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A lesson from Baloch history A lesson from Baloch history Bibi Mahdim Baluch  6 April 2018   The leader of the Baloch Republican Party (BRP) has issued statements in serious breach of the Baloch nationalist narrative and presented the world at large with an inaccurate understanding of Baloch history.   Balochistan had been a loosely knit tribal confederacy for centuries with major political activity and discussion being centered in and around Kalat or emanating from it. The very word Kalat was synonymous with Balochistan. The Balochistan Parliament with its upper and lower Houses, akin to the British parliamentary system, was located there and as such it acted as a central pivot holding jurisdiction for the Baloch nation. World political figures from Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia attended the Darbar in Kalat as the symbolic heart of the Baloch tribal confederacy.   Officials and agents of foreign governments, including the British R

Singapore, US navies hold maritime exercise Singapore, US navies hold maritime exercise The RSS Supreme Formidable-class frigate (above) sailing in formation with the USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier. They are taking part in a passage exercise between the Singapore and US navies.PHOTO: REPUBLIC OF SINGAPORE NAVY Two Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) warships began a passage exercise (Passex) with United States Navy vessels in the southern reaches of the South China Sea within international waters yesterday. Formidable-class frigate RSS Supreme and missile corvette RSS Valiant will join aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt, missile-guided destroyer USS Sampson and missile-guided cruiser USS Bunker Hill in the two-day exercise. It will include gunnery firing against a target, anti-air defence, manoeuvring and helicopter landings, said the RSN in a Facebook post yesterday. It added that the training area is where RSN traditionally conduct

In major ocean policy shift, security and remote-island defense set to become Japan’s top priority In major ocean policy shift, security and remote-island defense set to become Japan’s top priority JIJI APR 7, 2018 The government has proposed shifting the focus of its basic ocean policy from resources to security through a review it conducts every five years, amid concerns over Chinese maritime aggression and North Korea’s missile and nuclear programs. According to a draft of the new plan shown to task forces from the Liberal Democratic Party and coalition partner Komeito on Friday, the government plans to make coastal security and remote-island defense the top policy priority. The draft cites Chinese government ships’ and warships repeated intrusions into Japanese waters as well as North Korea’s firing of missiles into Japan’s exclusive economic zone as reasons for the major priority shift from the current focus on ma

AF to conduct biggest combat exercise along Pakistan, China borders

https://economictimes.indiatimes.comundefined/ I AF to conduct biggest combat exercise along Pakistan, China borders By ANI | Updated: Apr 06, 2018, 07.08 PM IST During the exercise, 1100 aircraft will be flying three-four sorties in a day with the cumulative sorties reaching to the count of 3300 to 4400 in a day. NEW DELHI: The  Indian Air Force  (IAF) is going to conduct its biggest ever combat exercise along  Pakistan  and  China  borders. The exercise- Gagan Shakti, 2018- will be taking place between April 10 to 23. Depending upon the order of the Air Force Chief, the Air Force will mobilise its assets in the war scenario within 48 hours of the orders. Meanwhile, the IAF is readying to mobilise its entire asset and equipment inventory to conduct its biggest exercise ever. ADVERTISEMENT IAF will mobilise more than 1100 combat, transport and rotary wing (helicopter) aircraft in order to practice the real time scenario, to be conducted day and night, of Combat with the enemy e

How China is quietly increasing its ability to wage war at sea DIPLOMACY & DEFENCE How China is quietly increasing its ability to wage war at sea More intensive naval training is steadily improving the navy’s combat readiness, writes Collin Koh Collin Koh UPDATED : Saturday, 7 Apr 2018, 10:07AM  10 The People’s Liberation Army Navy has been on a roll over the past month, staging successive air, naval and marine amphibious assault exercises across the Western Pacific. Most notably, a large naval deployment was observed on satellite imagery in late March – about 40 vessels including what appeared to be the aircraft carrier Liaoning. It was followed not far astern by a slightly smaller combat support ship, plus other vessels including submarines and two distinct three-aircraft aerial formations. Clearly, there should be no dispute among naval observers that the formation in which the fleet sailed amounted to what can be t

Want to own a slice along China's new Silk Route? Want to own a slice along China's new Silk Route? Published: April 6, 2018 Eiwan Developments Publishing Partner 1828SHARES   SHARE   TWEET So you have decided to put your money to good use but are confused about investment options? Say no more! We are sure you must be aware of the interest Gwadar real estate has aroused in the foreign and domestic investment markets. Here are all the reasons you too, should be seriously considering this investment avenue: The ‘new Silk Route’ You have entered this race at the perfect time because China has massive plans to revive its historic Silk Route in the 21st century. The ‘New Silk Road’, or One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative, covering 4.4 billion people and up to 40% of the global GDP,  will have ripple effects on the global economy. The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), with a total investment value of over $60 billion, is the flag

Opponents of Gwadar Port, CPEC are enemies of state: OPBU founder Opponents of Gwadar Port, CPEC are enemies of state: OPBU founder By  APP Published: April 7, 2018 SHARE   TWEET OPBU founder Dr Jumma Khan Marri. PHOTO: FILE ISLAMABAD:  Overseas Pakistani Baloch Unity (OPBU) founder and chief coordinator Dr Jumma Khan Marri has said that opponents of the Gwadar Port and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) are the enemies of the people of Pakistan, especially Balochistan. “Both the projects will change the fate of Balochistan,” said the OPBU founder while addressing a huge gathering in Kohlu from Moscow on Friday. Pro-Pakistan Baloch outfit formed in Moscow He urged all Baloch to lay down their weapons and start contributing to ongoing projects for betterment of the province. He said that Indian paid so-called leaders were enjoying luxurious lives in Europe and on the contrary common Baloch public were the ones who were suffering the brunt

China’s trillion-dollar plan to dominate global trade China’s trillion-dollar plan to dominate global trade It’s about more than just economics. By  Sam Ellis   Apr 6, 2018, 2:45pm EDT SHARE China has embarked on the most ambitious infrastructure project in modern world history. It’s called the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), and it spans three continents and covers almost 60 percent of the world’s  population . It’s how China plans to become the world’s next superpower. The BRI essentially has two parts. The first, the  economic belt , is made up of six corridors   that direct trade to and from China. These corridors include roads, railways, bridges, power plants —  anything that makes it easier for Europe, Asia, and Africa to trade goods with China. The second part, the  maritime silk road , is a chain of seaports from the South China Sea to the Indian Ocean that direct maritime trade to and from China. China is loaning trillions of dollars to countries willing t

oast guards seize 21,000 bottles of liquor, 850 beer cans in Balochistan Coast guards seize 21,000 bottles of liquor, 850 beer cans in Balochistan By Afzal Nadeem Dogar   Friday Apr 06, 2018         Photo: Pakistan Coast Guards  The Pakistan Coast Guards seized thousands of bottles of liquor said to be worth over Rs6.7 million in an operation near Pasni, Balochistan, according to a spokesperson of the force on Friday. Officials informed that Coast Guards DG Brigadier Sajid Sikandar Ranjha received a tip-off about the presence of smuggled contraband following which the authority took action. As a result of the intelligence report, teams were dispatched on specific routes after which they discovered the stash in Gorani area of Pasni.  However, the smugglers managed to escape.  Photo: Pakistan Coast Guards Authorities claimed to have recovered 21,000 bottles of various kinds of alcohol and 850 cans of beer.  Officials said the liquor was intended to be smugg