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CHINA: POLITICS AND CURRENT AFFAIRS Malaysian Belt and Road woes China urges Malaysia to address project woes through talks  / AP via Miami Herald Yesterday, Malaysia’s prime minister  told the Associated Press , “We don't think we need those two projects. We don't think they are viable. So if we can, we would like to just drop the projects.” People’s Liberation Army in Hong Kong  Hong Kong military garrison mounts its ‘biggest’ anti-terror drill  / SCMP “At least five warships, four helicopters, one assault boat and dozens of soldiers from the PLA took part in the exercise on Thursday, which simulated the hijacking of a gas tanker.” India border conflict continues Year after Doklam, China continues to needle India along LAC  / Times of India “China continues to needle India at different stretches along the 4,057-km Line of Actual Control (LAC), with People’s Liberation Army troops intruding around 300-400 metres inside the Demchok sector of eastern Ladakh and pitching five tents there in the

Trade war, day 40: ‘Zero-sum’ is the word For at least half a year now, China has regularly  warned  Donald Trump against taking a zero-sum view of U.S.-China trade. Last Friday, the Communist Party’s house newspaper, the People’s Daily, seemed to admit that the effort was futile. It  complained  (in Chinese) — among other things, which you can read about in  SupChina Access  — of a “zero-sum mentality” in the U.S., and that “no matter what China does, in the eyes of the United States, China's development has already ‘damaged the supremacy of the United States.’” That’s partially right, as far as Trump, and the anger in America that he channels, is concerned. But the “zero-sum” accusation goes both ways. “Americans felt that at least some of China’s success  had come at their expense,” former commerce secretary Penny Pritzker  writes in Bloomberg  (paywall), and Trump is  simply the first national politician  to capitalize on that anger  and  actually carry through with aggressive policies toward China afte

Peak Xi watch ? The Associated Press  says  that “as China's leaders gather for their annual Yellow Sea retreat, the country's political waters are looking choppy.... Chinese President and ruling Communist Party leader Xi Jinping is beset by economic, foreign policy and domestic political challenges just months after clearing his way to rule for as long as he wants as China's most dominant leader since Mao Zedong.” ‘Inconceivable to Chinese people’ David Missal is a 24-year-old German student pursuing a master’s degree in journalism at Tsinghua University. He was  expelled from China on Sunday  after he made a film about human rights activists as part of his coursework. The nationalistic rag Global Times has  responded  with some choice phrases: Western media are hyping the case of a German student told to leave China… A student researching the sensitive issue of radical lawyers sounds inconceivable to Chinese people. But Germans think it is quite normal and blame Chinese

Xinjiang re-education camps update As we  noted yesterday  (Access members paywall) the Chinese delegation completely denied testimony before the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) about widespread human rights abuses in Xinjiang (see  video of the session on UN website  — the interesting stuff starts about an hour in). Today, Xinhua News Agency began fighting back,  with a piece (in English only) titled “ Nothing can be achieved without stability in China's Xinjiang: Uyghur expert .” The Uyghur expert is Dr. Kaiser Abdukerim, a member of the Chinese delegation and president of Xinjiang Medical University, who “told the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) that he has realized that without solidarity among all ethnic groups, there would be no social stability in Xinjiang in western China.” Dr. Abdukerim’s other claim to global fame  is  this scientific paper : on “Aiweixin, a traditional Uyghur medicinal formula,” that he and some col

India celebrated Modi’s ill-thought Independence Day speech but it hurt Balochistan badly

HUSAIN HAQQANI14 August, 2018 Narendra Modi’s statement hurt Baloch nationalists, many of whom found themselves painted as Indian agents. Two years after Prime Minister Narendra Modi brought up Balochistan in his Independence Day speech, there has been no sign of India’s success in raising human rights violations in the restive Pakistani province to the level of a significant international issue. If anything, public professing of support from New Delhi without any substantive follow up actions has only reinforced Pakistan’s contentions about an Indian role in fomenting terrorism in Balochistan. Modi’s remarks two years ago were probably not thought through. They certainly had not been discussed with India’s friends abroad, before the speech, to coordinate policies. Had such discussions taken place, Indian diplomats would have learned in advance that most of the world does not support the notion of an India-led attempt to foment secessionist rebellions in Pakistan. Although severa

TRIVIUM CHINA: Know China better

TRIVIUM CHINA HEARD IN BEIJING "There are no such things as ‘re-education centers’ Xinjiang" - Hu Lianhe , deputy director general of the United Front Work Department Some context:  Hu said that on Monday to a United Nations hearing on Xinjiang. Hu's protestations ring hollow. More in the Tip Sheet below.  The Tip Sheet aims to bring you news and views on China that you can trust. Spread the word and send this to a friend or colleague, who can  click here to subscribe . And keep the comments coming! THE TIP SHEET DRIVING THE DAY 1. Nobody believes China’s story on Xinjiang   By all outside accounts,  Xinjiang increasingly resembles a police state. But the Chinese government begs to differ  (QZ): "At a meeting of a United Nations human rights panel today (Aug. 13) in Geneva, a Chinese delegation categorically said there was no such thing as 're-education centers' in Xinjiang and nor was there any subjugation of religious freedom in the Musl