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How Trump is slowly delivering global economic power to China

The imposition of new tariffs on products imported from China to the United States is the latest move of the Trump administration against the Asian country. But many believe that presidential impulsiveness could be delivering the global economic power to China — on a silver platter. By  Yamily Habib June 19, 2018 In politics - as in almost everything in life - the best strategist is the one who wins. The U.S. government, for its part, believes that the one who barks loudest has the advantage, even if it’s through intimidation. Much of President Donald Trump's political measures have been based on the principle of "act first and resolve later," leaving advisors and diplomats trying to remedy the collateral effects of the White House's impulsiveness. A migration ban, the suspension of the DACA program, the separation of families and, now, the measures of economic retaliation against international allies are just a few examples of government decisions taken withou

Ravenna: New Silk Road Stop

Ravenna -  The state group China Merchants , which also controls the China Merchants Bank, one of the banks that Beijing is using to finance the political-economic initiative of the new Silk Road (Belt and Road Initiative: a series of maritime and land infrastructure projects on the trade routes between China and Europe), has opened an R&D company for the oil and gas industry and the cruise ship sector in Ravenna. With  an investment of about €10 million  and the purchase of a building of symbolic importance in Ravenna’s industrial world - the former headquarters of the Ferruzzi Group’s Italian Oil and Rice division - the CMIT Europe company (controlled by CMIH, the shipyard arm of China Merchants), they have hired 25 engineers from the Tozzi Group’s Comart company - which has been in liquidation since last March - with the aim of hiring 100 employees by the end of 2019. “ A world-class research centre will be set up here ,” explained Paul Liang, the president of CMIT, “and we i

China-Pak Golf Estates, Gwadar wins best real estate development

Islamabad: CPIC have been awarded their second accolade for China-Pak Golf Estates (CPGE), Mr. Ryan He received the award for Best Development in Gwadar and Best Developer in Pakistan at the Shenzhen Real Estate Expo, 2018, says a press release. China Pak Golf Estates will provide much needed housing in Gwadar and Pakistan, which is facing a significant housing shortage right now. Everything is provided within the community to enable residents to live, work and play including, a residents golf course, easy access to the CPEC Coastal Highway, and the beach, its owninternational shopping mall, a multi-plex cinema, community parks, the China Pak Medical Centre, the China Pak High Schooland a state of the art, Eco-Zone Recycling Centre. It is set to become the most desirable residential and lifestyle address in Gwadar. CPIC Board member, Mr Ryan He commented on the acknowledgment: “We know that China-Pak Golf Estates is a wonderful development and will provide a cohesive and sustainabl

CPEC to help PR improve performance: PM

ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Nasir-ul-Mulk Tuesday said that with CPEC, there is a huge potential and scope for Pakistan Railways to further improve its performance and increase its share both in passenger as well as freight transportation sector by offer quality services to its customers. During a briefing about the performance of Pakistan Railway, the prime minister directed that a comprehensive plan would be worked out to overcome the existing challenges for the consideration of the incoming elected government. The briefing was attended by Minister for Railways Roshan Khursheed Bharucha, Secretary to the PM Suhail Aamir, Secretary Railways Muhammad Javed Anwar and senior officers of Ministry of Railways. The prime minister was informed that as a result of right mix in service the passenger share in Railways has increased from 13percent in 2013 to 31 percent in 2017. Pakistan Railways recorded a revenue of Rs50 billion in 2017-18 as compared to revenue of Rs15.5 billion in 2011-12.

CPEC: the governance challenges ahead — II

Physical security of the Chinese residing and working in Pakistan has emerged as a legitimate concern, which the Pakistani authorities need to take into policy consideration Dr Ejaz Hussain JUNE 20, 2018 Pakistan faces both internal and external security threats. The monster of modern terrorism, however, is a post-9/11 phenomenon. When General-cum-President Pervez Musharraf supported the US-led War on Terror (WoT) against the Taliban, the latter, in reaction, started targeting the Pakistani society and state. Resultantly, more than thirty thousand civilians and law enforcement officials have lost their lives in multiple acts of terrorism since 2003. Nevertheless, the overall number of causalities have dropped since 2014 owing to some legislative and executive measures taken by the government, but suicide bombers are still a real threat. Finding opportunity, any terrorist organization can strike. The country’s security apparatuses are the most tempting targets, while minorities are

