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Riding China’s Rise: The European Politicians in Beijing’s Orbit

Riding China’s Rise: The European Politicians in Beijing’s Orbit   Alan Crawford   Patricia Suzara 5 July 2018, 12:25 AM4 July 2018, 4:30 AM (Bloomberg) -- David Cameron and Romano Prodi come from opposite ends of Europe’s political spectrum, but they have much in common. Both have left high office, boast an extensive network of connections, and now work in some capacity for China. The former British and Italian prime ministers are far from alone: Across Europe, politicians past and present are taking positions on China’s growing global reach. Some such as Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the former Danish premier and head of NATO, warn that Europe  must gird itself against China’s rise. Far more are riding the wave and helping China’s onward march. It’s a dilemma likely to feature at an EU-China summit this month. Following are a selection of Europe’s more prominent China advocates. David Cameron Cameron, who was U.K. prime minister from 2010 until his resignation in 2016 after losi

CHINA: POLITICS AND CURRENT AFFAIRS Liu Xia UN experts seek urgent release of widow of human rights activist Liu Xiaobo  / Reuters via SCMP “UN human rights experts urged China on Wednesday to release Liu Xia 刘霞, the widow of Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo 刘晓波, and allow her to seek treatment for deteriorating health, including travelling abroad.” China: UN experts worried about Liu Xia’s health  / ACNUDH The urgent need for stronger foreign opposition to China’s human rights violations  / Blog of Jerome A. Cohen Myanmar turns back to China Guo Shengkun meets with Myanmar's Minister of Home Affairs in Beijing  / Xinhua As Trump turns away, China gains in Myanmar  / Asia Times “Trump… appears to have deliberately disengaged with Myanmar. His inert diplomacy has reopened Myanmar to Chinese penetration after a brief dalliance with Western engagement. The so-called ‘China-Myanmar Economic Corridor’ is a vital part of President Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).” Bailing out Venez

Those taking part in elections are no leaders but occupier’s agents

Those taking part in elections are no leaders but occupier’s agents , Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch From news desk of (Sangar News) brought to you by (Current Balochistan) Baloch national leader Dr. Allah Nazar in his statement said that there is no ethical and legal credibility of Pakistan sponsored elections in occupied Balochistan. He appealedthe Baloch nation to boycott the socalled electionsas they did in 2013 and sent a clear message to the world that Balochistan is an occupied territory and Pakistan has occupied it with the use of brute force. Like other schemes of Pakistan, the upcoming electionstoo are being held without the consent of Baloch nation.” He made it clear that those who are contesting the elections are not the true representativesof Baloch people; the fact of the matter is they are the ones involved in Baloch genocide, and they admittedit on several occasions. No doubt, history is full of such incidents where a handful of traitors join the ranks of the enemy and becom

Belt and Road bumps in Malaysia China’s  Belt and Road Initiative  has been served a major setback from Malaysia, as its newly elected Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohamad, delivered an order to suspend three China-backed projects in the country,  according to Reuters . The victims are a “US$20 billion  East Coast Railway Link (ECRL) and two pipeline projects worth US$2.3 billion,” all three of which involved Chinese state-owned firms and had been agreed to by the previous Malaysian government. The previous government underestimated the costs  of these projects, Malaysian Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng argued, according to the  Associated Press . Taking into consideration land acquisition, interest, fees, and other operational costs, Lim said that the project’s actual cost is 81 billion ringgit ($20 billion), nearly 50 percent higher than that estimated by the previous government.“ We will be friendly with China, but we do not want to be indebted to China,”  Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has recently

Chinese officials, companies irked at ‘hurdles’ in way of CPEC

QUETTA:  ‘Hurdles’ in the initiation of development projects related to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and slow process of government departments have irked Chinese investment companies and officials. Speaking at a roundtable conference, Chinese officials said that they found it difficult to get No Objection Certificates (NOCs) from different government departments. Similarly, Balochistan Caretaker Chief Minister (CM) Allauddin Marri told media persons that he had received complaints regarding slow processes in government departments. A Chinese official said, “We are making efforts to get land allotted for projects but still waiting for it.” The CM also assured the Chinese officials that their complaints regarding the launching of a 300MW coal-fired power plant at Gwadar would be addressed. CM Marri also announced that a free economic zone would be made in Gwadar, while one had also been planned for Bostan. Chinese Consul General Wang Shung said, “The interim CM ha

Woman killed during an attack on surrendered fighter’s house

QUETTA: Armed men killed a woman on 4 July during an attack on the house of a man who recently surrendered before Pakistan army and abandoned the freedom struggle. According to details, armed men attacked the house of Meyar Jan Shikari in Menaz region of Buleda in district Kech Balochistan. As a result of the attack, Meyar Jan’s wife Granaz died. Sources told Balochwarna News that Meyar Jan Shikari belonged to a pro-freedom armed resistance organisation who later surrendered before Pakistani army. No group have accepted responsibility for the attack and killing of Baloch woman so far but previously Baloch armed groups attacked those who surrendered and started collaborating with Pakistan army against their previous comrades and organisations. Meanwhile, Nabi Bakhsh Baloch a member of Baloch National Movement (BNM) in the USA has condemned the killing of Granaz. He tweeted, ‘I strongly condemn the killing of Bibi Granaz Baloch in Buledah Menaz, and I request the Baloch leadership t

Tubat: citizens protests against unabated load-shedding

July 5, 2018     Protests have erupted in Turbat after continuous pro-longed power cuts plague the second largest city of Balochistan. According to the The Balochistan Post correspondent, protesters gathered outside District Commission’s office, the most-senior local administrator, and expressed anger at the power outages that last for ‘more than 14 hours a day’. All the markets of the town closed in protest to the load-shedding. The citizens expressed anger towards QESCO and chanted slogans against the government department responsible for power distribution. ‘The electricity is not only disrupting economic activities but is also acting as a great hindrance for students to study properly,’ a local Baloch student, who was part of the protest, told TBP. ‘In last 4 days, the power outages have lasted for more than 14 hours every day. How is it possible for somebody to even survive in such a hot summer without electricity, let alone carrying on with the businesses?,’ a local shopk

Current Balochistan: Conflict updates from the gtound

--- 4/7/2018 KECH:- Baloch freedom fighters have attacked pakistani military forces convey at #CPEC Route in  Hoshab, with heavy weaponry due to which heavy losses occurred to occupying state army. 30/6/2018 KHUZDAR:- Today at early morning pakistani military forces conducted a military operation in Gerish Bedrang, violent military personnel tortured women & children & looted houses. Still no news of abduction reported yet. 4/7/018 MASHKEY:- According to residents of Mashkey after successful attack of freedom fighters pakistani forces forcefully abducted Ruzi and Mohldad Hakim R/o Tank on 2nd june 2018.