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Belt & Road Initiative offers opportunity for Arab world reconstruction: economist Belt & Road Initiative offers opportunity for Arab world reconstruction: economist Source: Xinhua |  2018-04-17 06:25:47 | DUBAI, April 16 (Xinhua) -- China's Belt and Road Initiative is an opportunity for the Arab world to close the infrastructure funding gap and to lift its economic sectors to the next level, Nasser Saidi, a leading economist in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), said on Monday. Speaking in a keynote speech at the " New Silk Road Dialogue" organized by Harvard Kennedy School, UAE Chapter, Saidi said that, as the economic tectonics of the world shift to the east, "the Arab world should play the Belt and Road Initiative card to the fullest." This Arab world should establish a digital Silk Road, cooperate with China on clean energy and life sciences, join forces with Beijing to establish a space station, for example in the UAE which has a national space program, and lift their fi

A silk road through iceChina wants to be a polar power A silk road through iceChina wants to be a polar power It would like a bigger say in the Arctic  Print edition | China Apr 12th 2018| BEIJING WHEN the occupants of “Snowpanda House” in Ahtari zoo, Finland, were first allowed to play in the open air in mid-February, they bounded out and rolled in the white stuff. Xi Jinping, China’s president, had said the furry animals would act as “messengers of friendship” when he promised them to Finland during a visit last year en route to America. On the same trip Mr Xi used a refuelling stop in Alaska to butter up his hosts there, too. The American north was “a mythical, almost mystical place”, a local spokesperson quoted him as saying—a bit “like a Shangri-La”. Mr Xi has been showing a growing interest in Arctic countries. In 2014 he revealed in a speech that China itself wanted to become a “polar great power”. Last year he met leaders from

Gamwar Baloch: A hope in backward society Gamwar Baloch: A hope in backward society By: Hazaran Rahim Maripur is an area of a most populous city in  Karachi which is also ranked as “Beta World City”. In this developed city, Maripur Tikri village is ranked as one of the most backward areas of Karachi. It is very tough for girls to go outside for their higher education where girls are limited to do matriculation matric or class 8th and the majority of girls even don’t get the opportunity to study. They are considered as the reckon and glory of family and kept captive in their homes and they are not supposed to get higher education due to depressed traditional values of their society. Where good daughters don’t say “No” to their parents and stay at their homes, obeying what parents say and what society allows doing. However, Gamwar Baloch  is one of among other girls  who lightens herself to enlighten others’ hazy paths. She believed and pursued her dre

Ghost schools of Balochistan Ghost schools of Balochistan Ali Jan Maqsood APRIL 16, 2018 AQ Peeri, a high school student in village Hirronk, describes how his teacher T. Ali enters the class with his cell phone in hand. Fifteen minutes later, he sits down and starts a short conversation with one student. His mobile phone rings again and he goes outside to attend it. He comes back after five minutes and says: “Ady mai deek be mara nelet. Bare yak gappe Kant. Bachaka soor makane, na ke shuma bazzag bay.” Deek is an informal word in Balochi which is used to replace ‘wife’ (My wife doesn’t give me space. Every day she says do this, do that. Boys, I suggest you to never marry in life.) Just as he uttered these words, his cell phone rang again and this time he didn’t come back to class because the bell rang. Is this what students get up for so early in the morning? Should teachers be discussing this kind of personal stuff with students? Is it the plac

KP to recruit 2800 SPU cops to protect CPEC projects, Chinese KP to recruit 2800 SPU cops to protect CPEC projects, Chinese April 17, 2018 6    Save  Peshawar The Khyber Pakthunkhwa Government has decided to recruit around 2800 security personnel for Special Protection Unit (CPU) KP raised to protect multibillions dollars China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects and Chinese nationals, who are working in different areas of the province. A senior official in Home and Tribal Affairs Department KP told APP on Monday that KP Government has recently approved a proposal of recruiting around 2800 policemen for SPU KP with a special mandate to safeguard CPEC related projects and its routes besides Chinese nationals in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The official said around 22462 security personnel drawn from police force and other law enforcement agencies were already inducted in SPU while about 2800 would soon join them for which their recruitment process will comme

Russia waiting for formal invitation to invest in CPEC projects Russia waiting for formal invitation to invest in CPEC projects Our Staff Reporter April 17, 2018 FAISALABAD - Acting ambassador of Russian Federation Monday said that Russia was eagerly waiting for a formal invitation from China and Pakistan to invest in CPEC related projects. Vladirmir Berezyuk also said that a delegation of Russian businessmen will visit Pakistan very soon to explore new opportunities for investment. Addressing the members of the Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FCCI) here Monday, he mentioned the Russian cooperation in the development of Pak economy and told that Karachi Steel Mills and Gudhu Power Plant are examples of our mutual and highly productive cooperation. He said that recently Pakistan and Russia inked an agreement to lay Karachi-Lahore pipeline which is expected to resolve multiple energy related problems of Pakistan. He said that this y

Pakistan’s current account deficit increased due to CPEC projects: ADB Pakistan’s current account deficit increased due to CPEC projects: ADB By  Web Desk   Last updated  Apr 16, 2018 ISLAMABAD: The preliminary projection for the Pakistan’s current account deficit in FY2019 is 4.5% of gross domestic product (GDP), with somewhat slower growth but mainly due to continued implementation of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects. In its annual report, published by the state-run wire service APP, “The Asian Development Outlook 2018”, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) said the deficit expanded on larger imports that widened the trade deficit despite a strong revival in exports. Remittances, the traditional off set to the trade deficit, grew by 3.4% in the period, reversing a decline a year earlier, but had only a limited impact on the current account. Net financial inflows increased by about 14% from the year-earlier period. Filling the financing gap requi

Dr. Wahid Baloch: A journey from the BSONA to BNC

. The Baloch Society of North America ( BSO-NA), the first Baloch body, founded in 2004 by Dr. Wahid Baloch in the Washington D.C., aimed to educate the Americans people about the plights of Baloch people in both Pakistani and Iranian occupied Balochistan. Dr. Wahid Baloch graduated from Bolan Medical College in Quetta in 1990 and in 1992, he immigrated to the United States. The BSO-NA lobbied the U.S. government to support the independence of Balochistan. In 2012, Dr. Baloch met with U.S Vice President Joe Biden and many other American Congressmen asking their support for an independent Balochistan. Dr. Baloch had long claimed that the Pakistani state was committing acts of genocide against the Baloch people, and that the government's aim was to plunder the province's vast mineral resources. In January 2014 he released a letter appealing to the United States and Israel for direct physical intervention and assistance in preventing an alleged "genocide" of Baloch