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Silk road soliloquy

China Daily Scenes of dancer-choreographer Wang Yabin's new work An Individual Soliloquy. The dance drama will premiere at Tianqiao Performing Arts Center in Beijing on Sept 14 to 16. [Photo/China Daily] Wang Yabin's latest work brings to life through dance the journey of the Buddhist monk and scholar, Kumarajiva, and his journey across China via the ancient trading network Chinese dancer-choreographer Wang Yabin's latest work, An Individual Soliloquy, brings to life the journey of the Buddhist monk and scholar, Kumarajiva (344-413), who is famous for translating Buddhist texts into Chinese. Kumarajiva-the son of a Hindu father from India and a princess of the ancient Kucha, which lies in present day Aksu prefecture in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region-traveled to Liangzhou, Gansu province, and later to Xi'an, Shaanxi province through the trading networks of the ancient Silk Road. The dance drama, which will premiere at Tianqiao Performing Art

low internet hurting China's Silk Road ambitions in Pakistan

By Bloomberg |  China is making a big bet on Pakistan and Beijing’s financing has brought power plants and infrastructure projects valued at about $60 billion. By Faseeh Mangi A port in Pakistan’s Gwadar is a linchpin in China’s plan to revive the old Silk Road linking Asia to Europe and Africa, but a  slow Internet line is causing it to lose business. The customs authority’s failure to fully address issues with Internet speed and reliability has meant the port, operated by a Chinese state-owned company, is functioning at less than capacity, Dostain Khan Jamaldini, chairman of the Gwadar Port Authority, said in an interview. ADVERTISEMENT “ About four cargoes of sea food go daily from here to Karachi,” Jamaldini said, referring to the jetty next to the port where customs clearance is done manually. “We are not proactive, we are reactive. It’s a systematic flaw.” The deep-sea port in Pakistan represents a geopolitical tension point with neighboring arch-rival India, which is fin

Into the danger zone: why a private US military firm is of value to China’s belt and road mission

DIPLOMACY & DEFENCE More Chinese companies are fanning out along the New Silk Road into high-risk countries but domestic security firms are not keeping up with the demand Minnie Chan UPDATED : Sunday, 15 Jul 2018, 9:46PM  7 Tian Buchou is a veteran of China’s special forces and for 17 years managed security for Chinese companies in the war-torn Middle East and Africa. Working for both the Chinese state and private sector, Tian headed teams safeguarding their corporate clients from various threats, from robberies to terrorist attacks. The 39-year-old had extensive experience in his field but it was when he teamed up in operations with the former private military firm Blackwater that he realised just how much he and his Chinese staff still had to learn. Now defunct, Blackwater was founded in 1997 by former US Navy Seal Erik Prince and won US government contracts to guard American officials and facilities in countries including Iraq and Afghanistan. The company was surrounded

The Belt and Road Initiative: A Road to China’s World Cup Dreams?

By:  Emily Weinstein July 15, 2018 12:45 PM Age: 12 hours Since its inception at a 2013 speech in Kazakhstan, CCP General Secretary Xi Jinping has touted his Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) as a platform for “peace and cooperation, openness and inclusiveness, mutual learning and mutual benefit,” through economic and cultural exchange. ( State Council Information Office , May 4, 2016). Sports tourism, especially that surrounding soccer, has been an important albeit lesser-known component of BRI. Chinese media have argued that the sports industry is growing into one of China’s most dynamic sectors, as Chinese entities have begun to invest heavily in international teams, arenas, and events ( Xinhua , April 2, 2016). A number of paramount Chinese leaders have shown interest in soccer; however, none have expressed it to the same degree as Xi Jinping. Since Xi’s ascension to power, China has seen a soccer reawakening. In 2014, Xi announced his three World Cup dreams: “qualifying for the

Balochistan Tourism Department To Develop Tourism Infrastructure

  Rukhshan Mir   (@rukhshanmirpk)    ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 15th Jul, 2018 ) : Balochistan  Tourism Department is making efforts to promote and develop tourism infrastructure in the province. An official of Provincial Tourism Department told APP that efforts under way to develop tourism related commercial projects for attracting tourists inflow in the province. He said the department would initiate new projects to further develop Tourist facilities, Hotels, Rest Houses and Restaurants. He said that more Tourist information centers would be set up to provide relevant information to the visitors. He said the department would also launch tour packages to various resorts of the province. He said that the department also organize cultural shows and festivals to attract tourists at various resorts. He said that the department also responsible for registration of Hotels and Restaurants. He said that  Balochistan  is home to some of the most beautiful tourist

