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BLF threatened to target elections in Balochistan

Balochistan’s most active armed group, Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF), has threatened to target upcoming general elections in Balochistan. In a statement released on Monday, BLF has said that their preparations to target the upcoming general elections have been completed. In the statement, seen by The Balochistan Post, BLF’s spokesperson Guharam Baloch said that Pakistani security forces have escalated brutalities in Balochistan for the upcoming elections to succeed. ‘Deadly raids have been conducted by Pakistani security forces in Awaran, Kolwah, Mashkay and other parts of Balochistan,’ Goharam Baloch said. Pakistani security forces are using military might to hold general elections in Balochistan, therefore, we also retain the right to target and stop these elections, BLF’s spokesperson added. He said that elections in ‘occupied territories’ do not carry in legal justification. ‘Pakistan Army is forcing civilian administration to carry out election activities. We have warne

Current Balochistan: Conflict updates from the ground

15/July/2018 KUZDAR In 2015 pakistani army forcfully abducted Zahid S/O Abdul aziz from kuzdar ,, According to recent updates today after 3 years he was released and reached his home. 15/July/2018 MASHKEY According to recent updates today pakistani army started a military operation in different areas of  awaran, further updates Are expected soon . 16/July/2018 MAND Brutalitise of Pakistani army are increasing day by day ,Pakistani forces abducted 3 brothers from Goburd, Mand ,namely  Arif , Asif, Hammal S/O Ahmed Murad. 16/July/2018 PANJGUR According to recent updates Unknown man attacked on military checkpost in kilkour , A area of panjgur . According to residents the attack was carried with rockets and automatic weapons ,Losses might occured to occupying army. 16/July/2018 AWARAN Today pakistani army stated that our Forces have killed Four armed mens in awaran And declared them as Baloch freedom fighters . According to residents of awaran this isnt first that pakista

BLA claims to have killed several Pakistan security personnel

Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) has said that it has killed several personnel of Pakistani security forces in three different attacks in the span of two days. In a statement released to media, BLA’s spokesman Jeehand Baloch said that members of . BLA targeted Pakistani forces and installations in Aab-e-gum and Mach. Whereas, a joint attack with BLF fighters was carried out in Keelkor, Panjgur. According to BLA’s media statement, seen by The Balochistan Post (TBP), the pro-freedom Baloch armed organisation said that BLA fighters attacked a hydrocarbon exploration company in Aab-e-gum near Mach. ’82mm recoilless rifles and other automatic weapons were used in the attack,’ Jeehand Baloch said in the statement. Jeehand Baloch added that several personnel of Pakistani security forces deployed to guard the installation were ‘killed and injured’ in the attack. Jeehand Baloch also took responsibility for today’s IED attack on Pakistani security forces in the area. ‘A vehicle of Pakistani fo

Russia Is Building $320 Million Icebreakers to Carve New Arctic Routes

Bloomberg   The 1,000-foot-long vessels for hauling liquefied natural gas can cut through ice up to 7 feet thick. By  Eric Roston July 9, 2018, 4:30 PM GMT+5:30 From  Sergey Frank, CEO of Russian shipping company Sovcomflot, stands beneath the  Christophe de Margerie , the first ship in a new LNG icebreaker fleet. SOURCE: ABB Until factories open on the moon or Mars, there’s no less hospitable an industrial workplace than Yamal LNG, a $27 billion liquid natural gas plant that lies in Russian territory 375 miles north of the Arctic Circle. In the winter, when there’s zero sun for more than two months, temperatures reach -13F on land and -58F in the blinding fog out at sea. But there’s a lot of fossil fuel in this wasteland—44 trillion cubic feet, the equivalent of about 8 billion barrels of oil. So Yamal LNG, controlled by Russian natural gas producer  Novatek , has brought together partners to spend an unprecedented sum on a new kind of transportation that will be here much f

Malaysia: Make or Break?

Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed. Source: Reuters With the  shock election  of Mahathir Mohamad in May 2018, Malaysia has put itself at the center of an emerging debate regarding the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Across BRI countries, there have been growing concerns in recent months about  mounting debt  owed to China and uncertainty as to what happens in the eventuality of BRI project failure. Already, Pakistan, Nepal and Myanmar have postponed or cancelled BRI projects in their countries based on such fears. But these were one-off cases; individual projects that were scrapped - but not, as yet, reflective of a wider backlash against big-ticket infrastructure. This is where Malaysia is different. One of Mahathir’s  key manifesto promises  was to scale back such big-ticket infrastructure that he viewed as unnecessary, unsustainable and closely related with the  corruption scandal that brought down his predecessor Najib Razik. Since coming into power, he has embarked on a quest to

SDG 4 and Balochistan’s education emergency

OP-ED The Balochistan Compulsory Education Act, 2014 should be amended to align with SDG 4 targets. Quality attributes such as curriculum, textbooks, teachers, assessments and school environment should be included in the legislative provisions 4 Shares Dr Shakil Ghori JULY 16, 2018 The events of legislative activism and political argy-bargy in Balochistan vis-à-vis change in the provincial government and later in Senate elections clearly demonstrate the ability of provincial legislators to make timely decisions. However, when it comes to the important issues such as education, their legislative performance is less than satisfactory. The clock is ticking and if the provincial government, legislators and policymakers in Balochistan do not take drastic measures, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) targets will not be met, as was the case with the Millennium Development Goals (MGSs) targets in the past. Balochistan has a lot of catching up to do. The existing laws and policies are

