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CHINA: MERICS Economic Indicators Q2/2018

Credit tightening and trade conflict threaten growth By  Max J. Zenglein  and  Maximilian Kärnfelt   After nearly a year of regulatory policy tightening, the Chinese government's attempts to fight excessive debt and push for better environmental protection are beginning to affect the real economy. The current economic slowdown - with GDP growth falling to 6.7% - does not yet reflect the consequences of an escalating trade war with the United States, but could be accelerated by it. To strengthen China's international competitiveness and create an environment that is responsive to market needs and provides spaces for experimentation, the authorities have announced new measures: local authorities in Shenzhen released a document stating that a Free Trade Port (FTP) would be implemented by 2020. Similar plans have been issued by the State Council for Hainan in April. Free Trade Ports are to be established on the island province by 2025. The latest edition of the MERICS Economic

The BAP-tism of Balochistan

July 20, 2018 By  Adnan Aamir  |  Saeed Ahmed Hashmi and Provincial spokesperson Senator Anwarul Haq Kakar announcing the formation of BAP at the CM’s secretariat. The unpredictable political landscape in Balochistan has led to a variety of surprise developments in 2018. An in-house coup against the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) government in the province almost jeopardised the timely conduct of the Senate elections. Then, the Balochistan Assembly, in its last session, demanded the postponement of the general elections on the flimsy pretext of loadshedding. And amidst the turmoil, there was yet another new development on the political horizon: the advent of a new ‘King’s party,’ the Balochistan Awami Party (BAP), which came into being on March 29. The BAP is a product of PML-N rebels who toppled Sanaullah Zehri’s government in January this year. They were joined by independent Senators elected from Balochistan in March and other electables – with daily announcements of ind

A mass grave containing decomposed dead bodies of at least 4 persons has been unearthed near Panjgur

A mass grave containing decomposed dead bodies of at least 4 persons has been unearthed near Panjgur in Balochistan. According to details received by The Balochistan Post, officials of local administration have discovered a mass grave in Darg-e-Dap, Parom in Panjgur. The locals exhumed four bodies from the grave on Tuesday evening. The bodies were later taken to a local hospital. It is not first time mass graves have been unearthed in war-struck Balochistan, where Baloch armed groups have waged a war against Pakistan for ‘outright independence’. On January 25, 2014, three mass graves were found after a shepherdsaw pieces of human bodies and bones in Tootak, Khuzdar. According to locals, a total of 169 bodies were later exhumed from the site. Campaign groups alleged that the bodies were those of Baloch missing persons abducted by Pakistani security forces. The term ‘abducted’ is widely used in Balochistan to connote arrests made by security forces as the arrested are not presented

Unidentified armed persons have abducted a Baloch journalist from Kohlu, Balochistan.

According to The Balochistan Post’s local correspondent, the president of Kohlu press club, Zeb Daar Marri has been abducted by unknown armed persons. According to Abdullah Baloch, a journalist and member of Quetta press club, Mr. Marri was covering the political activities related to upcoming general elections, when he was abducted and taken away. Journalist unions have expressed grave concerns on Mr. Marri’s disappearance. Pakistani Federal Union of Journalist’s president, Afzal Butt, and Secretary General, Ayub Jan Sirhindi, strongly condemned abduction of Kohlu press club’s president. In a statement PFUJ, said that journalists are facing unjust pressure while performing journalistic duties. ‘It is impossible to conduct free and fair elections, if journalists are not allowed to report independently,’ officials of PFUJ said. PFUJ urged Pakistani Election Commission to take urgent notice of Zeb Daar Marri’s abduction and order Pakistan’s secret services to produce the said journ

Iranshahr: A Baloch man has staged a sit-in since 16th July at the city’s mosque

Iranshahr: A Baloch man has staged a sit-in since 16th July at the city’s mosque , as the location of his son arrested over protesting mass rape of 41 women has remained unknown for nearly one month, local campaign groups have reported. In a video clip circulated on social media, Gholam Ghader Bozorgzadeh expressed despair about his son’s situation, declaring that he will continue his sit-in, demanding the authorities to reveal the location of his son, Abullah Bozorgzadeh. He explained how the IRGC agents arrested him on 11th July as he stood in protest, against his son’s disappearance, outside the headquarters of the Revolutionary Guard Corps in Iranshahr, Sistan and Baluchestan Province. The agents forced him to commit in writing not to continue his protest in that place. Mohammad Tayeb, the younger son of Mr. Bozorgzadeh was summoned on the same day to FATA police (The Iranian Cyber Police) for publishing news of his elder brother’s arrest. The 16 year-old boy was interrogated a

