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Japan’s plans to build a “Free and Open” Indian Ocean

BY   David Brewster COMMENTS   29 May 2018 11:30 While many eyes are on China’s port investments in the Indian Ocean, Japan has also been busy. The scale of its infrastructure investments in the region rivals, and sometimes exceeds, that of China. But Japan argues that its growing presence in the Indian Ocean is qualitatively different, focused on transparency, economic sustainability, and a rules-based order that should become part of regional norms. Australia must consider the role in can play in these projects. Compared with China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), Japan’s investment activities in the Indian Ocean are barely promoted, and as a result its projects often fly under the radar. This obscures the fact that Japan has been very active in building infrastructure and “connectivity” across the region. Indeed, spending on these projects is not too different from China’s spending on the BRI, which is sometimes inflated, double-counted, or based on  vague future promises

SupChina: Daily Newsletter on China by Jeremy GoldKorn

Thursday, May 31, 2018 Janet Yang on cinema, China, and being an Asian-American woman in a Harvey Weinstein world GIF by Lucas Niewenhuis.  View pronunciation video from Jia . Dear reader, Five things for you at the top today, with the rest of the links below. If you’re not an Access member,  please sign up to receive tomorrow’s newsletter . Have a great weekend! —Jeremy Goldkorn, Editor-in-Chief 1. Yili’s Chairman Pan: A Chinese business story Yili is one of China’s big two dairy firms along with Mengniu. Both companies are based in Inner Mongolia, although the former is state-controlled while Mengniu was founded in 1999 by a former Yili employee. Mengniu and Yili both escaped China’s  2008 melamine milk scandal  more or less unscathed, but I believe the Chinese public remains dubious about the domestic dairy industry as a whole. Which is perhaps one reason why this story has legs: Earlier this month,  we  noted the story of two Chinese writers who were detained  and acc

Pak role in China-Europe trade discussed in Vienna

| Masood compares AJK, IHK regarding peace, HR situation | Terms BRI unprecedented project aiming at global connectivity, economic prosperity MIRPUR (AJK) -  A seminar titled “ Pakistan’s New Role between China and Europe; Opportunities and Challenges of China’s Silk Road Project” was organised by the Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy (AIES) in Vienna city. It was hosted by Dr Werner Fasslabend, former defense minister and president of AIES, says a message reaching and released to the media here Wednesday evening The event was co-hosted by Austria National Defence Academy and the Universal Peace Federation that were represented by Brigadier Walter Feichtinger and Mr Peter Haider respectively. It was attended by over 70 scholars, analysts, ambassadors, diplomats, UN representatives and members of civil society. On the occasion, AJK President Sardar Masood Khan hoped that Pakistan would be among top economies of the world by 2050. Explaining the scope of the

China talks of building a “digital Silk Road”

An ancient Silk Road city wants to cash in May 31st 2018| XI’AN CHINA’S vague but much-vaunted Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has been providing buzzword fodder for government leaders and official sloganeers since 2013, when the country launched the scheme to extend its political and economic influence abroad by investing in infrastructure and other big projects. The “belt” refers to an overland push across Eurasia and the “road” to a maritime route to South Asia and beyond. But in recent months some new rhetoric (consistent in its challenging use of metaphor) has been promoting a virtual dimension: a “digital Silk Road”. Xi Jinping, China’s president, has revealed few details, beyond that it will encompass quantum computing, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, big data and cloud storage. In April he said it would involve helping other countries to build digital infrastructure and develop internet security. The digital Silk Road will help to create “a community of common dest

China signs more trade deals with Belt and Road countries

BEIJING, May 31 (Xinhua) -- China and countries participating in the Belt and Road Initiative inked trade deals worth 389.1 billion U.S. dollars in the first four months, the Ministry of Commerce said Thursday. It represented a growth of 19.2 percent year on year, Gao Feng, spokesperson for the ministry, told a press briefing. China's non-financial investment in those countries increased 17.3 percent from the same period a year ago to 4.67 billion U.S. dollars. Business volume of outbound contract projects came in at 24.2 billion U.S. dollars, up 27.7 percent year on year. Economic integration of China and the Belt and Road countries gained steam. The Free Trade Agreement (FTA) reached between China and Georgia has become effective. China held the first round of FTA negotiations with Mauritius and the second round of FTA talks with Pakistan. It also signed an economic and trade cooperation pact with the Eurasian Economic Union. "Construction of major projects have progres

