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Quaid e Azam after CPEC

Indonesia Unlikely to Join US-Led-Coalition to Contain China Indonesia Unlikely to Join US-Led-Coalition to Contain China The United States needs to bring its expectations in line with reality. By Mark J. Valencia February 21, 2018               In late January, U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis visited Indonesia. His mission was to begin implementing the new U.S. National Defense Strategy, which calls for expanding and transforming Washington’s network of alliances and partnerships in the Asia-Pacific into a “networked security architecture.” The primary goal of the U.S. strategy in Asia is to win the “great power competition” against China. Obviously the United States believes it now has an opportunity to persuade Indonesia to be a political and if possible military partner in this “competition.” But Indonesia is unlikely to trade its nonaligned status and foreign policy independence in such a devil’s bargain. A recent  opinion piece

No movement of Chinese warships detected near Maldives, say Defence Ministry sources Citing a Chinese news portal, Reuters had earlier reported that 11 Chinese warships sailed into the East Indian Ocean this month, when Maldives faced a crisis resulting in a state of emergency. By:  Express News Service  | New Delhi |Published: February 21, 2018 5:19 am Official sources in the defence ministry denied reports that a flotilla of Chinese warships had sailed close to the island chain of Maldives in the Indian Ocean. (File Photo) RELATED NEWS China warships conduct live fire drills in Mediterranean  Sea Mass protest in Maldives over Nasheed’s  arrest Pro - Nasheed protesters clash with police in Maldives Official sources in the defence ministry denied reports that a flotilla of Chinese warships had sailed close to the island chain of Maldives in the Indian Ocean, as the country faced a constitutional crisis. The Chinese naval movement

RUMORS OF BASE CONSTRUCTION IN PAKISTAN LIKELY INDICATE GLOBAL BASE-BUILDING AMBITIONS BY CHINA BRIAN HIOE 02/20/2018 ENGLISH FEBRUARY 2018 POLITICS by  Brian Hioe 語言: English Photo Credit: CC WITH REPORTS  that China may seek to acquire a military base in Pakistan, with hopes to build naval and air facilities in Jiwani, this would be the second of China’s overseas military bases. This first of China’s overseas military bases was built in Djibouti, as acquired originally in December 2015. Possible Chinese base development at Jiwani comes on the heels of China obtaining management rights to the port of Gwadar in Pakistan in April 2015, which granted China access to the Arabian Sea. Jiwani is 80 kilometers to the west of Gwadar. Although at the time, China sought to assure that China had no interest in military development of the port and that its interest was purely commercial, some were skeptical. It may be that China seeks to develop Jiwani as a military site because Gwadar remains civilian-oriented. Chinese

Rs1 billion approved for Gwadar’s development schemes Saleem Shahid February 21, 2018 QUETTA: The governing body of Gwadar Devel­opment Authority (GDA), which met on Tuesday with Chief Minister Mir Abdul Quddus Bizenjo in the chair, approved Rs1 billion for the completion of GDA’s ongoing schemes and to launch business projects in the port city. Mr Bizenjo, who is also chairman of the governing body, was briefed on the projects by the GDA’s director general. The meeting approved development schemes for the port city and decided to resolve the financial issues of the GDA. Official sources claimed that the governing body approved Rs500 million for the ongoing development schemes and another 500m for their bridge financing. ARTICLE CONTINUES AFTER AD The officials informed the governing body of the financial issues being faced by the GDA that were delaying the ongoing development projects. The body passed the amended annual budget of 2016-17 and 2017-18 for the GDA. The PC-1s of three development pr

Turbat: Shahrak Dispensary with no doctors and medicines By:   Amjid Ali Shahrak is one of many areas in Balochistan province that lack basic healthcare facilities. It is a small town of Ketch district in southern part of the province. The only public dispensary building in Shahrak, meant to cater to the medical needs of the residents of the town and its four adjacent villages is devoid of a doctor, medicines, and other facilities. In the absence of hospitals and clinics, the dispensary is the only recourse available to provide medical care to the population of 7,500 people. In case of an emergency, the people rush to Turbat city; the nearest destination which is 32 kilometers away from Shahrak. The fortunate ones make it to the hospital while others suffer from pain or lose their life. Most of the people who are striving to make ends meet, cannot afford to travel to Turbat. Residents believe that maternal mortality rate has been on the rise sinc