Oman stands to benefit from China-Arab Belt and Road initiative: H E Fulong

Muscat Daily staff writer July 16, 2018 The eighth ministerial meeting of the China-Arab States Cooperation Forum (CASCF) held in Beijing last week was well received and was another important milestone in China-Oman relations following a number of initiatives between both the countries. China and Arab states had in-depth discussions on how to jointly advance the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and strengthen overall cooperation with a view to drawing up a blueprint for the China-Arab relations in the new era.   In the next five years, China will make an outbound investments of US$750bn worldwide and Oman is among the countries that will benefit from such investment. “Arab countries, including Oman, should grasp these opportunities. Being strategically located, huge investments are ideal for Oman which will come from both the Chinese government and private sector,” H E Yu Fulong, China’s Ambassador to Oman, said, while briefing the media about the ministerial meeting. “This year

Participation in Belt and Road enables Japan to explore Eurasia market

By Feng Zhaokui Source:Global Times Illustration: Liu Rui/GT An increasing number of Japanese companies are starting to convert their positive attitude toward the  Belt and Road  initiative into practical steps. Some high-level Japanese officials have also expressed Japan's interest in participating in the initiative and exploring cooperation in a third country. Apparently, this will instill more momentum and expand Sino-Japanese economic cooperation. Promoting Chinese and Japanese enterprises to cooperate in third-party market will facilitate the development of all parties concerned. Japan's decision to participate in the Belt and Road initiative reflects the rule of history. While the country earlier attempted to "leave Asia and enter Europe," it is now striving to play a more active role in Asia. Japan launched Meiji restoration 150 years ago, following in the footsteps of Europe's industrial and technological reforms. As a result, the country has taken t

Belt and Road Initiative warmly welcomed in Australia's Northern Territory

2018-07-16 16:20:02 Mo Hong'e An advertisement board for the Belt and Road Initiative is seen in Darwin, Australia. (Photo courtesy of Daryl Guppy) Australian business and political leaders gathered in the country's Northern Territory to warmly welcome China's Belt and Road Initiative, showing great interest in the opportunities the initiative presents. "The Territory Government supports strengthening business-to-business and people-to-people links through programs such as China's Belt and Road Initiative," said Michael Gunner, chief minister of the Northern Territory, during a three-day high-level conference from July 10 to 12 in Darwin, Australia. "We recognize the critical importance of trade and investment to the future of the Northern Territory, Australia and the vibrant region we are a part of," Gunner said. Organized by the Australia China Business Council, the Belt and Road Initiative in Australia High-level Conferenc

EU-China Summit: deepening the strategic global partnership

European Commission - Press release Beijing, 16 July 2018 The 20th Summit between the European Union and the People's Republic of China held today in Beijing has underlined that this partnership has reached a new level of importance for our own citizens, for our respective neighbouring regions and for the international community more broadly. President of the European Commission Jean-Claude  Juncker  and President of the European Council Donald Tusk represented the European Union at the Summit. The People's Republic of China was represented by Premier Li Keqiang. European Commission Vice-President for Jobs, Growth, Investment and Competitiveness, Jyrki  Katainen , Trade Commissioner Cecilia  Malmström , and Transport Commissioner Violeta  Bulc  also attended the Summit. President Tusk and President Juncker also met with the President of the People's Republic of China, Xi Jinping. "I have always been a strong believer in the potential of the EU-China partnership. An

Chinese 'highway to nowhere' haunts Montenegro

Noah Barkin ,  Aleksandar Vasovic PODGORICA (Reuters) - Perched atop massive cement pillars that tower above Montenegro’s picturesque Moraca river canyon, scores of Chinese workers are building a state-of-the-art highway through some of the roughest terrain in southern Europe. A worker hides from the sun on the Bar-Boljare highway construction site in Klopot, Montenegro June 11, 2018. Picture taken June 11, 2018. REUTERS/Stevo Vasiljevic The government has described the 165 km (103 mile) highway, with its imposing bridges and deep-cut tunnels, as the construction of the century and a pathway to the modern world. It is designed to link the port of Bar on Montenegro’s Adriatic coast to landlocked neighbor Serbia. But once the first, challenging 41 km stretch through mountains north of the capital is completed, the government faces a difficult choice. A Chinese loan for the first phase has sent Montenegro’s debt soaring and forced the government to raise taxes, partially freeze publ

Chinese and Japanese Investment in ASEAN: From Competition to Cooperation?

Photo Credit: Kyodo News BY HONG ZHAO Southeast Asian countries still face major challenges in regional market integration and connectivity development. ASEAN has come up with several initiatives in an attempt to close its development gaps. ASEAN’s plans to strengthen connectivity through the development of a series of rail, road, and water links not only offer the possibility of investment contracts, but also the opportunity for the regional powers to shape Southeast Asian infrastructure in their favor. This has prompted and heightened competition between the two Asian giants of China and Japan, particularly in the areas of infrastructure financing and high-speed rail (HSR) construction. Japan began its large-scale investment in Southeast Asia since the late 1970s and had formulated and invested its vision for infrastructure connectivity across Southeast Asia in the 1990s. The basic idea of Japan’s development of interconnectivity in Southeast Asia is to establish cross-regional a

Belt and Road: An ambitious vision for development

China’s cooperation and connectivity plan will drive huge infrastructure investment across a large swathe of the world, spurring economic growth across a variety of sectors, and profoundly altering the world’s trade routes In this article An extraordinarily ambitious plan Unfounded concerns Landmark achievements and long-term opportunities The first train linking China and Kazakhstan is a boost to the Belt and Road initiative      Download article as PDF An extraordinarily ambitious plan China’s Belt and Road initiative (BRI) is set to transform a large part of the world. First proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2013, this long-term project is among the most ambitious ever conceived. It covers 65 countries (representing 60% of the world’s population and 30% of global GDP), including not just China’s nearest neighbours but also countries in South Asia, the Middle East, Africa and even Central and Eastern Europe. BRI land corridors are known as the belt and include the de