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Powering Gwadar

The recent power outage in Gwadar showed the necessity of launching effective power projects for the port city Hammad Amer Hashmi AUGUST 8, 2018 The China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a sub-project of Xi Jinping’s multi-national One Belt, One Road initiative, which is in its implementation phase. The signing of $46 billion worth of CPEC related agreements between Pakistan and China on President Xi Jinping’s visit to Islamabad in April 2015 was considered a milestone in strengthening Sino-Pak relations. CPEC will serve as a bridge between Pakistan and China in the development of closer relations with other regional countries as well as the world community. Thus, CPEC is not about China and Pakistan alone, but about connecting the region through economy and energy, ports and pipelines, roads and railways, with Pakistan as the hub of this emerging regionalism. The size of $46 Billion investment, if ensued, will be equal to cumulative gross foreign direct investment inflows in

Pakistan Faces Imminent Financial Crisis Threatening China’s CPEC

AFP AAMIR QURESHI 7 Aug 2018 8 This morning’s key headlines from Pakistan elects anti-American far right religious Imran Khan to be prime ministerPakistan faces imminent financial crisis threatening China’s CPEC Pakistan elects anti-American far right religious Imran Khan to be prime minister Imran Khan (Getty) Imran Khan, who will be taking the oath of office as prime minister of Pakistan in a few days, as his political party, Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) (Movement for Justice), seems poised to form a governing coalition, following the July 25 national elections. Khan, a Pashtun born in 1952, is extremely popular and charismatic. He was one of Pakistan’s greatest cricket players of all time. In the 1990s, he was voted as the “Sexiest Man of The Year” by the Australia Magazine Oz. Khan’s views are strongly Islamist, closely associated with Pakistan’s religious far right, even to the point of supporting Pakistan’s draconian blasphemy law which allows any Pakis

How US policy is turning Pakistan into a Chinese colony, thwarting America’s regional ambitions

Adnan Aamir says the US’ decision to block an IMF loan to Pakistan will only push the country more deeply into China’s sphere of influence Adnan Aamir UPDATED : Wednesday, 8 Aug 2018, 6:01AM  14 The  China Pakistan Economic Corridor  (CPEC), a multibillion-dollar flagship project of the  Belt and Road Initiative , is extremely important for both countries involved. Pakistan considers it an economic saviour and China sees it as the role model for future belt and road projects. Ever since the inception of the economic corridor in April 2015, there were concerns that the US government would oppose the project under some pretext. The moment came on July 30 when US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo  vowed to block  an International Monetary Fund bailout package for Pakistan if it is used to repay Chinese loans borrowed under CPEC. Pakistan held its general elections on July 25, which were not free from  claims of irregularities . However, election results confirmed that cricketer-turned-


Mass detention of Uyghurs Germany accidentally deported a Uighur man to China. His lawyer hasn't heard from him since.  / Washington Post “The deportation of a member of China’s persecuted Uighur minority from Germany in early April took place accidentally due to a breakdown in government communications, according to reports Monday in local media. More than four months later, the fate of the unnamed 22-year-old man is unclear, and his lawyer fears that he has been arrested in China, where a mass detention of Uighurs has been reported.” ‘We’re a people destroyed’: Why Uighur Muslims across China are living in fear / Guardian A shorter version of the must-read piece that scholar Gene A. Bunin published a week ago:  How the “happiest Muslims in the world” are coping with their happiness . ‘No Releases’ of Thousands Held For Years in Xinjiang Township Political ‘Re-education Camps’  / VOA Joint-venture universities to get Party cells China tightens grip on foreign university joi

TRIVIUM CHINA: Daily Newsletter , know china better

TRIVIUM CHINA HEARD IN BEIJING "Break a promise in one place, be subject to restrictions everywhere."   - Xi Jinping , General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party Some context:  That’s how Xi described China's nascent social credit system in 2016. The Party is intent on using the system to make China a more honest place. More in the Tip Sheet below. Trivium's daily newsletter system aims to provide honest information to China watchers everywhere. Help us expand the scope of our readership by  clicking here to subscribe. We love feedback, so don't be shy about getting in touch to tell us what you think! THE TIP SHEET FINANCE & ECONOMICS 1. The PBoC’s currency toolkit Yesterday we described the central bank's most recent move  to slow depreciation of the CNY – hiking the amount of reserves that banks have to hold against certain FX transactions. We wrote that it was likely to be the first in a series of moves.  An important article in the 21