China draws on art to depoliticize Belt and Road plan

Free train rides for performers may help Beijing soften project's image JENS KASTNER, Contributing writerJune 01, 2018 12:40 JST Hong Kong artist Frog King Kwok, right, will be among those creating works as part of a special train journey along the "Belt and Road" from Germany to China. (Photo by Jens Kastner) DUISBURG, Germany -- In a park next to the River Rhine, Kwok Mang-ho, also known as Frog King Kwok, shakes his shaman gong against the backdrop of a sprawling abandoned industrial plant while workmen set up exhibition tents. Promoted as China's first-ever performance artist, Kwok describes Beijing's Belt and Road Initiative to improve infrastructure links between China and Europe as bringing goodwill and prosperity to the many countries along the so-called New Silk Road. "I am an artist from China, live in Hong Kong and am here in Duisburg to do the simple job of being an ambassador for harmony and sharing happiness," Kwok said. However, his

China tries to ease concerns over New Silk Road project

Anadolu agency: 31 May 2018 Picture: AFP Berlin.  China sought to ease Germany’s concerns over New Silk Road project and related initiatives, stressing that they are not intended to undermine the European Union,  Anadolu Agency  reports. Speaking at a joint news conference with his German counterpart Heiko Maas on Thursday, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said China’s "16+1 initiative” with Central and Eastern European countries was aimed at contributing to economic growth, enhancing economic cooperation. “I would like to underline that we continue to support the integration process in Europe, we want the EU remain united and prosperous,” he said. Wang also underlined that they shared with Germany the vision of a multipolar world and of global free trade.  “It is not in the interest of China to cause divisions between European states, we do not want to divide Europe,” he stressed.  EU’s heavyweight Germany has been skeptical about China’s " 16+1 cooperation”, and se

Who do we thank for Gwadar?

MAY 23, 2018 Sir:  Reportedly, 2400 square miles of the Gwadar area came under the domain of the Sultan of Oman in 1947. It was administered by Great Britain, and fifty percent of the revenue from the area went to the Sultan. Eventually, an American company identified Gwadar’s potential as a deep port. Through this port, 25 varieties of fish could be exported in significant quantities every year. The Shah of Iran tried to acquire this land through the US’ influence in Britain, but in 1956, Pakistani Foreign Minister Malik Feroze Khan Noon decided that this land had to be acquired at all costs. This role was assigned to Madam Viqar-un-Nisa Noon, who played a pivotal role in convincing the British government to hand over Gwadar to Pakistan. After two whole years of hectic efforts, the Sultan of Oman agreed to hand Gwadar over to Pakistan for $3 million, which was mostly paid by Prince Karim Agha Khan. This is how Pakistan got Gwadar on September 8, 1958.In 2002, General Pervez Mushar

Loralai BRC students shine the brightest in Balochistan Matric exams

Board Chairman Dr Siraj Ahmed Kakar announcing the matriculation results. PHOTO EXPRESS QUETTA:  The matriculation results 2018 have been announced in Balochistan in which 80.6 per cent students succeeded in passing Class IX while 92.9 per cent students managed to clear Class X. The Balochistan Residential College (BRC) maintained its reputation as its students bagged the top 20 positions. During a press conference on Thursday, the board chairman praised the exemplary success of Loralai BRC students. According to the Balochistan Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education’s annual results, Loralai BRC’s Maula Daad secured first position with 1,035 marks, Maryam Fatima bagged second position with 1,028 marks, while Ajmal Khan scored 1,024 marks. Matriculation exams from Feb 20 The students bagging first positions were awarded Rs150,000 cash prize each, students coming in second were awarded Rs125,000 each while Rs100,000 each was handed over to students coming in third. Studen

Chairman Khalil Baloch welcomes the new members of BNM

June 1, 2018   Khalil Baloch, the Chairman of Baloch National Movement in his today’s statement welcomed the new members of BNM and expressed his gratitude. He remarked, “I welcome our new friends; and your joining of BNM is a source of great satisfaction as well as this act is the sign of trust of Baloch nation on BNM which is getting stronger with every passing day. Baloch Nation Movement is a platform for all political workers those with a political belief want to struggle on democratic ground for a free Balochistan. We are sure that our new companions would play a lasting role in this caravan of Shaheed Ghulam Mohammad.” He asserted that Baloch National Movement is a democratic and national party. We not only respect the differences in view point, proposals of members and cadres, but give it weight-age to that, while drawing central policies of the party. “The Party constitution and discipline are basis of trust on one another, and mutual respect is our organizational asset.”