Turbat : Khairabad Girls High School  sans teachers Turbat : Khairabad Girls High School  sans teachers   By: Rizwan Fakhir Turbat The only high school for girls in Khairabad village of Balochistan province is a perfect case of bad governance where teachers remain unavailable for past five years. Khairabad is a village in Kech district of the province, located at a distance of 40 kilometers from the district headquarters of Turbat. Govt. Girls High School, Khairabad is the only school offering secondary level education to the female population of Khairabad and its seven adjacent villages. The school has been offering admission and accepting a large number of students in 9th and 10th grades but hasn’t recruited teachers to teach the higher classes. There are a total of 375 girls enrolled in the school, while 121 are enrolled in 9th and 10th grades only. In the absence of the teachers, the school management has forbidden the students from attending

Library campaign of BSAC has raised a huge awareness Library campaign of BSAC has raised a huge awareness about the importance of library: Dr Nawab Baloch Dr Nawab Baloch has freshly graduated from Bolan Medical College Quetta. He hails from Turbat(Mukuran). Dr. has been doing students’ politics since 2007. He has also remained energetic activists of Baloch Students Organisation (Pajjar). Currently he is serving as the Central Spokesperson of Baloch Students Action Committee, a non-profit organization, active in supporting the voice of students from Balochistan and elsewhere.  Aziz Ejaz, staff writer  to The Balochistan Point, conducted a short interview with Dr Nawab Baloch for the readers of The Balochistan Point. He has questioned on role of  students politics and role Baloch Students Action Committee(BSAC). Balochistan Point : How do you see students’ politics in current time ? Dr Nawab Baloch:  

UNDP ranks Balochistan poorest province of Pakistan Agencies FEBRUARY 21, 2018 ISLAMABAD :  The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has released a new poverty report that indicates stark regional disparities within Pakistan with Balochistan being the poorest province of the country. Each province has been ranked on its citizens living below the poverty line, which is defined as living on less than $2 a day. With Balochistan lacking basic needs, the province has further fallen down in terms of sustainability and is on top of the poverty index. In Qilla Abdullah, 96% are living below their means making it the poorest part of Pakistan. According to the report, after Balochistan, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa ranks second in the provincial level with 49% of people identified as living in poor standards. Kohistan in the report was identified as one of the most deprived part of KP where 95% of people lack basic needs, making it the second poorest rural area

CPEC unlikely to improve Pakistan investment climate, say experts ANI | Updated: Feb 20, 2018 18:20IST New York [United States], Feb.20 (ANI): Experts assessing the impact of the USD 60 billion China- Pakistan Economic Corridor ( CPEC ) project in terms of improving the  investment climate  in  Pakistan  are by and large skeptical and uncertain about it in the short and the long term. The CNBC channel quoted Derek Scissors, a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), where he focuses on the Chinese and Indian economies and on U.S. economic relations with Asia, as saying that "Chinese activity in  Pakistan  is certainly raising  Pakistan 's profile, but only in a narrow way." He maintained that global investors "are less drawn by what  Pakistan itself has accomplished and more by what China has done in  Pakistan ." Shailesh Kumar, Asia Director at the Eurasia Group, was quoted by CNB

Sub nationalism & CPEC S M Hali BALOCH feudal lords have been notorious for opposing development in their province. Their mindset is fixated on the factor that denies the uplift of its people; be it socio-economic, educational, health, nutrition or other aspects. There is a method in the madness. The ordinary Baloch serve as minions and serfs on the lands and property of the Baloch Sardars, who would not like to endanger their fiefdom if their subjects get enlightened. Generally Baloch feudal lords have been serving as the Governors or Chief Ministers of Balochistan. Despite the allocation of development funds for the construction of educational institutions, communication infrastructure, water and energy projects, the province of Balochistan has remained under developed. Firstly because the allocated funds for development were siphoned off by corrupt political leaders, secondly because they wanted the ordinary Baloch to remain steeped in ignorance lest he dem

‘Hopeless’ position for Pakistan at FATF moot No country except China commits to vote for Islamabad February 19, 2018 ISLAMABAD - No country, except China, has committed to vote for  pakistan  as it struggles to avert terror-tag  at  the six-day meeting of the Financial Action Task Force - a global body combating terror financing and money-laundering. The FATF meeting started on Sunday in Paris and will also consider the United States’ resolution to place  pakistan  on the terror watch list. Senior officials  at  the foreign ministry told The Nation that  pakistan  had contacted almost all the members of the FATF through diplomatic channels but “they showed inclination” to the US resolution against  pakistan  . One official said: “Some countries like Russia, Germany and Belgium gave a little hope but there was no commitment. Majority of the (FATF member) countries looked firm to raise their hands for the US. We are sure of one vote from China as

