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African free trade, China’s ‘Silk Road’ big window for continent Commentaries African free trade, China’s ‘Silk Road’ big window for continent WEDNESDAY MARCH 28 2018          African Heads of States and Governments pose during African Union Summit for the agreement to establish the African Continental Free Trade Area in Kigali, Rwanda, on March 21, 2018. Kenya is well positioned to greatly benefit from the AfCFTA. PHOTO | AFP  In Summary African governments need transformative policies to improve the readiness of their economies to reap benefits from China’s investment initiatives.The window of opportunity for Kenya is to become a vibrant industrial and logistics hub for Sino-African trade, investment and exchange. By PETER WARUTERE More by this Author The emerging global trade and investment architecture presents a window of opportunity for African countries to transform their economies, achieve rapid growth and create jobs f

Naval chief visits Gwadar installations National OC Our Correspondent March 29, 2018 Naval chief visits Gwadar installations Listen ISLAMABAD: Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi visited Naval Installations at Gwadar to review the operational readiness of naval units and progress of ongoing PN projects. Upon arrival at Gwadar Airport, the chief of the naval staff was received by Commander Coast Rear Admiral Moazzam lIyas. Later, Commander West, Commodore Rahat Ahmed Awan, gave a detailed briefing to Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi about ongoing operations of Maritime Security Task Force-88 (CMSTF- 88), Coastal Security and Harbour Defence Force which have been established by Pak Navy for Maritime Security of CPEC projects at Gwadar and along the coast. The Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi expressed his satisfaction on the operational readiness of CMSTF- 88 and further emphasis

PQTG participates in APCPCI at Gwadar Staff Reporter Karachi Pak-Qatar Takaful Group (PQTG), Pakistan’s Pioneer and Largest Takaful Group recently participated in the 10th All Pakistan Chambers Presidents’ Conference (APCPCI) organized by Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (RCCI) at Gwadar – 2018 Pak-Qatar Takaful Group was the sponsor of the conference. The two-day 10th APCPC moot adopted joint declaration with an aim to promote business and trade activities throughout the country as without a stable economy the goal of self-sufficiency could not be achieved. The participants of 10th All Pakistan Chambers Presidents’ Conference (APCPCI) Gwadar—2018 discussed CPEC and its possible impacts on Inter and Intra-Regional trade, connectivity and regional trade integration, Trade and Investment opportunities in Pakistan, Inter-regional trade barriers (Tariff and non-tariff barriers) and settlement of international trade disputes. The Conference enligh

SSGCL pursuing target to gasify 137 villages in Sindh, Balochistan                    MADIHA SHAKEEL  MAR 28TH, 2018   0  VIEWS: 37 ISLAMABAD: Sui Southern Gas Company Limited (SSGCL) is actively pursuing its target to gasify 137 Villages in Sindh and Balochistan at a cost of Rs 2.246 billion, set for the year 2017-18. “Under the PM’s Global Sustainable Development Goals Programme, SSGCL is working to lay around 490 kilometers gas pipelines to gasify 119  villages in Sindh and 18 villages in Balochistan by laying 77 kilometer network lines,” official sources told APP. The company would spend Rs1616.243 million in 119 villages of Sindh and Rs 630.043 in 18 villages of Balochistan for the purpose, they said adding that detailed engineering surveys were carried out in some localities while in some villages it had requested for approval of additional funds. “All these projects are being executed on recommendations of parliamentarians and no

Why Pakistan’s Strategic Confidence Is On The Wane Why Pakistan’s Strategic Confidence Is On The Wane by  Syed Ata Hasnain   Mar 29, 2018, 10:51 am China and Pakistan ... dubious friendship. Snapshot Pakistan has many things to worry about, including the FATF deadline, and its dubious friendship with China isn’t going to help. Pakistan betters us at a couple of things. First is its outreach and ability to tell its version of every story to the world well before us. The second is its capability to exude confidence far beyond what the circumstances actually permit. Its soldiers tend to be brash and project artificial and unrealistic bravado when facing Indians; almost as if a defensive mechanism has been switched on. That can be attributed to the emotive response to its defeat in the 1971 war; something they don’t have control over. Admittedly, in the last two years or so, I deduce from my observations and subsequent analyses, based on many convers

