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 Nauru stands up to China

AXIOS.COM, Bill Bishops Nauru President Baron Waqa at a press conference before the start of the forum. Photo: Mike Leyral/AFP/Getty Images   Nauru, an island nation that has formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan, hosted the Forty-Ninth Pacific Islands Forum this week. The details:  First, the country refused to stamp the official diplomatic passports of the PRC diplomats. Then Nauru President Baron Waqa prevented the PRC representative from speaking out of turn at the forum, leading to the Chinese diplomat walking out. ABC News Australia  reports : Nauru's President Baron Waqa, chairing the forum, said the delegate "created a big fuss" and held up the meeting for several minutes after other forum leaders were given priority to speak. What we're hearing:  In an  interview  ( video ) after the forum, Waqa did not mince words when speaking about the PRC representative. Here are some excerpts, per RNZ: "His behaviour in front of our leaders, ministers and

Pakistan’s new government has a tumultuous start on the Foreign Policy front

EFSAS Commentary 07-09-2018 The first few weeks in power have proved to be challenging on the foreign relations front for the new Pakistan government headed by Imran Khan, which has experienced first-hand how tricky balancing Pakistan's complex and competing foreign policy priorities can be. The situation is not expected to get any easier for the government dominated by Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) political party that has assumed charge at the national level for the first time and has no experience in the delicate art of navigating international affairs.  The Pakistani Foreign Ministry began with a major  faux pas  within a couple of days of the new government assuming office last month when it inexplicably misinterpreted a congratulatory message from the Indian government to the new Pakistani government. The Indian message had stressed on the desirability of peace and development in the region, which was misconstrued by the Pakistani Foreign Ministry as a weighty pro