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Sri Lanka's 'new Dubai': will Chinese-built city suck the life out of Colombo?

Built on land reclaimed from the Indian Ocean and funded with $1.4bn in Chinese investment, glossy plans for Port City inspire a mixture of optimism and alarm Read more from the  Cities of the New Silk Road series Cities is supported by About this content Michael Safi  in Colombo  @safimichael Thu 2 Aug 2018 07.15 BSTLast modified on Thu 2 Aug 2018 16.30 BST Iron cannons installed by the Dutch to ward off colonial rivals still line Galle Face Green, a grassy, mile-long promenade along the Colombo seafront. Further out to sea, within range of the guns, a new world power is leaving its mark on Sri Lanka’s capital. Currently, Port City is just a flat expanse of blank land jutting out into the ocean, growing a fraction larger each day, as dredging ships pour what will eventually amount to 65 million cubic metres of sand. Within a few years, however, Port City will be the site of glass skyscrapers, a busy financial district, hospitals, hotels and even a theme park. Across the wo

TRIVIUM CHINA: Tip Sheet on China events

HEARD IN BEIJING "China only has two options: give in to America’s bullying…or let the other side know that Chinese people are not easily pushed around." - Zhao Changmao , Former Deputy Head of the Central Party School Some context:  Zhao says the choice is obvious. China can’t give in to American bullying. That doesn’t bode well for a détente in the trade war. But at this stage anything is possible. More in the Tip Sheet below. Anything is possible in China…as long as you regularly read the Tip Sheet.   THE TIP SHEET DRIVING THE DAY 1. Top leaders are probably at the beach It’s been 72 hours since any Politburo Standing Committee member has made a public appearance. That leads us to believe  that top leaders have begun their annual summer holidays. And that means  that the political news out of China is likely to be pretty thin over the next two weeks. Get smart:  With the trade war simmering and the economy looking fragile, it’s not likely to be a restful holida