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Out of school children biggest problem of Balochistan

Ali Jan Maqsood Balochistan is a blessed province with numerous natural resources. It is the richest province of Pakistan with lowest population of all the provinces. But sadly, Baloch people are living the worst life in Pakistan despite being so rich. We have various educational woes within our territory which are begetting more and more illiterate citizens who can’t express themselves to anyone and our resources are being supplied to others. Most of the children in Balochistan are out of schools. They are unaware of the good impacts of education and are instead doing labour for earning incomes. In simple words, illiteracy gives birth to child marriage and labour in a nation. According to a  report in a local newspaper , almost 33pc children of Balochistan are out of school. It is so irritating to realise that most of your population is illiterate, especially the children of the province. One of the major causes of this backwardness is negligence from the government. No one in Bal

BNM announces a new organizing committee in UK

June 17, 2018 The general body meeting of Baloch National Movement (BNM) United Kingdom zone was held in Oxbridge, London under the presidency of Zahid Baloch, the organizer of UK zone. Hammal Haider, the foreign secretary of BNM was the chief guest of the event. In compliance with the party Centre’s instruction the existing organizing committee was dissolved, and a new organizing committee was formed in the meeting. Several issues were also intensively discussed. Later on, with the mutual understanding and consensus, a new organizing committee comprised of five members was formed. Hakeem Wadela Baloch was elected as zonal organizer, and Zahid Baloch elected as deputy zonal organizer. The other three members of zonal committee are Hassan Dost, Wasim Baloch and Shahzad Baloch. Addressing to the participants Hassan Dost applauded the endeavors of BNM’s diaspora members, and he said, “To get the Baloch national struggle rolling in international arena, it is prerequisite to consolidate

Current Balochistan: Conflict updates from the ground

18/6/2018 KHARAN:- Today in kharan baloch freedom fighters thrown a hand grader in a school where Pakistani military  is camped, It is second attack in these two days, yesterday also baloch freedom fighters attacked in office of election commission with a hand grader. 18/6/2018 KHUZDAR:- Unknown man fired and killed Ahmad aka sheyhaq S/o Allah Yar R/o Gowrr Sooch area of jahoo. According to civilians he was abducted once. 18/6/2018:_  BULEDA:- Yesterday in mehnaz, Baloch freedom fighters attacked on house of Zahoor Buledai, Zahoor Buledai is member of death squads and a candidate of upcoming elections. 18/6/2018 AWARAN:- yesterday Unknown killed Gul Mohammed S/o Ali R/o Awaran Pahoo, according to other people Gul Mohammad was working for Pakistan and was involved in abduction of civilians in Awaran. 18/6/2018 KECH:- On 15'June from Dasht, Jan Muhammad Bazar, Pakistani Army Abducted a Baloch Civilian namely Imam Baksh S/o Dost Muhammad R/o Jan Muhammad Bazar. 18/6/2


 |  Anil Gupta  | Chabahar provides a definite strategic edge to India. The success of Indian ambition in the region to a large extent will depend on a stable Afghanistan. India will, therefore, have to keep reviewing its strategic options Chabahar is a deep-sea port located in the Sistan Baluchistan area of Iran at the mouth of the Gulf of Oman. It is a strategically located port because it provides direct access to the Indian Ocean enabling bypassing of the Strait of Hormuz, a traditional choke point that separates the Persian Gulf from the Gulf of Oman and the Indian Ocean. Incidentally, one-fifth of oil consumed worldwide currently passes through the Strait of Hormuz. Chabahar lies outside the Persian Gulf and is easily accessed from India’s Western Coast. The distance from New Delhi to Mumbai is more than the distance from Kandla Port on Western Coast to Chabahar. It is located 45 nautical miles away from the port of Gwadar built by  China  in Pakistan’s Baluchistan. Gwadar is

ECRL poser clouds China’s Belt and Road ambitions

Samantha Ho The Edge Financial Daily June 18, 2018 08:54 am +08 This article first appeared in The Edge Financial Daily, on June 18, 2018. Koh: We need to distinguish between SOEs and the Chinese government.  Photo by Sam Fong prev next - A + A KUALA LUMPUR: China’s ambitious Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) could face another setback if the Malaysian government decides to scrap the 688km East Coast Rail Link (ECRL), according to Koh King Kee, head of the Belt and Road desk at Baker Tilly Malaysia. A failure to see the project materialise will result in costs not only to Malaysia but to China as well, Koh said, as the latter’s credibility in delivering BRI-related infrastructure projects will be hit with a fresh round of scepticism. “Both Malaysia and China are in damage control mode [over ECRL],” he told The Edge Financial Daily in an interview, adding that it will not be in China’s interest to see the project fail.   However, it is unlikely that the project will be derai

After India, Malaysia apprehensive about China’s One Belt One Road Initiative

EurAsian Times Digital  Freedom of Navigation or Intrusion by the US at the South China Sea? The newly formed government in Malaysia is apprehensive of China’s One Belt One Road Initiative (OBOR). The Mahathir Mohamad government is not very keen to participate in China’s One Belt One Road Project. This is a big setback for China. While the previous political regime in Malaysia had warm and cordial ties with China, the new regime wants to review the infrastructural cooperation, especially OBOR Project with China.  CPEC Holds Potential to Build an Economic Bridge for Better India-Pakistan Ties: China Why Chinese Political System Brought Prosperity, While Indian Democracy Failed? The former government led by Najib Razak had a ‘Pro China’ approach and signed several pacts with China. A major rail link and a deep sea port formed the major highlights of these pacts. But now Malaysia might give a big jolt to China’s One Belt One Road initiative. Mahathir Mohamad has said that the dubio