A teacher, a sixty-year-old man and dozen others have been allegedly ‘abducted’ by Pakistani security forces

A teacher, a sixty-year-old man and dozen others have been allegedly ‘abducted’ by Pakistani security forces from different areas of Balochistan. According to the details received by The Balochistan Post (TBP), an elderly man, aged 60, was picked up by the forces along with another man during a raid in Jatani Bazar of Dasht town. TBP received the identification of both men as: Murad Jan s/o Muhmmad and Bilawal s/o Abdul Ghafoor. Moreover, a school teacher, identified as Master Mumtaz s/o Master Akbar, was arrested and taken away near a security check post in Ghanna town of Kech district. Master Mumtaz was resident of area known as Khair Abad. Meanwhile, a fresh military operation is underway in Bolan. According to TBP’s local correspondent, more than 10 people have been arrested and taken away by Pakistani security forces during fresh raids conducted in different areas of Bolan. Enforced disappearances that started in the early 2000s have never slowed down in Balochistan, in fac

Scores have reportedly been arrested in Sibbi and Mashkay as Pakistani security forces conduct raids

Scores have reportedly been arrested in Sibbi and Mashkay as Pakistani security forces conduct raids . According to details received by The Balochistan Post, at least seven persons have been ‘abducted’ from Sibbi, whereas, multiple people have been taken away from Mashkay during different raids. In raids conducted by Pakistani security forces near Lehri in Sibbi, at least 7 persons were arrested and subsequently taken away. Two of the arrested have been identified as Sultan s/o Horan and Kudbadan s/o Pahar Deen, whereas, the identity of others is yet to be ascertained. Similar raids were conducted in different areas of Koh-e-Jaani and Koh-e-Patindhar, located in Mashkay. According to reports, all the roads in the vicinity have been blocked, which has made it difficult to receive detailed information of the raids from the area. However, locals have claimed ‘multiple people’ have been ‘abducted’ by Pakistani security forces. The term ‘abducted’ is widely used in Balochistan to conno

Current Balochistan: Conflict Updates from the ground

19/July/2018 MASHKEY On 3rd of july 2018 Pakistani army abducted three Baloch civilians From Tangg ,Awaran ,Namely Mir malang ,Ruzoo, And hakim. According to updates three of them were released today from military camp. 19/July/2018 BALOCHISTAN In recent updates occupying army started a military operation in different places of balochistan , Including Sibi, Mashkey , Where Pakistani forces abducted more than 7 Baloch from sibi and dozens from mashkey and harassed women and children , further updates are expected soon. 19/July/2018 GAWADAR Today baloch freedom fighters attacked on military camp of pakistani army in pasni, Gwadar. According to residents of pasni attack was carried long time ,Where Sounds of rockets and weapons resonance entire town. 20/July/2018 MASHKEY According to updates last night baloch freedom fighters attacked On a military check post in poraar, mashkey , with rockets and automatic weapons . Attack was carried for a long period , Where pakistani forc

Along the New Silk Road – Bridging Eurasia: A look inside Małaszewicze

Written by  Charles Stevens Published in  Development The freight terminals at Małaszewicze As part of our monthly series of reports looking at what sort of impact China’s Belt and Road Initiative is having on the local infrastructure projects situated along its route, explorer and China scholar Charles Stevens here looks into how a small Polish village is feeling the effects of industrial growth THE NEW SILK ROAD PROJECT Covering 10,000 miles and 18 countries The New Silk Road Project is an exploration of China’s emerging Belt and Road Initiative. Having departed from London in June 2018, it is the first attempt to drive along the full length of the world’s next great trade route – a nexus of power, culture and commerce that now sits at the heart of China’s foreign policy. • Follow the project (and track the journey) here! Małaszewicze is an unassuming village in Poland sitting aside the highway 12 kilometres west of the Poland-Belarus border. It’s a traditional collection