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Economic corridor changes Pakistan's business, economic landscape

Source:Xinhua Five years after its launch, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has achieved magnificent results that help lay a solid infrastructure foundation for Pakistan's economic development.  Under the long-term and systematic framework of CPEC, several projects in areas of energy, transportation infrastructure and port construction have been completed.  The unprecedented CPEC projects are changing Pakistan's business and economic landscape and facilitating them with basic requirements, which has helped the country improve its international credibility and increase its economic growth rate to 5.8 percent in the fiscal 2018 from the previous year's 3.8 percent, according to official figures.  Former Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, who recently concluded his tenure, said last month that CPEC and cooperation with China have helped Pakistan emerge as a rising economy in the world.  The project under CPEC would accelerate economic development and furth

SupChina: Newsletter on China

Thursday, June 7, 2018 China’s security picture, from North Korea to the South China Sea Forward to a friend , or if this was forwarded to you,  subscribe here TOP STORIES GIF by Lucas Niewenhuis.  View pronunciation video from Jia . Read this  in your browser , see our  newsletter archives , or view our  Access archives for members . 1. ZTE pays to play U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross  told CNBC  today that his department had struck a deal with beleaguered Chinese telecom giant ZTE to end sanctions for its business dealings with Iran and subsequent failure to comply with U.S. demands. ZTE must pay a $1 billion fine,  in addition to $1.19 billion in fines paid earlier. ZTE must also put $400 million in escrow to cover any future violations. ZTE must change its board of directors  and executive team within 30 days, and work with a compliance team chosen by the U.S. "We are literally embedding a compliance department of our choosing into the company to monitor it goi

The Torture

By: Ruzn Baloch    I come back from the duty; hard running day it was, I was really very tired.  Not tired physically, but mentally. Give me a glass of water; I told my 8-year-old daughter. “What happened, Sarkar (Chief)?” My wife asked me?  “Nothing, I am just tired.” I replied in a cold tone.  “I am going to sleep, do not disturb me.” I told my wife.  I took a pillow and tried to sleep.   “Aaaaaaaah! (Screaming caused by third degree physical torture), stop please stop, I did nothing, I am just a student. Stop, please stop.” I was dreamt this scenario.  Suddenly, I woke up.  “What happened?” My wife sleeping beside me asked.  “I saw a worse dream.” I replied.  I perspired because of the dream.  My wife passed me a glass of water.  We both were silent.  “Are you okay?” My wife asked me.  “Yes.” I replied.  After having the glass of water, I tried to sleep again, but I failed.  At exactly 8 o’clock at the morning I had to be on duty.  I was a junior soldier and a

Trade Linkages Among Belt and Road Economies: Three Facts and One Prediction

SUBMITTED BY  MICHELE RUTA ON THU, 05/31/2018 CO-AUTHORS:  MAURO BOFFA A key objective of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is to promote international trade among participating economies. As a first step to understanding how the BRI will transform trade flows, we need to look at the existing commercial relationships. A  recent paper  by the WBG studies the evolution of trade and production linkages of the economies along the Belt and Road. Here is what we know so far. Fact 1: BRI economies account for an increasing share of world gross exports, in particular intermediate exports, but there are important regional disparities.    In 2015, economies along the Belt and Road accounted for 37% of world exports, up from 21% in 1995. The increase was in part driven by the strong performance in intermediate goods exports for which BRI economies account for 42% worldwide. However, there are strong regional disparities. Using the World Bank regional classification, we find that Europe an

Clingendael Institute: Silk Road Headlines

Among the news items and analyses from this week, a piece published on Eurasia Review discusses whether China’s impact on the global governance ‘consensus’ is that of a constructive upholder or rather that of a destructive ‘spoiler’, especially in light of the ongoing US withdrawal from multilateral governance on many fronts  [Is China Changing Post-war Consensus Or Enhancing It?] . While Beijing’s growing political and economic influence is unquestionably ‘disruptive’ (i.e. change-inducing) for the Western establishment, such disruptions can be read under both a positive and a negative light. If deploying the former, the author suggests, then China’s drive to reform and/or provide alternatives to the Bretton Woods multilateral (development) institutions could play a crucial complementary role to push ‘traditional’ actors to rethink their approach and, eventually, lead to a surge in development aid efficiency which would greatly benefit developing countries. The analysis also argues th

China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Termed As Pie In Sky For Pakistani Engineers

 Mohammad Ali (@ChaudhryMAli88)   Engineers' community hailing from every nook and cranny of the country has termed China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a multi-billion dollar project, a pie in the sky for Pakistani engineers. ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 7th Jun, 2018 ) :Engineers' community hailing from every nook and cranny of the country has termed China pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a multi-billion dollar project, a pie in the sky for Pakistani engineers. Talking to APP, National Engineers, a body formed to raise voice for engineers concerns, patron in chief Engr Abdul Qadir Shah said every year some10, 000 engineers enter in country's job market while it absorbs only 2,000. The number of jobless engineers is currently touching to 50,000, adding some 8,000 annually to the figure. "CPEC was a ray of hope for local engineers as they were expecting much and more jobswhich were likely to be generated through this mega project. But, unfo

Current Balochistan: Conflict updates from ground

07/6/2018 KECH :- ▶Baloch freedom fighters have attacked pakistani military forces 3 vehicles in Geetani Dann area of Pidark, which resulted casualties & losses to pakistani army. 07/6/2018 PANJGUR :- ▶Last night Baloch freedom fighter attacked pakistani military forces check"post in Gichk Parpuki, with rockets & Automatic weapons due to which heavy losses occurred to occupying state forces. 07/6/2018 AWARAN :- ▶Frontier crops and army of Pakistan has started a operation in Bazdad a area of district Awaran, Her cruelties are elevating day by day in Awaran, People of Awaran said that in todays operation their had been massive sounds due to which occupying state might  had  losses. 07/6/2018 AWARAN :- ▶During military operation in Awaran On 15th may 2018 Pakistani army abducted Lal Baksh S/O Qadir Baksh R/O Mallaarkhnn, On June 7 2018 he was releasesd from Geshkur & returned to his home. 07/6/2018 QUETTA :- ▶Today a helicopter of Pakistani army got crashed

China's corporate debt likely to reduce economic growth by more than 1% per year Debt Reduction Measures Threaten GDP Growth June 6, 2018 * Beijing’s efforts to tackle the large volume of corporate debt is likely to reduce China’s economic growth by more than 1% per year .* Global rating agency Fitch Ratings says that _governmental efforts to reduce borrowing levels will bring GDP growth down to about 4.5% – far below the official target of 6.5%_. “China’s corporate debt challenges remain a key downside risk to medium-term growth…investment needs to slow sharply to reduce corporate borrowing. Such an adjustment would take a big toll on GDP growth, given that business investment is equal to a quarter of GDP,” states Fitch Ratings Chief Economist Brian Coulton.