Rehashing Old Tricks In Balochistan

July 13, 2018 Kiyya Baloch FILE: Former Balochistan lawmakers talking to journalists. Share As campaigning for Pakistan’s July 25 election swings into high gear, a familiar game is being repeated in the country’s restive southwestern province of Balochistan. Opposition politicians and analysts say a new political party in the region is attempting to prevent Baluch ethno-nationalists from winning the polls. The Balochistan Awami Party (BAP), Urdu for the Balochistan People's Party, aims to form the provincial administration in Pakistan’s least populated but largest province, which borders Iran and Afghanistan and is home to the country’s Arabian Sea coast. Saeed Sarbazi, a Karachi-based journalist, says BAP is part of the Pakistani military establishment’s plan to confront Baluch ethno-nationalist groups. He says that while anemic civilian administrations in the province have failed to stop harsh crackdowns and military operations against Baluch factions seeking autonomy o

How Pak newspapers reacted to Balochistan blast

PTI | As Pakistan observed a day of national mourning following the massacre of nearly 150 people in terror attacks ahead of the general elections, leading newspapers have questioned the claims of the government and the Army that they have crushed terrorism in the country. Three deadly back-to-back attacks on election rallies in the restive provinces of Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa that killed two prominent political leaders along with around 150 civilians have renewed concerns that violence could disrupt the elections scheduled for July 25. Reacting to the spate of terror attacks, the Express Tribune, in a stinging editorial, said, "There is a blood-drenched hole in the claim of the government to have rolled back the forces of terrorism in Pakistan." The banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is one of the terror outfits said to be in retreat as a result of sustained efforts by the police, paramilitary and military forces, but not so far in retreat as to be unabl

New govt may decide to proceed with IMF package

KARACHI: Finance Minister Dr Shamshad Akhtar has said groundwork was being laid for the International Monetary Fund (IMF) programme, and the incoming new government can proceed with its processing to restore market confidence with a quick stabilisation package. The minister, during her visit to the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) on Saturday, said that an economic crisis arises owing to domestic issues, and not due to external factors. The current state of the economy required speedy measures to stem the declining trends, foremost being the need to restore market confidence with a quick stabilisation package. “We can go to the fund program any time, but we will not enter any IMF programme. The new government can, but all depended on the new regime holding the wheel of the Finance Ministry,” she added. The minister in a slide presentation explained that external vulnerabilities were at an all time high as the current account deficit would likely accelerate to $18 billion in the outgoi

China's AI plan lays foundation for long-term strength

Monday, July 9, 2018 China is ploughing money into a nationwide multi-billion-dollar programme to gain the lead in artificial intelligence China's artificial intelligence (AI) industry received investment of 28 billion dollars last year, according to the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology. The government last July issued a  Next generation artificial intelligence development plan , which sets a 1-trillion-renminbi (151-billion-dollar) 2030 target for China's core AI industry and a 10-trillion-renminbi target for related industries. A  Three-year action plan for promoting development of a new generation artificial intelligence industry  followed in December, setting numerous quantitative targets for 2020. What next Firms and public institutions will enjoy generous public funding for AI-related initiatives. There is a danger of a policy-induced investment bubble but even if most of these individual investments fail in narrow financial terms, the combi

Tearful love story unveils charm of Silk Road to European audiences

By Wu Recently, "Dunhuang Dream," a classic four-scene dance drama has brought to life the 1,000-year-old history of the Silk Road to European audiences. [Photo/] The paintings in Dunhuang Caves, Gansu Province, have inspired artists, musicians and painters for centuries. Recently, "Dunhuang Dream," a classic four-scene dance drama depicting a tragic love story between Crescent, a general's daughter, and Mogao, a gifted proletarian painter, has brought to life the 1,000-year-old history of the Silk Road to European audiences. Both Crescent and Mogao remind people of the local Crescent Lake and Mogao Caves. Despite the tragic ending, when Crescent accidentally dies at her father's dagger while protecting Mogao from the general's belligerent attack, the drama unveiled the charm of Dunhuang, a beautiful and prosperous hub along the ancient Silk Road, connecting China with Europe. On July 8, the dance drama premiered at the opening ceremo