CPEC, SARDARS: A Factor to Discourage Sub CPEC: A Factor to Discourage Sub Nationalism in Balochistan -Col Muhammad Hanif (R) Since long, the majority of Baloch Sardars has not taken any interest in the economic development of their area, such as infrastructure, agriculture and industrial development, education and healthcare of their people and their social development. In fact Sardars did so to keep the people illiterate, economically dependent and loyal to the old traditions of Sardari system. This was done by Sardars to keep a hold over their people, to preserve their vote bank and perpetuate their local rule through a vote, thus also making part of the democratic setup of Pakistan, where Sardars and their young children could be elected as the people’s representatives. To keep the people loyal to them Sardars also inculcated the spirit of sub-nationalism based on exclusive loyalty to their tribes. During the last many years ample development funds that were

Keeping economy, CPEC intact: Pakistan seeks friends’ help to avoid IMF bailout Keeping economy, CPEC intact: Pakistan seeks friends’ help to avoid IMF bailout Listen ISLAMABAD: In order to keep its economy afloat and avoid the IMF bailout package to ensure smooth running of $60 billion China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project, Pakistan has shared different proposals with friendly countries, especially Saudi Arabia and China. The friendly countries have been requested to provide Islamabad with $6 to $8 billion breathing space in shape of cash grants, parking money as safe deposits into the central bank, allowing payment of imports in Pak Rupee and provision of oil imports at deferred payment. “We have worked out proposals and shared the same with our friendly countries with the hope that all is going well for Pakistan. We have proposed to China to allow whole imports bill or at least half payment in Pak Rupee as trade deficit with Beiji

Efforts needed to tap CPEC’s potential to reverse growth decline’ Efforts needed to tap CPEC’s potential to reverse growth decline’ Staff Report MARCH 29, 2018 LAHORE:  The Lahore School of Economics (LSE) 14th annual conference on ‘Accelerating Economic Growth in Pakistan: Key Macro and Sectoral Drivers’ was inaugurated on Wednesday at its Main Burki Campus. In addition to keynote lectures by renowned international scholars, the two-day conference will include sessions highlighting some of the most important areas of research pertinent to Pakistan’s economy. The regular sessions during the conference feature 25 papers along with commentary from distinguished economists detailing the cutting edge research centered around macroeconomic stability, poverty, CPEC, industrial strategy, role of trade, change in the financial services industry and agriculture growth in Pakistan. In his opening remarks, LSE Rector Dr Shahid Amjad Chaudhry mentioned that th

20 different projects progressing under CPEC project: Yao Jing Pakistan by  Muhammad Irfan  | Published on March 28, 2018 (Edited March 28, 2018)  🔗 ISLAMABAD – Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Yao Jing says work on approximately 20 different projects is in progress under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project and out of these projects several are near to the final stage. He made these remarks while he paid a visit to Dosti FM 98 in Islamabad on Wednesday. The Chinese Ambassador said China has made an investment of $19 billion in Pakistan for these projects. During his visit to the FM 98 Dosti channel, he termed exchange of the communication sector between the two countries as a heartening step. The channel was established with the mutual collaboration of Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) and China Radio International

CPEC: An Environment Friendly Project SOUTH ASIA CPEC: An Environment Friendly Project  March 28, 2018 By   Qura tul ain Hafeez   Poverty and health always go side by side. It’s very obvious that the poor will always try to adapt the cheap means of to fulfill its needs. He will use those resources which are easily available to him and same is the case with Pakistan. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has perhaps become the most talked about event in Pakistan and has been deemed as an economic anthem of the country far it is a toll for boosting the economy keeping in lines the international consensus on Climate Change. CPEC appears to be an absolute development and Environment friendly package in energy sector and will be a boon for Pakistan’s crippling economy. It envisages various road, railway, energy, infrastructure and industrial projects. Substantially, in order to meet the energy crises Pakistan has stated various energy project

