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China’s big ‘Belt and Road’ push in Africa

Atul Aneja AUGUST 25, 2018 Beijing has rubbished claims of some critics that it is playing the role of a post-colonial hegemon in Africa. It says its aim is to engage with countries there as equal partners, bringing in a new epoch. In another era, White colonisers had landed on Africa’s coast in search of resources and slaves. The traumatic epoch of slave trade and European colonisation, with its horrific human consequences, formally ended in the 1960s and 1970s. But arguably, the basic equation of Africa’s resource-rich periphery serving the metropolitan industrial centres in Europe and North America remained fundamentally unchanged. It is not that Africa has not progressed. The African Union (AU) — the culmination of the pan-African dreams of an earlier generation of leaders such as Ghana’s Kwame Nkrumah and Algeria’s radical ideologue Frantz Fanon — is a dynamic reality. South Africa, Nigeria,  Kenya  and Egypt, among others, are regional powerhouses. Rwanda has made a courage

PTI nominee Jogezai declines governorship

By  Our Correspondent Published: August 25, 2018 Dr Ameer Muhammad Khan Jogezai. PHOTO: FILE ISLAMABAD .:  Dr Ameer Muhammad Khan Jogezai declined on Sunday to accept the office of Governor of Balochistan. In a video message, he thanked the Prime Minister and Balochistan Awami Party (BAP) for reposing trust in him. Highlighting his rich political background, he said that members of his family had served as governors or ministers. “I do not want anyone to suffer because of allegations against me. I respect Imran Khan above all other considerations. Therefore, I cannot accept this office. There is no (pending) case or FIR registered against me. The case that is being mentioned was (filed) in 2005.” Earlier Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday nominated Dr Ameer Muhammad Khan Jogezai as governor of Balochistan. According to a statement issued by the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), PM Imran nominated Jogezai for the post. Jogezai is a paediatrician by profession and said

What’s next for Balochistan?

Weeks after the July 25 general elections were held, Balochistan also has a new government in place. On August 19, Jam Kamal took oath as the chief minister of Balochistan. He heads the Balochistan Awami Party (BAP)-led government with the support of the PTI, the ANP, the BNP-Awami, and the Hazara Democratic Party. Now that Balochistan has a new government and new members in the provincial assembly, the question that arises is: what difference will the new arrangement make for the province? The roots of the BAP can be traced back to the rebellion of former PML-N members against former chief minister Sanaullah Khan Zehri in January 2018. The BAP was formed at the end of March 2018. The party’s primary aim is to ensure that all decisions pertaining to Balochistan are made in Balochistan alone. However, the general impression is that BAP was created by the powers that be to consolidate control on the government of Balochistan. Therefore, Jam Kamal has assumed office with a huge baggage

Food insecurity in Balochistan

By: Sana Samad   It has been long time that Balochistan is suffering from food insecurity problem. The Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) provided a data which estimates that 30 out of 32 districts of the province are food insecure which has been alarming issue. Shockingly, only two districts including Quetta and Jaffarabad have food security in the entire province. Most of the districts are depended on agriculture and it is the only source for the food, but this sector is completely destroyed due to shortage of water. According to the experts, over 80 percent of the agriculture is depended on rain fed, but there has been less rain in last few year as it is required. The other problem is that there is lack of dam and rain water is completely being wasted just due to bad management. In only Khuzdar district 350,000 cusecs of water are dumped through rivers in Arabian sea.  In recent years, not a single large dam has been built in Balochistan to save the rain water for t