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Xinjiang in spotlight at UN

Xinjiang in spotlight at UN On Monday, August 13, from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. Geneva time (4 a.m. – 7 a.m. EST), the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) will meet to “consider periodic reports” received from several countries, including China. This is the second and final day of China’s hearing. On Friday, August 10, Gay McDougall, vice-chair of CERD, condemned China’s massive social engineering program in Xinjiang that has seen perhaps  more than a million Uyghurs disappeared  into “re-education camps” as part of an apparent plan to destroy Uyghur culture. Dozens of civil society organizations submitted reports to the committee about China. Some of these were from Chinese government-controlled organizations that echoed the Communist Party line, but most of the reports were critical. The Beijing delegation ( comprising 48 people , including Yu Jianhua 俞建华, the P.R.C.’s UN ambassador in Geneva) is expected to answer these charges during Monday’s sess

Motherland and sacrifice

Metaphysics philosophers say that if religion is removed from their lives, national state will be their God. A Baloch poet G. R. Mola says “I congratulate you mola on your pilgrimage, but I love my motherland as much as my eyesight” (Mobarak bet tra mola tai haj tai kaba. Mana cho dedaga doste mani mate watan mola). For the purpose of elaboration, the concept of sacrifice can also be seen in the words of Schleiermacher who writes “may it be the mission of my freedom, to bring me nearer to this necessity. May it be my highest goal to be able to wish to die”. An Uzbek poet referring to Uzbekistan says: “So that my generation would comprehend the Homelands worth, Men were always transferred to dust, it seems. The homeland is the remain of our forefathers, we turn into dust for this precious soil”. The sacrifice of Rehan and his father renaissance the sacrifice of Ibrahim and Ismael, but there is a distinction between Ibrahim and his son and Aslam Baloch and his son; Ibrahim and Ismae

China’s Belt and Road projects drive overseas debt fears  

New York TimesChinese construction workers walk together after work, in Colombo, Sri Lanka, in June. Sri Lanka had to transfer the strategic port of Hambantota to Chinese ownership after it could no longer keep up with its debt repayments to Chinese creditors Published12 AUGUST, 2018 UPDATED 12 AUGUST, 2018 BEIJING - China’s leader, Xi Jinping, has called it the “project of the century” and said it will usher in a “golden age” of globalisation. With Beijing-backed projects in 78 countries, the “Belt and Road Initiative” (BRI) is one of the world’s most ambitious development programmes. But critics fear it could become the conduit through which some of China’s debt problems are transmitted overseas. A series of controversies that have flared in countries as far apart as Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Laos, Malaysia, Montenegro and others are all related to debt sustainability — either because of the perceived inability of countries to handle outsized debts to China, or because some Beijing


BY  TOM HUSSAIN 12 AUG 2018 Favourable deals under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor are in the spotlight as Pakistan’s ruling party looks to uncover corruption under the previous administration  51 A Tehreek-e-Insaf supporter at a campaign rally in Karachi. Photo: Reuters As former cricket superstar Imran Khan assumes office as Pakistan’s prime minister vowing to change the way the country is governed, members of his Tehreek-e-Insaf party (PTI) have started to ask embarrassing questions about the perks enjoyed by Chinese companies involved in belt and road projects linking Xinjiang to the Arabian Sea. Fighting the election on an anti-corruption plank for building a “new” Pakistan, Khan’s party has jump-started its promised public examination of agreements for the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) made by the last government led by Khan’s nemesis, Nawaz Sharif. What will Pakistan’s new leader Imran Khan deliver for China? Sharif’s government released only piecemeal inf

Canadian MP raises issue of #EnforcedDisappearances in #Pakistan

🔴Canadian MP @tomkmiec  raises issue of #EnforcedDisappearances in #Pakistan. Writes to MFA

A tribute to the legend-Balochi singer late Waja Noor Khan Bezanjo

By:  Sami Parvez  Noor Khan Bezanjo was born on January 9 th , 1970 in Pasani. He was son of Ghulam Sarwar Bezanjo. He completed his matriculation from Pasani and for further education he moved to Karachi where he completed his high school and graduation. After his graduation from Karachi then he moved to Quetta for higher education where he achieved his master degree, Master of Arts in History from University of Balochistan, Quetta. He was the first singer who had completed master degree in History. When he was reading, enrolled in politics, and joined Baloch Students Organization. Furthermore, Noor Khan Bezanjo was a fond of singing from his childhood, when he was reading in school started learning music. He learnt the basics of music from his basic teacher of music Ustad Ejaz Ali Baloch in Pasani. After that when he moved to Karachi for his higher education. In Karachi he started learning music with under the supervision of  Ustad Mohammad Omar.   During that period, he also avai

CPEC repayment plan under preparation

Mubarak Zeb Khan Updated August 12, 2018 In the energy sector, six projects valuing at $4.5bn are currently in operation with payments due from this fiscal year. The total electricity produced from three wind, two-coal and one solar project is 3,839.5MW. ISLAMABAD: Ahead of the new government, bureaucrats are busy in working out details for a bailout package especially for repayments of instalments of operational projects under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor in 2018-19. The blueprint mostly identifies a string of measures to cater to supply-side arrangements of foreign exchange in a period of five years — 2018-2023. The issue gained importance nationally and internationally after Washington’s recent warning to the International Monetary Fund in discussing the bailout package with Pakistan on the plea that there is “no rationale to bail out Chinese bondholder or China itself”. Initial working shows that nearly $47 billion worth contracts have been signed for CPEC. Out of th

Baloch reserve the right of extreme resistance against China – Commander Aslam Baloch

The top commander of Baloch Liberation Army, Aslam Baloch, has said that Baloch reserve all the rights to show extreme resistance to China. In a statement released to media, BLA’s Aslam Baloch said that if China for its petty interests can help Pakistan ‘shed the blood’ of innocent Baloch civilians, then ‘we as a nation cannot be unwary of our responsibilities to achieve Balochistan’s independence and protect its resources and people’. Aslam Baloch’s strong-worded statement comes only a day after his son, Rehan Baloch, carried out a ‘suicide attack’ on a bus carrying Chinese engineers in Dalbandeen, in which, as per hospital sources, four including three Chinese nationals had died. Aslam Baloch warned China that if it ‘continues to pursue its exploitative and expansionist designs in Balochistan, then it will have to pay even a higher price’. He added: ‘China must understand that Baloch youth will never compromise on their national identity and sovereignty of Baloch motherland. Bal