal and seized control. DP World has since secured an