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Pakistan approves setting up new shipyard at Gwadar in  Shipbuilding News  23/03/2018 The government has approved a plan to set up a new shipyard at Gwadar with the capacity to build very large and ultra large crude carriers, sources told The Nation. Sources in the Defence Ministry said the plan approved by the federal cabinet would be implemented within three to five years. The plan also includes dry docking facilities for repairing and maintenance of commercial ships including oil and gas tankers. Pakistan Navy especially the incumbent Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi from the very outset has been strongly supporting plans to set up Gwadar shipyard. Pakistan Navy was of the view that since technical know-how and basic industrial infrastructure to support research and development (R&D) is available in the country, it was about time to integrate and optimise these facilities to further strengthen the process of self relia

How can Romania attract investments under the Belt and Road Initiative How can Romania attract investments under the Belt and Road Initiative | Gabriel Wong (PwC China): ”It’s the balance of reform and stability” By  Ovidiu Posirca   News  March 22, 2018 15:07 0 comments  BR Exclusive China is perceiving the whole Balkans and Central and Eastern Europe as one of the strategic areas of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and Romania might attract investments under this program for transport and energy infrastructure, suggested Gabriel Wong, head of China Corporate Finance, One Belt One Road Leader, PwC China. In 2016, the countries and regions along the Belt and Road including China accumulated about USD 22.4 trillion in total GDP (in constant USD 2010), accounting for 29 percent of the world’s GDP, surpassing the United States, the European Union and Japa

Belt and Road Is Not a (Completely) Closed Shop Belt and Road Is Not a (Completely) Closed Shop 22 March 2018 Though the infrastructure initiative will continue to be led in many places by Chinese investment, where there are benefits of scale, effectiveness and risk management, outside participation will be welcome. Andrew Cainey Associate Fellow, Asia-Pacific Programme and Global Economy and Finance Twitter LinkedIn 2018-03-22-Wang.jpg Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi at the Belt and Road Forum in Yanqi Lake in May 2017. Photo: Getty Images. First announced in 2013, President Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road Initiative promises, at a minimum, to improve infrastructure and connectivity between China and the rest of Eurasia. Any bold plan to finance infrastructure on a large-scale across so many low-income economies deserves a sympathetic ear and a positive reception. But many wonder how large the role can be for non-Chinese players in what is

CPEC impact: Growing Chinese influence may be driving Western investors away from Pakistan, say reports China continues to push for greater control over the factors surrounding its investments, and the Pakistani establishment is beginning to push back. (Picture: Hilal) By Zee Media Bureau | Updated: Mar 22, 2018, 11:40 AM IST The China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and China's ever-increasing presence seem to be putting some Western off from making investments in Pakistan, news agency Reuters has reported. A top government official has scrambled to assure Western investors that Pakistan would not give any sort of preferential treatment or concessions. Naeem Zamindar, the chairman of Pakistan's Board of Investment (BOI), said his government expects Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to jump about 60 percent. But persistent failure to deal with home-grown extremism, the souring of ties with the US and the rising hand of China could

China Wants To Loot Our Resources: Baloch Activist Written By  Asian News International  | Mumbai | Published:March 22, 2018 10:43 IST Hack: Chinese President Xi Jinping's statement that Beijing is ready to fight the bloody battle against its enemies for its position in the world shows the country is present in Pakistan to loot resources, a Baloch activist saidThe activist said Pakistan was a victim of Chinese expansion in the name of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) from Gilgit Baltistan to Gwadar PortThe activist said the day was not far when China would threaten even the West as it dominates Pakistan   Chinese President Xi Jinping's statement that Beijing is ready to fight the bloody battle against its enemies for its position in the world shows the country is present in Pakistan to loot resources, a Baloch activist said. Baloch political activist Munir Mengal said it was clear from Xi's remarks while addr