A number of BRP members join BNM

June 1, 2018 The president of Baloch Republican  Party, Brahumdagh Bugti’s, controversial   statement  at the wake of  27th March, not only created resentment  among pro freedom  Baloch nationalist political parties, but also  earned displeasure of party cadres that resulted in shape of resignation and separation  from BRP. After one month of deliberations and discussions with Baloch National Movement’s leaderships, they put their trust on BNM leadership and, formally joined the party. In their collective released statement, they declared: “We, while, trusting on BNM leadership, from today, will continue our political activities on BNM’s platform, and we are ambitious to accelerate our struggle for a free Balochistan in the same platform as well as working with party leadership will try bring improvement in organizational affairs.” They also appealed to likeminded colleagues, instead of struggling individual basis they should join the ranks of BNM. Baloch national struggle is a ma

Current Balochistan: Updates from ground

01/5/2018 GWADAR :- ▶Last night around 3Am in Jiwani, Ganz Check Post pakistani security forces opened fire on a Motorcycle due to which 2 Baloch civilian namely Zakria & Usman R/o Jewani got serious injured they were shifted to GDA Hospital. 01/5/2018 GWADAR :- ▶Yesterday at evening time in Pishukan Main Bazar known armed men opened fire of a Tailor shop due to which a man namely Naresh S/o Parbo Sindh got killed while Bhagwan Daas S/o Mohan Mal & Rajesh S/o Harkho R/o Sindh got seriously injured. 01/5/2018 KECH :- ▶Before 4 months ago pakistani military forces abducted a baloch civilian namely Shabir S/o Assah R/o Zamuran Nalonj has been released. 01/5/2018 TUMP :- ▶ Last night Around 1Am pakistani military forces conducted a military operation in Nizarabad, violent military personals tortured women & children & looted houses  Still no news of abduction reported yet. 31/5/2018 KECH :- ▶Pakistani military forces raided houses of Baloch civilian in Tal H

How Much Solidarity with Iran can the China-led SCO afford?

By Dr. James M. Dorsey A planned China and Russia-led show of support for Iran at next month’s  Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)  summit is likely to be primarily symbolic unless the group opts to honor the Islamic republic’s bid to be upgraded from observer to full member. Yet, even a symbolic SCO gesture at its June 9-10 gathering in the Chinese city of Qingdao that would denounce the U.S. withdrawal from the 2015 international nuclear agreement with Iran and imposition of harsh sanctions could prove tricky. The meeting is expected to be attended by the presidents of China, Russia, Iran India, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan. It will come a day after the leaders of G-7 that groups the United States, the European Union, Japan, Canada, Britain, France, and Germany are  unlikely to find common ground on Iran at their summit in Quebec . Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates will presumably not look kindly at solidarity at a time that the unde

Is China now imposing ‘unequal treaties’ on others?

Malaysia under Najib Razak had been an early booster of China’s 'One Belt, One Road' Initiative. Photo: Reuters Frank Ching May 31, 2018 9:30am The reverberations from Malaysia’s electoral earthquake, which saw voters sweep aside the party that had been in power for 60 years, are likely to be felt for a long time, especially in China, which had signed huge infrastructure agreements with the ousted Najib regime. Mahathir Mohammed’s new administration has vowed to review the deals and, if necessary, seek to renegotiate. Malaysia under Najib Razak was an early booster of China’s “One Belt, One Road” Initiative. Last year in Beijing, at the Belt and Road Forum, the then Malaysian prime minister called the initiative a game changer for the entire region from Asia to Europe and Africa. China’s leader, Xi Jinping, said Malaysia was one of the countries that would benefit the most. Even then, there were suspicions that Malaysia was assuming unsustainable financial obligations. “T