Baloch Sardars and evil influence on people After merger of Kalat State to Pakistan, no effort was made to curb or change the unlimited powers of the sardars. Question arises as to why the old pattern of tribal system has not been modified or altered? Basically there are two reasons behind it. One important reason is the geographical location and natural features. Most of the land of Balochistan consists of endless mountain ranges and vast deserts. The whole of Balochistan suffers from acute shortage of water. Very rare and scanty rainfall helps the natural growth of a few bushes and grasses. Whole of the tribal society has to depend on this limited natural vegetation. In Balochistan generally, and particularly* in Baloch areas, a particular area is inhabited by a particular tribe and thus land and natural resources are considered their sole tribal property. In view of these characteristics, sardari system means survival; as there should be a guardian of

Brahumdagh’ statement on March 27 is distortion of Baloch political history : Khalil Baloch

Brahumdagh’ statement on March 27 is distortion of Baloch political history : Khalil Baloch (sangar News) Khalil Baloch, Chairman of the Baloch National Movement, has expressed concern over Brahumdagh Bugti’s statement on March 27, saying that the statement is tantamount to distorting the Baloch political history. Brahumdagh Bugti, the President of Baloch Republican Party, has written on Twitter that “Baloch Republican Party rejects 27 March as occupation of Balochistan”. In a series of tweet he said, “Therefore, it is completely wrong to call Kalat's forceful annexation with Pakistan as occupation of entire Balochistan and calling for its restoration is equivalent to dividing Balochistan into several states & tribal areas (which were not part of Kalat). It is not acceptable.” Responding to Brahumdagh Bugti’s tweets, Khalil Baloch tweeted, “It’s for the first time in the last 70 years that a Baloch nationalist is trying to undermine Pakistan’s occupation of Balochistan. I

Brahumdagh Bugti latest controversial tweet

Comments on Brahumdagh Bugti latest controversial tweet “ On March 27th 1948, Pakistan attacked and forcefully annexed Kalat, one of the states of Balochistan. The other states and tribal areas had joined Pakistan before that. It is factually incorrect to mark 27 March as the occupation day of entire Balochistan.” :✔ All areas, except Kalat, "joined" Pakistan  voluntarily, without force ✔ Current struggle is for restoration of Kalat state , not entire Balochistan ✔ Probably he took potshot  at Khan Kalat. ✔ What is the meaning of #FreeBalochistan , does it mean Free Kalat? ✔ Shall we declare the date of  annexation of Quetta and tribal lands as Occupation Date? As they are the first occupied territories ✔ Why it took so long to tell this so called *FACT* to the Baloch people and world? Was he researching all these 12 year? ✔ Are there any unknown facts that need to be known? ________________________________________ Marking March 27 as Balochistan’s occupation day i

Baloch people are victims of Pak war crimes: Activist By:  ANI Updated: 28 Mar 2018 07:35 PM    Vancouver [Canada], Mar 28 (ANI): World Baloch Women's Forum (WBWF) president and prominent Baloch activist Professor Naela Quadri Baloch has said that the people of Balochistan are victims of all forms of Pakistani war crimes. In a statement to the Consulate General of Pakistan here on Tuesday, Naela said that the Baloch people observed March 27 as 'Black Day' every year. "Balochistan refers March 27 as 'Black Day' when Pakistan attacked the province in 1948 and illegally occupied it with internationally recognised borders and a legal system of governance," she said. "From that day till today, Baloch people are in a struggle to restore independence and unification of our country (Balochistan)." Naela asserted that the Baloch people were facing genocide, displacements and living in poverty and fear. Sh

Imperialist annexation of Balochistan – Dr Saeeda Mengal August 13, 2017     British forces advancing towards Mirri Kalat in 1839. Abstract History testifies that the weaker States have always served as a buffer zone among formidable confronting States. The weaker States have been exploited to fulfil the vested interests of powerful nations. This Article investigates how and why Balochistan territory was used by the colonial power to halt the advancing Russia into the heart of Subcontinent. The colonial power, the British used various tactics to hold its sway in Balochistan. The colonial power adopted a policy of noninterference in Balochistan. However, the circumstances compelled the great British to annex Balochistan. Moreover, throughout this era, the big power neglected the human rights of the common people. The people of Balochistan suffered hardships due to the international rivalry. Furthermore, the incapable Sardars of Balochistan served