The historical aspect of chokundi graves -- Kambar Baloch

The renowned historical graves of Chokundi located at Suni Shoraan, Hub Choki, Lasbela, Malir Balochistan. Some of graves by Chokundi are spotted in few areas of Sindh such as, Karachi, Haiderabad, Meer Pur Sakaro, Sonda, Gajjo, Tharbia, Dadoo and Sewen Shareef. Historians did many researches and analysis over these graves. As far as chronicles records are concerned, a Historian, Hinery Kinz named these graves as "CHOKUNDI". Another historian, Mumtaz Hassan wrote that "the word 'Chokundi' is a combination of two Sindhi words, ‘Cho’ means ‘four’ and ‘Kund’ means ‘Corner’'. He further said that the graves having four corners are known as Chokundi. However, this analysis is not true and cannot be generalized for all the graves, because all the graves represented by Chokundi don't have four corners, some of them are with twelve stands, Which are still in good conditions in Malir Raziq Abad graveyard, where the graves are decorated beautifully and attractiv

Water running out in Balochistan as drought, drop in sea level worsen crisis By Nadeem Kausar hursday Mar 22, 2018 Drought and a sharp drop in sea level are posing a serious threat in Balochistan. Experts have warned that i f dams are not built and ground water recharged, the province will turn into a desert. A half century ago, water could be seen flowing in the streams and coasts of the province. Water could be found upon digging a mere 20 feet to 25 feet into the ground. However, the situation is very different now. The government installed a large number of tube wells but did not build any dams nor take action against illegal drilling. Current ly, over 6,000 tube wells are lifting water from districts across the province. In addition to this, drought and an increase in population have exacerbated the problem of water scarcity. Photo: File Drought coupled with a drop of 2,000 feet in sea level has destroyed agricultural lands across the province. Mean

Germany seeks enhanced cooperation in CPEC

Category :  Latest News    Source :  Pakistan-China Institute (PCI)     Date :  21-01-2017    German ambassador expresses the country's interest in joining the China Pakistan Economic Corridor to improve trade relation with Pakistan. Ambassador, along with her Defense Attache met Pakistan's National Security Advisor and stressed cooperation in human resource development, security, trade, and defense. Germany seeks enhanced cooperation in CPEC ISLAMABAD: German companies are interested in joining the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) to improve trade relations, the country’s ambassador said on Friday. Ambassador Ina Lepel was speaking after a meeting with National Security Advisor Lt General (retd) Nasser Khan Janjua. German Defense Attache’ Colonel Klaus Wilhelm accompanied Lepel. The two sides exchanged views on bilateral relations between the two countries and the ways to further strengthen the ties. During the meeting, matters concerning regional security and st

China Acknowledges Sale Of Advanced Missile Technology To Pakistan March 22, 20185:49 AM ET SCOTT NEUMAN Pakistan test firing of its new Ababeel surface-to-surface ballistic missile (SSM), in Pakistan, on January 24, 2017. Ababeel has a maximum range of 1,350 miles and is capable of delivering multiple warheads using Multiple Independent Re-entry Vehicle (MIRV) technology, according to Pakistani sources. Anadolu Agency/Getty Images Updated at 6:40 a.m. ET China has sold Pakistan an advanced tracking system that could boost Islamabad's efforts to improve ballistic missiles capable of delivering multiple warheads, according to  The South China Morning Post. The website of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) announced the deal with Pakistan and Zheng Mengwei, a researcher with the CAS Institute of Optics and Electronics, confirmed to the  Post  that the purchase was of a "highly sophisticated large-scale optic

Missing persons and international pressure Daily Times MARCH 22, 2018 International pressure is building on Pakistan on the missing persons’ front. Amnesty International (AI) has said this week that the UN Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances has more than 700 pending cases from this country; with hundreds more being received by Pakistan’s State Commission of Inquiry on Enforced Disappearances. This comes in the wake of last November’s UNHRC Universal Periodic Review on human rights here. Back then, AI had highlighted cases of arbitrary arrest and detention, particularly in Karachi and throughout Balochistan. All of which represent violations of Pakistan’s international commitments on human rights. And as AI notes: no one has ever been held accountable for those who have disappeared. From, more recently, activists such as Raza Khan to journalist Saleem Shahzad who had reported on Al Qaeda infiltrating the Navy back in 2011 before