Financial Times report is an attempt to create misunderstandings in the Baloch freedom struggle

Financial Times report is an attempt to create misunderstandings in the Baloch freedom struggle . (BLF) (Sangar News) Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) spokesman Gwahram Baloch, commenting on a British magazine Financial Times’ published report, said that the report claiming that China is in contact with the Balochistan’s “Tribal separatists” to provide security for the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) for last five years. In his statement Gwahram Baloch said that all the pro-independence political parties and armed organizations are working against the Chinese investment and other exploitive projects. Due to the resistance most of the Chinese projects are doomed to fail. We want to clarify that if any party or individual, that the report hints at, which is connected to the national movement, attempted to have secret contacts will lose Baloch nation’s support that will lead to its/his political demise. Gwahram Baloch added that the report is a Pakistan and China’s joint effo

Profile: Kadu Makrani Kadu Makrani Qadir Bukhsh Rind Baloch  alias  Kadu Makrani  was a nineteenth-century archetypal figure who was born and brought up in  Makran ,  Balochistan . He rose as an  insurgent  in  Kathiawar ,  Gujarat , martyred and buried in  Karachi ,  Sindh  in 1887. His final resting place in Mewah Shah Graveyard ( Lyari ) which has become the centre of inspiration today. History Kadu Makrani, with his tribe, migrated from  Makran , Balochistan, to Kathiawar, Gujarat. in the mid-nineteenth century. The Nawabs of Kathiawar acquired their services to eliminate  dacoits  of Kathiawar. Kadu Makrani and people of his tribe earned territories and properties as rewards of their services. The rise of Kadu Makrani was disturbing to British imperialists. They were looking for an excuse to disarm Kadu Makrani and his tribe to break their power. With little effort an excuse was avail when Kadu Makrani re

Producing Tribal Balochistan: Sovereignty and Rule in a Colonial Frontier State

 Balochi Linguist By Hafeez Jamali University of Texas, Austin   A key question in recent historiography of South Asia has been the production of people and production of space-time through the apparatuses of colonial rule and their persistence in the post-colonial period of nationalist rule (Chatterjee 2006; Goswami 2004). However, most of these studies have focused on ‘regulation’ or ‘settled’ districts of India where British control was relatively uniform and the administrative machinery sufficiently well-oiled to introduce projects of ‘improvement’. One the one hand, where the British did encounter adivasi or indigenous peoples of India as in Jharkhand, their presence or activities did not impinge on strategic imperial interests and the problem of their regulation was subsumed within the broader question of district management. On the other hand, in the frontier territories of Balochistan and the Tribal Areas of North West Frontier Province, colonial authorities had to operat

Munich conference, Pakistan diplomat Ansar Butt threatens BRP protesters February 19, 2018 Pakistani diplomat Ansar Butt seen with Army chief Qamar Javed Bajwa. Butt hd tried to disrupt a peaceful rally of the Baloch Republican Party. It is strange but true. Pakistan's infamous spy service has hired a large number of Kashmiri Muslims who are from the Butt caste but in public they behave like American butts, or ass holes! One such scene was witnessed last weekend when the Baloch Republican Party organized an impressive protest where the Munich Security Conference was being held. The peaceful protesters had braved the bitter cold snow to tell the world about Pakistan army, Military Intelliegence, Inter services Intelligence and Frontier Corps in France-sized Balochistan. BRP Germany president, Jawad Baloch, who is nephew of this writer's old friend US national Malik Baloch--who served as a Balochi linguist with the US army in Afghanistan--,  told the gathering, &q

AFB urges State Dept to take note of attack on director's family in Balochistan February 20, 2018 Washington, D.C. –  Following a series of incidents of harassment capped by a near-fatal attack on the lives of several relatives of their Research Director, the American Friends of Balochistan (AFB) refused to be intimidated and issued a public statement. AFB urges the US State Department to take serious notice of the attack and unlawful harassment of the family members of their leaders. In a Press statement issued by the organization's public relations director Carl Clemens Mahodaya, the AFB said last Friday, three brothers, a nephew and a cousin of an AFB director miraculously survived a murderous hail of bullets on the Quetta-Chaman Road, near Jangal Camp while they were traveling from Pishin to their home town Kullaza in Qilla Abdullah. The attackers were said to be from the family of the late Shah Wali Piralizai and are protected by local political bigwig Majeed Khan Achakza