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Belt & Road initiative a catalyst for new identity technologies

Katherine Noall , 13 Jul 2018 - Belt & Road ,  Identity ,  Iot It is hoped that Belt and Road associated nations will be generating 80% of the world’s GDP by 2050. To achieve this goal, however, the 68 countries taking part will have to contend with a range of challenges relating to identity interoperability. First revealed by Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2013, it is anticipated the Belt and Road initiative (B&R) will generate a total economic volume of $21 trillion US dollars (29% of the world’s total) by the time it is completed. The initiative is expected to drive international trade along new routes and create a surge in labour migrations among the 68 countries taking part. This growing movement of goods and people, among countries with national identity systems poses new challenges for identity interoperability. What is the Belt & Road Initiative? The B&R is a long-term development strategy for a vast region — stretching from China in the east, across the I

In Balochistan, a lacklustre election season

There are a total of 4,299,494 voters in the province, but none seem too excited to cast a ballot Muhammad Ejaz Khan There are two weeks to go before Pakistan votes to elect members of its 15th Parliament. And yet, election fever in Balochistan has been a damp squib, particularly in its capital city, Quetta. There are a total of 4,299,494 voters in the province. But none seem too excited to cast a ballot. Although campaign banners and posters have blanketed Quetta’s roads and buildings, they haven’t evoked much enthusiasm, even among party workers. Election posters and banners being taken down in Quetta due to violation of ECP rules. Photo: Author Election posters and banners being taken down in Quetta due to violation of ECP rules. Photo: Author Election posters and banners being taken down in Quetta due to violation of ECP rules. Photo: Author Election posters and banners being taken down in Quetta due to violation of ECP rules. Photo: Author Election posters and banner

Balochistan missing from radar of major parties

Javaid-ur-Rahman July 12, 2018 ISLAMABAD - The Election Day is fast approaching but Balochistan’s stop still seems missing from the campaign trail of major political parties. Neither the “wind of change” is blowing through the Baloch lands nor the proponents of “Aghaz-e-Huqooq-e-Balochistan” are concerned about the plight of Baloch masses. Clock is ticking fast as the general polls are now less than two weeks away and the country’s major political players like Imran Khan, Shehbaz Sharif, Asif Ali Zardari are still not focusing on Balochistan. What to talk of remote corners of the province Makran or Awaran, neither of the three leaders or any other bigwig from their factions cared to visit even the provincial capital (Quetta). Sincere efforts to remove the sense of deprivation among the people of Balochistan is often echoed in the parliament and at other important political forums but this province is still missing the concentration of these major parties even during the election

China-proposed Belt and Road initiative boosting global demand for jets, pilots

Source:Xinhua-Global Times Published: 2018/7/12 16:53:41 Emerging markets are driving innovation in the global aviation sector and China is setting a good example, says the head of aviation firm Avia Solutions Group. Avia is preparing to team up with Chinese partners to create opportunities in countries participating in the China-proposed  Belt and Road  (B&R) initiative, said chairman Gediminas Ziemelis. The group is to establish ties with Chinese partners to invest in six full-time simulators in China and train up to 1,000 pilots by 2022, he said. The company is also willing to further enhance aviation along the B&R routes in fields including maintenance repair operations, aviation personnel training and high-tech solutions. "It is the right time to partner with Chinese enterprises to boost connectivity," said Ziemelis. Lithuania-based Avia Solutions Group, a holding company of aviation support and service businesses, has operations in 40 countries and region

China Entices Arab States with ‘Belt and Road’ Initiative

By  Maya Margit  | The Media Line Kuwait's emir, Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Sabah (3rd from right), speaks during a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping (3rd from left) in Beijing earlier this week. (Photo by Andy Wong - Pool/Getty Images) Beijing’s offer of loans and aid to Arab countries is about economics, not politics, analysts say China has pledged to provide billions in loans and aid to Middle Eastern countries as part of its long-term economic strategy aimed at securing lucrative trade routes throughout the region. At the recent China-Arab States Cooperation Forum in Beijing, Chinese President Xi Jingping pledged roughly $20 billion in loans intended to promote infrastructure projects and foster job growth in the Middle East. In addition, Xi earmarked $105 million in financial aid to Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen and the Palestinians, which includes donations to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine (UNRWA). Of this total aid package, $15 millio

Why China has become an important factor in Pakistan general election

ANI | Islamabad | Last Updated at July 12 2018 20:04 IST As  China  has "increased its presence" in Pakistan, a lot of political leaders in the latter country have started taking credit for the treaties signed as part of the strong bilateral relations between the two nations to vow voters ahead of the July 25 general elections across the border. In an article, titled, "Is  China  Influencing Pakistan's Elections?" for The Diplomat magazine, Pakistani journalist Muhammad Akbar Notezai of the Dawn newspaper has analised how " China  has been meticulously working to attract South Asian countries," especially one of its "friendliest neighbours"  Pakistan. The point of discussion here is the China- Pakistan  Economic Corridor (CPEC), the multibillion-dollar project announced in 2014. Ever since the announcement of CPEC, it has been a topic of discussion for politicians, businessmen, journalists, and common people belonging to different walks