Japan, France to set up framework for maritime issue amid China's rise

July 15, 2018  PARIS (Kyodo) -- Japan and France agreed Saturday to establish a new framework designed to discuss maritime issues and strengthen coordination, Japan's Foreign Ministry said. Foreign Minister Taro Kono and his French counterpart Jean-Yves Le Drian reached agreement on the launch amid China's growing influence at sea. The ministers confirmed they will work closely to ensure the rule of law in the Indo-Pacific region. Japan has been promoting a "free and open" Indo-Pacific region and France, which has New Caledonia as its territory in the Pacific, also places importance on maritime security. *" Free and open seas are the foundation for the peace and prosperity of not only Japan and France but also the international community. We see potential for cooperation with France in many respects,"* Kono told reporters. Kono and Le Drian also discussed North Korea and agreed on the importance of keeping U.N. sanctions in place to urge Pyongyang to

China To Showcase Belt And Road Initiative, Its Consultative Democracy At EXPO 2020 Dubai

  Sumaira FH    DUBAI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News / WAM - 15th Jul, 2018)  China  has announced that it will discuss the 'One Belt, One  Road Initiative' and the success of its consultative  democracy , as well as the various technological and scientific achievements that will shape its modern future, during its participation in the upcoming Expo  2020 Dubai , where it will be represented by a 4636 square metre pavilion costing over AED367  million . The  Chinese  pavilion at the expo will be a key platform for showcasing country's historical and cultural heritage, its technical and industrial innovations, as well as for highlighting promising opportunities for international cooperation, with a focus on reviewing bilateral relations. The country’s consultative  democracy  is a unique form of socialist  democracy , which involves consulting various sides, the National People's  Congress , the  government , the  Chinese  People's Political Consultative Confe

Current Balochistan: Conflict updates from the ground

14/July/2018 MASHKEY According to recent updates pakistani army started a military operation in mashkey ,where she looted goods and harassed womens an abducted two brothers from same house namely Abdul hak and mohammd asif S/O Jangi khan. 14/July/2018 KECH According to updates pakistani army abducted two baloch civilians From kech , Namely muneer S/O mazara R/O Hoshab and Dolath S/O Hussain R/O herronk . 14/July/2018 AWARAN Today Baloch freedom fighters attacked on military camp in kolwa with rockets and automatic weapons ,according to residents of kolwa heavy losses occured to occupying army. 14/July/2018 AWARAN On 8th july 2018 pakistani army started a military operation in perrandar ,a area of awaran, where she abducted several baloch , According to updates among them 5 were released today .Namely Saleem S/O Washdil , Basheer S/O Ibrahim , Azum S/O Ibrahim , Wahid S/O ibrahim , Yarjan S/O ibrahim. 15/July/2018 AWARAN Today at morning Baloch freedom fighters attacked o

CPEC projects: China adopts ‘go slow’ policy

  MUSHTAQ GHUMMAN     China has reportedly adopted "go slow" policy on projects being executed under China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) due to uncertainty of policies in Pakistan, well informed sources told  Business Recorder.  According to sources, a total of 22 projects worth around $28.6 billion in CPEC portfolio are under implementation. CPEC has different components, which include Energy (coal, hydel, wind, solar, LNG, and transmission), infrastructure (road, rail, aviation, and data connectivity), industrial cooperation (Gwadar Free Zone and SEZs), as well as the development of Gwadar port and city. The CPEC projects have been divided into Early Harvest Projects (EHP) (2017-18), short-term projects (including EHP) (2014-2020), medium-term projects (2021-2025) and long-term projects (2026-2030). The overall portfolio of CPEC projects are as follows: (i) energy (IPP financing mode) estimated cost $ 34.746 billion, 72%; (ii) roads (government concessional loan) es

CPEC calls for circumspect approach despite advantages: Kaiser Bengali

We have to play our cards right in case of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The opening up of China has enhanced travel but not trade. These remarks were made by noted economic expert Dr Kaiser Bengali while addressing members of the Pakistan Institute of International Affairs (PIIA) and the media on Saturday evening. Speaking on the subject, ‘Changing geo-politics and challenges for Pakistan’, he said: “My fear is that we will not be playing our cards right because of the slave mentality that our bureaucrats and planners have.” Elucidating further on his remark, he said, “We are always looking to a bigger power to protect us against military adventurism.” In this context, he recalled that back in the 1950, we joined the US-sponsored defence pacts, the Cento and Seato, as a guarantee to be protected during times of aggression, but in the Indo-Pak wars of 1965 and 1971, these assurances turned out to be mere fallacy, as the US, the sponsor of those defence pacts, took a