Balochistan: Iran arrests Baloch activist who voiced in support of rape victims

ZAHEDAN: The Iranian secret services (Etla’at) have arrested and imprisoned a Baloch activist for raising voice against the rape of girls by a state-supported gang in Pahra city of Iranian occupied Balochistan. Abdullah Burozgzada, a human rights activist, was arrested when he along with his other friends was protesting in front of Governor House in Pahra (Iran Shahr) against the rape of Baloch girls by criminals. Protests erupted in Iran Shahr after a local religious scholar informed the public that a Baloch girl has complained that some men have forcibly put her in their car and later sexually assaulted her. Three of the criminals have been arrested who reportedly confessed to having raped at least 41 girls. The Iranian forces and local Mullahs in their efforts to calm the situation have said that so far only three girls have complained to the local authorities and most of the accused have been arrested. However, the local people of Pahra are continuously insisting that the all

Why Vote For Waja Janmahmad Dashti?

Qambar Malik Baloch/ The Balochistan Post/ The participation of public in general elections held in Balochistan since early 2000s, has to a great deal been influenced by the Baloch nationalists’ divide about taking part in the parliamentary institution of the state. A section of the Baloch nationalists parting its way from the then Parliamentary nationalist political parties denounced the participation of Baloch in the electoral process of the state as fatal to the Baloch cause of national salvation, whereas; on the other hand the Baloch political parties that have historically been involved in the parliamentary politics consider the abandonment of this mean of struggle as tantamount to negating the very principles of a national struggle for right to self determination. The basis of this divide are however debatable, and irrespective of the reasoning brought forth in this relation, a vigorous new debate has started about the importance of the upcoming general elections in Balochis

Current Balochistan: Conflict Updates from ground

19/6/2018 KECH Before 20 days Pakistani army abducted Dilmurad S/o Miskaan R/o Kolwa from Turbat's main market, Today on 19 June he was released and reached his home. 19/6/2018 KECH:- On 19 June Members of Baloch Republic Students organization(BRSO) did wall chalking against CPEC and Upcoming elections in rural areas of kech namely, Tajaban and Hirronk. 19/6/2018 MASHKEY:- From a recent update received to *Current balochistan* , Baloch freedom fighters attacked a camp of occupying army Pakistan  with rockets in Alangai a area of Mashkey, According to updates due to attack occupying army got heavy losses for further updates, visit our pages. 19/6/2018 KECH:- In 29 June Pakistani army abducted Abdul rauf S/O Hayathan and Abdul Satar S/o Haji Noor Mohammad, they both were abducted from Siyaji a area of tehsil Dasht. 19/6/2018 KECH:- On 29 June Pakistani amry abducted Hussain S/o Ragaam R/o Tajaband Sing'Abad from Tajaban SingAbad, area of Kech. Source : Baloch Soci

Balochistan: Tales from the dungeon

Haji Naseer  /June 19, 2018 / Featured In the Tales from the Dungeon series of Balochistan Times, former victims of enforced disappearance recount their ordeal. Haji Naseer was one of the first political activists to be whisked away by Pakistan military from Balochistan in 2004. He now lives in Germany as a refugee. My name is Haji Naseer, and I am one of the first victims of enforced disappearances in Balochistan. I was one of the founding members of the Baloch National Movement (BNM), a political party formed in 2004 to campaign for an independent Balochistan. We, under the leadership of Ghulam Mohammed Baloch, believed that the forcible annexation of Balochistan into Pakistan in 1948 was the main factor behind the poverty and misery of the Baloch people. At the time of my forcible disappearance, I was serving as the Finance Secretary of the BNM. The finances of the party were meagre that mostly came from donations by small business owners and the Baloch diaspora. So I did no

Levies man among seven shot dead in Balochistan

QUETTA: A Levies man and six civilians were gunned down over the past 48 hours in different areas of Balochistan. Police said on Monday that a Levies soldier and two other people were martyred in the Killi Bangulzai area on the outskirts of Quetta on Saturday. The victims were going home in a vehicle after offering Eid prayers when armed men on a motorcycle attacked them. “The three men suffered multiple bullet injuries and died on the spot,” a senior police officer said. Soon after the incident, police and personnel of Frontier Corps rushed to the site and took the bodies to the Civil Hospital for medico-legal formalities. ARTICLE CONTINUES AFTER AD The Levies man was identified as Anwar Jan, while the other deceased as Najeebullah and Habibullah. The two civilians were brothers. The bodies were shifted to Sibi after their funeral prayers. The funeral prayers for the Levies man was attended by caretaker Home Minister Inyatullah Kasi, Quetta Commissioner Javed Anwar Shahwani, H